Where is Siteground Based?

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Siteground is a worldwide hosting company that has opened its digital doors to people from all over their world, siteground started out in Bulgaria and has since opened out to other parts of the world, this is one of the reasons why siteground is growing and improving greatly, it has successfully branched out to other parts of the world and even continents through its data centres.

Where is siteground based? Siteground is based in Bulgaria and it also has offices in a couple of parts of Bulgaria as well as in Madrid. Siteground started off in Sofia, Bulgaria and it has since branched out to different parts but the headquarters still remain in Bulgaria. Siteground also has servers in different continents of the world, that way users are closer to the data centres in the continent closer to them, these locations operate in North America, Europe and Asia. Both the server locations and the headquarters play a huge part in what siteground is and what siteground is becoming as a hosting company.


Siteground is one of the best hosting companies and it has done its best to create great working spaces that eventually meets the needs of all its clients. With siteground, every location and office space mattes to the work they do on a day to day basis.

Where siteground is based plays a huge role in its growth, its main spot and history is Bulgaria and it has since developed a few offices there. The offices are home to a highly skilled team of employees that provide the best services and they are also proof that a good work space fosters good working culture. Bulgaria is also an amazing location for siteground as it has its roots there.

Siteground is a hosting company that offers the most amazing features through offices located in the place of its origin and even with the new offices, siteground has only seen more growth since its creation. Siteground is one of the most efficient hosting companies and they take their work pretty seriously.

Asides where the offices are based, there are also server based locations that play a huge role in the performance and speed of siteground and how it benefits siteground users. Siteground has a number of servers or data centers that are all helpful to providing their users with the best services possible.

With these servers, users get to enjoy the fastest and highest performing websites and users are even given the opportunity to change their data centres if they need to.  The location of siteground is a highly useful part of siteground in general and the parts of the world in which the servers are located are quite helpful to the worldwide services siteground provides.

Siteground Data Centers

Siteground has quite a number of data centres around the world and one might wonder why that is, here a few reasons why siteground has its data centres.

With the data centres, siteground users can enjoy the uninterrupted and seamless performance. The data centres provide multiple power feeds, state of the art UPS technology, as well as power generators. With all of that, connectivity becomes less of an issue for siteground. With the multiple power feeds, any electricity outage is easily avoided and there is uninterrupted network connectivity thanks to the simultaneous usage of multiple major carriers.

With the data centres, websites hosted by siteground are known to have fast connectivity and low latency, what this means is that the data centres provide low latency. The main data centre for siteground is Google and with that, users are given the fastest, most reliable and most powerful network.

With these data centres, there is also a tight and high level of security in place, the data centres are protected by a lot of layers of security. The security prohibits any strange activities when it comes to your website and even your data. The server rooms can only be accessed by employees that are completely certified and a team of employees are ready to respond to any issue at any point in time.

With a CDN network located in about 194 locations, users can bet on having the content of their site cached free of charge. This is all thanks to Cloudflare’s CDN network that is in about 90 countries and 194 cities. What this does, is that it provides fast loading speed for the visitors of your site through their nearest location.

Essentially the whole point of the data centres is to create faster speed and performance for website owners, so these locations have to be as close to their own data centre as possible. This will ensure that their website runs smoothly and as fast as possible.

Siteground Headquarters

Siteground has its headquarters in Bulgaria and it even has some new offices as well.

What the creation of this work spaces mean is that the employees have comfortable working environments that ensures better working spirit.

The various new spaces also allow the siteground team to increase, thereby ensuring that the customers get all the services they need adequately and as fast as possible. With a good working environment, the employees can be as effective as possible.

Siteground has quite a number of employees and with that, the services rendered are very efficient. This has been proven through its customer service team, they are one of the best and most effective teams of any hosting company in general.

Siteground’s locations all around the world have one benefit or the other, whether it is their offices in Bulgaria or even the data centers, there’s usually a long list of benefits that come with all of these various locations. Siteground as a hosting company strives to achieve only the best by providing its  customers with quality service and making sure their employees are able to provide the same thing as well.

List of Siteground’s data centers

  • Iowa, USA
  • London, UK
  • Eemshaven, Netherlands
  • Frankfurt, DE
  • Sydney, AU
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Siteground Offices
  • Madrid
  • Sophia, Bulgaria
  • Stara Zagora
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