Where is Siteground Located?

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Siteground dates back to 2004 as it was launched by a group of university students in Bulgaria, therefore it is a Bulgarian company. The growth of siteground has been drastic over the years, it has improved for the better and even has up to two million domains and a lot of employees.

Where is siteground located? Siteground is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It also has offices in Stara Zagora, Plovdiv and Madrid. The growth of the company is ever-changing and dynamic and in order to cater to the need of all its domains worldwide, it has servers located in different continents in order for speed and rapid connection to reach people all around the world. Siteground has its headquarters in Bulgaria and it still manages to reach a huge part of the entire world. Siteground has offices in different locations and all these offices have in one way or the other made their growth more advanced and industrial.


Siteground has come so far as being known as one of the best shared hosting services worldwide. It has features that are amazing and it is fast and reliable as well. Siteground is a privately held company and it offers web hosting services to a lot of domains worldwide as well as a lot of offices that make their workflow better and more efficient.

The headquarters office is practically one-tenth of the price that siteground pays for the different servers around the world.  That just goes to show that they prioritize the improvement of speed when it comes to their user’s sites more than anything. Siteground provides a lot of great features for its client base and with the help of all the people employed they never seize to provide the best services for their users.

They have customer service offices that help achieve their twenty-four hours a day response to their users, the offices are known to be comfortable to provide a great working experience for all the customer service employees.

The building location of the offices have a great impact on the continuous work of the customer service, they are located in a building with a huge power generator that backs up in case of any power outages of electricity issues, so basically, any power outage isn’t going to affect the customer service from carrying out its 24/7 service.

The entire company has only only the best team of experts and workers that meet the needs of its users diligently. They pride themselves on hiring people with great skills and a good work culture as well and they provide job opportunities for a lot of people as well. They develop software in house and that directly alters the growth of their entire company in the best way possible.

All siteground offices are designed to be comfortable and cheerful, it is important to provide a great workspace for their employees as their environment can affect their work.  Siteground works to provide shared hosting and they help web professionals and creators build fast websites for their personal work-related reasons. Siteground also relies on local network providers to make sure there is rapid connectivity at all times and with that, even temporary issues have an easy fix.

How To Contact Siteground Customer Service

With an awesome location comes an even better customer or support team. They have offices in locations that cater to the needs of their workers and with that, their employees tend to provide the best services to the users as well.

When clients run into technical issues that are of advanced proportions, users can get in touch with the support team in order to get answers to the questions they have.

To get help, the user would first have to log in and then find the help icon on the screen. They will then click on the icon and a pop-up window will appear. Select View Help Center and click on the Contact Us tab. Choose the category closest to the question you have.

After the appropriate category has been chosen, you will then select the topic related to your issue, in order to get swift help and response. You will then provide more information about the issue and hit submit.

There are different options to choose from to get a response for your inquiry you could choose a chat option or a call or an option that has to do with a ticket channel. Whatever channel you choose will get you the response you need.

SiteGround Offices

Siteground has an office in Sofia, which is the capital of Bulgaria, the design of the workplace is comfortable and entertaining in order to provide a great workflow for all of its employees. Their offices are a huge part of the work that goes on and the effectiveness of the service they provide. Siteground is known to have been founded in Sofia, so it is known to also be the headquarters for siteground and all the services it provides.

They also have an office in Stara Zagora that is also situated in Bulgaria, it has two workspaces, a conference room and a meeting room.  The comfort is known to foster good working relationships between workers. Siteground’s workplace has been designed by Cache Atelier and the design is colourful and comfortable as well.

Siteground is a web hosting company that also has an office in Madrid, Spain. It is a large workspace that includes personal offices, relaxation areas, a training room, a meeting room and other spaces. It is a modern IT office space but its building has historical precedence as well and an industrial feel to it.

The main location of their office is in Bulgaria, the offices are designed in a way that makes the work spirit of their employees effectively. Siteground offices are all in locations that serve worldwide customers accurately. Even though their headquarters are in Bulgaria, they do a lot of housework that actively transcends around the world and efficiently through their two million domains.

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