What You Need To Know About Online Purchases

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What You Need To Know About Online Purchases. This is an eCommerce guide to give you an edge over online purchase: What to do, How to do it.



E-Commerce is basically the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet. The full meaning is Electronic Commerce. Some many people engage in e-commerce even though they don’t know it, it comes in various forms from online marketing, advertisements to bloggers monetizing their websites to shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc.

The approach to e-commerce we are taking today is buying and selling of products and services on international shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Ali express, Best Buy, although this tutorial would be based on the buying aspect, selling aspect would be touched later on as we progress.

You can’t just wake up one morning and say let me order from Amazon, eBay or any International Shopping site if you haven’t done something like before or you didn’t plan to do something like this the night before. As to everything in life, great planning is required if you don’t want to fail.

Online Purchases





    When i say this, don’t be confused. All you need is your Credit Card/ATM Card to order for some International Sites, Not just any Credit Card/ATM Card while some sites that doesn’t accept Credit Cards like eBay you use PayPal. It is greatly important that you have the means to buy what you want to buy otherwise all your browsing efforts would be in vain. “It is like you are a dog without teeth”. Before you start browsing and checking what the site is selling, make sure you have what it takes to make purchase except you are engaged in window shopping.


    These are the most popular accepted modes of payment in the world. There are different kinds of Credit Card in the world today – Verve, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, DISCOVER and so on, these cards also function as ATM Cards and we can get them by simply visiting our lovely banks and submitting some personal documents to open an account with them and viola you get your credit card. Keep in mind the CVV of your card. P.S: It’s right at the back of your card.


    Your billing address is most likely your home address, it is the address that you wrote down when you were opening our bank account. You need to write it down somewhere, so you don’t forget and make sure you get it right. Your shipping address is where you want your item that you purchased to be sent to. There are two options that are available to you here, you can either put your house address or use a shipping company address it all depends on if the seller of the item you want to purchase is willing to ship to your location. For Example: I stay in Nigeria, when i want to buy things from an International shopping site, i contact the seller and ask him if he ships to Nigeria, or the seller would indicated that he ships worldwide or to only a particular location. If the seller ships worldwide, that means he can ship my item to me, so in that instance, i put in my home address which is the same as my billing address, if not i will use a shipping companies address.


    While almost everyone has this skill, you need to know what you are doing online, you can’t be a novice because believe it or not people have lost millions through the internet, there are people waiting to hack and steal your money so, browse with sense.

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