Which Bluehost Plan should I get?

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Are you having a problem deciding on which Bluehost plan you should go for? Then read on this article is solely written for you. A lot of people mostly those who are new to blogging have difficulty in deciding on which type of Bluehost plan would be good for them.  Some even end up running their website on free web hosting platforms.

So in this article, I will be giving a suggestion on which Bluehost plan will be good for you. Kindly follow to get which plan will best suit your website.

Which Bluehost plan should I get? 

This totally depends on your budget. Bluehost offers its customers 4 hosting plans which are the Basic package, Choice Plus package, Plus package, and Pro package. The best I will recommend is Choice Plus as you will get all the features from other plans excluding Pro pcakge4 at an affordable price. However, to make it simple for you, beginners should go with Basic packages, whereas seasoned bloggers should go with the Choice Plus and if you are an advanced blogger, the Pro package will be the best plan you should go for.

However, this free web hosting comes with a lot of setbacks that you should avoid. I think it will be better to start with a web hosting service that gives cheap plans like Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the best if not the best web hosting platforms in the world. Its vast experience tends to draw users to it.

Each of these packages has certain features that differentiate them from the other, and they also have similar features. You must also know that the prices vary. The Basic package as its name implies it’s totally for those who are starting, and it is also the cheapest Bluehost plan with a starting price of $4.95 for 12 months. It has other months price which ranges from 12 to 36 months.

Note that Bluehost offers different duration plans for every of its package. Choice Plus comes with a lot of amazing features for advanced bloggers as I mentioned earlier, on Choice Plus, you will get all the other features at an affordable price of $7.45. Whereas Plus and Pro packages cost $7.45 and $18.95 respectively.

As I rightly said, the choice of the kind of Bluehost plans to get greatly depends on what you think your website needs and which plan you can afford. Keep in mind that the prices I listed are the first-year prices, the renewal prices are higher than the reason for the first price being that the first prices come at various discounts, but the renewal does not. I will be giving a complete review on each kind of plan, so you can get further clarity and make a choice on which plan will go well with your website.

Review Of All The Bluehost Plans

I will be doing a breakdown of all the Bluehost plans in this section so that you can get to decide on which plan will best suit your website and how much you are to budget. I will also be listing the features of each of the plans and who should go for each plan. Let’s quickly get to it.

Bluehost Basic Package

The Basic package is the simplest and cheapest of all Bluehost plans. You get everything to host your website perfectly. As a beginner, this plan will be the best plan to go with since you are just starting. And as you grow you can upgrade to other plans. All the features you need to startup as a beginner, you can get on the Basic plan which comes at an affordable price.

You get to host a website with 50 GB SSD storage. You might be wondering will this storage space be enough for me since I will be posting content that includes images, tables, videos, and the rest.

Well I can tell you that as a beginner, the 50 GB space the Basic package provides is well enough for you for a whole year I have friends who gave positive reviews on how space was enough for them, and they constantly post large audio files, videos in their contents. 

Also know that you get a free domain name for a year.  So you do not have to pay separately for a domain name. You can get popular domain extensions like .com for your domain name isn’t that great. Below are basic features from the Basic package.

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Host One Website
  • Allow five business emails
  • 20 SQL Databases
  • Allow 25 subdomains
  • Allow 5000 Data tables
  • You get 100 MB Per Email Storage
  • Get Free content delivery Network
  • 50 GB SSD Storage Space
  •  Maximum of 200,000 File count
  • 10 GB Maximum Database Usage
  • 30 Days Money-back guarantee

Their other features you get from the Basic package apart from the ones listed above. However, these are all the features I believe a newbie will need. The pricing for the Basic plan is as follows. 12months cost $4.95/mo, 24 months comes at $3.95/mo while 36 months cost $2.95/mo.

You are at liberty to choose the kind of pricing duration you think works best for you. The people who I think should try these plans are beginners, small or medium business website owners, and also bloggers who want to start with one blog should also go with this plan.

Bluehost Plus Package

For those of you who want to host unlimited websites or who want unlimited storage space, Plus package is for you. On Plus package you enjoy features like spam expert and Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox. Spam experts help you scan every email for spam, viruses, and other attacks before reaching your mailbox.

Spam experts help keep your mind at peace, so you don’t have to worry about spam emails that can pose a threat to your website, and you will be getting it for free on Plus package. Also, MS Office mailbox help represents you as a professional and makes you become a personal brand. Bluehost Plus allows you to enjoy it for 30 days without paying a dime. Other features from Plus include

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited Emails Accounts
  • Standard performance
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited Email storage
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Free  SSL certificate
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 10 GB maximum Data Usage

Plus prices are as follows. For 36 months, it cost $5.45/mo, 24 months cost $6.95/mo and 12 months cost $7.45/mo. The people that should go with this plan are those who are looking to host multiple websites at an affordable price, freelancers, business owners who want more than one website for their business, and web developers who are looking to do some experiments with more than one website.

Bluehost Choice Plus Package

With Choice Plus, you get everything present in the Plus package. But it has two additional security features that the Plus package does not have. These features are Domain Privacy and Protection and CodeGuard Basic Site Backup. Let me give you detail info on these additional features and what they do.

Domain privacy and protection help prevent your personal information from been exposed to the public. When you sign up to any web hosting platform, the information you gave during sign-up will be automatically saved in the WHOIS database. For those who do not know what WHOIS is, let me help you.

WHOIS is an internet service that is used to find information about a domain name. It is short of saying who is responsible for this domain name. You now get it right. So to prevent this data from been seen by the public, you need Domain privacy and protection which is free on the Choice Plus package. Codeguard helps you to back up your website files in case of an accident.

With code guard, you automatically restore all of your hard work in case it accidentally gets wiped out with a click. The cost of the Choice Plus packages the same as that of the Plus package. Well, this plan is for established website owners and bloggers, since it comes with an additional feature that will help them.

Bluehost Pro Package

Pro package is the most advanced plan of all the Bluehost plans. On this plan, you get high performance, two spam experts, and a dedicated IP. You all get all the features from the Choice Plus plan in the Pro package. Pro package is the most expensive of all the plans, however, you know you will be getting great performance for your money.

The cost of 36 months is $13.95/mo, 24 months cost $15.95/mo and 12 months cost $18.95/mo. You know how expensive this plan is, so beginners shouldn’t go with this plan. This plan is best for all bloggers who want high performance for their blogs with a dedicated IP. 

I have tried my best to offer you the Bluehost plan that will be good for you. I have also given you a detailed review of all of these plans. All you have to do now is to sit back make thoroughly thinking about which you should go for. But as I said earlier, beginners should go with the Basic package or the Plus package that will be best for them.

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Is it possible for me to upgrade my Bluehost plan at any time?

Yes,You can upgrade your plan at any time you want and whichever plan you wish to upgrade to will discount from the amount of your new plan.

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