Which SiteGround Plan is Best?

Siteground is known to be one of the most popular web hosting service and provider of shared hosting. It has a long list of clientele as their users are over a million all around the world.  With siteground, websites and even blogs get domain names and they also get reliable, fast speed and absolute speedy page loading for site visitors.

Which Siteground Plan Is Best? When it comes to siteground plans, there are three major plans you could go for. The best one based on Its advanced features is definitely the GoGeek plan. It offers a lot of perks that the other plans don’t have, the only thing that might be a bit worrisome is the price. Asides from that, it has a lot of advantages to it and users get to enjoy more traffic on their site because it supports up to 25,000 visits a month which a pretty huge deal.


GoGeek Siteground plan is great when it comes to all its features but the price tag may be a bit daunting, that’s why it may be likely that people may prefer the GrowBig plan, it is the best fit for all site types and that could easily be the best one as well. It all depends on what you want from the plan and the one that suits you better.

They also offer cloud hosting as well as enterprise hosting and they even offered to host plans for WordPress, Joomla and so many others. With siteground, you get prices for each plan, whether it’s a particular plan you’re interested in or not, there are usually fixed rates for the plan that would fit your needs the most.

The three different plans for siteground are the startup plan, GrowBig, GoGeek. They are all major plans that go along with what kind of site you have and what you want from it as well. You could easily start with the startup plan and then level up to the GrowBig plan if you want to increase the traffic of your site but ultimately, the GoGeek plan is the penultimate plan there is.

It is an upgrade from the other two plans, therefore making it pretty great and filled with the most amazing and unique features. It is almost like you get to enjoy perks that are only privy to people who pay for this particular plan.

While the GoGeek plan is pretty amazing, the GrowBig plan Is essentially an all-rounder, it could cater to all the needs of different sites without breaking your bank like the GoGeek plan. It just doesn’t have all the great advanced features of the plan after it. Whatever plan you decide to use would work perfectly to fit all of your needs.

Startup Plan

The startup plan is for users for are just starting up their websites, with this plan all start-ups could start small, the downside, however, is that the speed level isn’t great and the features it has might not be as appealing as the ones the other plans have.

The startup plan is priced at 14.99 dollars a month but sometimes it could have a special price that could be stripped all the way down to $6.99, the special plan might be for a limited period only and users should seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

GrowBig Plan

As the name implies, this plan serves the sites that are in the market to grow big. Whether it’s bigger traffic or bigger features, this plan does a great job at delivering the best services

The GrowBig plan is great because it could fit just about any site and with its features, it could work flexibly with the needs of any client or the needs of their site.

The Grow big site is 24.99 dollars a month and with its special price, it goes for $9.99, a month and like the other plans, it also provides free SSL.

GoGeek Plan

The GoGeek plan is undoubtedly the plan with the most advanced features but it is also the most expensive features as well, but we all know that all good things come at a price. With this plan you get your hands on features the other two plans don’t have.

You also have the added benefit of having more of every feature, whether it is more storage or more allowed visitors or more database size. With the GoGeek, there’s more of a lot of features provided.

It is fast, has a lot of features and from the name, it caters to a lot of geek needs. This plan also supports your site when it comes to the traffic it gets, you don’t have to worry about any limitations and you get advanced features as well.

The only disadvantage here is the high pricing and it is said to get pricier with renewals, so if you feel like it is worth the price tag, you should totally go for it. The plan is 39.99 dollars and the special price is $14.99.

Major Features of Siteground Plans

PLANAllowed WebsiteVisitorsStorageFree domain nameSub domainEmail accountDatabasesFTP account
Startup plan110,00010GBNot includedUnlimitedMailbox size 2GbMax size 500mbUnlimited
GrowBig plan225,00020GBNot includedUnlimitedMailbox size 4gbMax size 750mbUnlimited
GoGeek plan5100,00040GBNot includedUnlimitedMailbox size 6gbMax size 1000mbUnlimited

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans

Asides from the shared hosting plans, there are also cloud hosting plans, these plans have a network of servers interconnected as a hosting solution.

They offer great performance and a wide scale when it comes to capabilities ,the siteground cloud hosting plans are more expensive than shared hosting and they offer you more hosting capabilities as well.

The cloud hosting comes with even more advanced features like staging area, static and dynamic caching features, git repo creation and more.

The plans for siteground cloud hosting have various features and different prices as well. The plans and their prices a month include:

  • Entry – $80
  • Business – $120
  • Business plus – $160
  • Super power – $240