what is tubebuddy

What is Tubebuddy? Grow Your YouTube Channel 10x Faster

I often get this question, what is Tubebuddy? Creating videos and uploading them on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe (and so many others) for entertainment, tutorials, advertisements are a norm these days. The world is becoming more digital, so it is only normal that humans follow suit.

People are looking for multiple ways to generate income and would prefer if there can do this without being restricted to a particular place. With so many things competing for our time, freedom has become a luxury and most people want this “luxury”.

YouTube is the most popular platform for video content sharing and sometimes audio files, it is not the first, but it has been consistent over the years, making improvements and providing people the opportunity to earn a living. YouTube is available both on the mobile platform and can be accessed via a browser; for video creators the web platform is preferable.

Using a web platform comes with so many features and one of these features is an extension. Known as a browser extension (sometimes a plugin), which is added to a web browser to make it more useful or expand its functionality. Since it can access its own APIs, it can utilize similar capabilities to JavaScript, but provide more functionality.

A web extensions’ primary purpose is to improve the functionality and add features to websites, but they can also serve as filters. The filter function can be used to hide unwanted items, such as pop-up ads and other things that obstruct the web page. These extensions can serve as tools to enhance productivity.

Any video creator needs to be productive and put out quality content regularly because the industry is becoming more competitive especially creators using the YouTube platform. Popularly called YouTubers with subsets of the community like BookTubers, Vloggers and so on, the platform is rapidly replacing regular television and competing with cable television.

With so many videos available and these numbers are increasing as videos are uploaded daily, creators need to capture the attention of users and make them want to come back. YouTubers turn attention (views), approval (likes) to earnings and they need tools to help them get these things.

One of these tools is Tubebuddy, an extension that provides you the tools to manage your YouTube channel, it is available both for the web platform and the mobile platform (an app). We will look at the ways Tubebuddy can assist a YouTuber or a content creator with better and preferrable content.

what is tubebuddy

What is Tubebuddy?

Founded in 2013 and launched in 2014, this tool with American origins was created to improve the productivity of YouTubers. This browser extension helps creators research and plan content. It is linked directly to your account and it serves as a compass that navigates you towards key suggestions that will aid the growth of your channel. This navigation is fuelled by the results gotten from the analysis of your channel in comparison to other channels.

It uses search engine optimization to give you relevant areas that pique the interest of viewers. Available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, this browser extension can serve as a layer over your YouTube page, scanning for ways to improve your productivity and grow numbers. It is secure software as it ensures private information stays that way. It is certified and it is partnered with YouTube so you will get the best.

This extension engages in extracting data, using this data to filter out how videos are ranked revealing their importance as viewed by users, placing the most important as a priority. This software then proceeds to guide you on how to get your video in the space of more people and give you details regarding the level of your channel in comparison to other channels in your community.

When you use this tool, it integrates with your account, this integration leads to an observation of areas that need improvement. There are a lot of features on this tool and to avoid being overwhelmed, it would be preferable or easier if you used plans with fewer features. 

So, starting from a free trial, before upgrading to other plans will be better for new creators or creators with less than 1,000 subscribers, and over time, an upgrade will be necessary. The level of upgrade is dependent on your needs as a creator.

Tubebuddy Features

Tubebuddy has over 40 features to enable a creator to run a channel smoothly. These features have been grouped into five sub categories by the developers; Productivity, Bulk Purchasing, Video SEO, Promotion, Data & Research. The next few paragraphs will give details about each sub category. 

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Embedding videos into your current video is key to boost views is when these videos are recommended accessing them should not be difficult, you can achieve this with the Advanced Video Embed feature to have multiple options on how to embed your videos. When you have uploaded your content, most times there is feedback this could be likes or comments.

For channels with many subscribers, responding to every comment is unrealistic and exhausting. This is where the Canned Responses Feature comes in, you can create responses for questions, these will be converted to automatic responses making your viewers happy, as you increase interaction with them you are simultaneously increasing the growth of your channel.

You might want to promote your brand, create links to playlists, websites, or brands that sponsored your video, to do this you need a card. Tubebuddy has a Card Templates feature that provides you the opportunity to create templates instead of creating cards for every single video. Multiple templates can be created to use for types of videos. The comment section cannot always be civil regardless of the warnings placed by YouTube. As a creator, you can ensure your comment section does not have offensive content and fit certain standards you want to place by using both the Comment Filter and Comment Formatting feature.

Those two features above, serve as quick ways to remove certain comments you do not fancy as they might be compliant with the YouTube community guidelines but not for you or your audience. You might also want to appreciate a new subscriber or a Patreon and reading through all these comments just to pick one out can be a bit of a hassle, this can be automated by the Comment Spotlighting feature.

There is no denying that children are actively becoming part of YouTube both as consumers and producers. Due to this development, there is an act that YouTube uses to protect children. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Centre is a feature that tracks your videos detect if they have been tagged made for kids, this is important especially if you didn’t tag it that way.

There is an option to have multiple profiles so that you do not just have one profile for different videos, this Default Upload Profiles feature also gives you the opportunity to change the profiles of existing videos. Getting the right title to capture the attention of viewers is one thing, making the title unique and attractive is another. Using the Emoji Picker, you can add emojis to make your title more attractive, this saves you time and removes the stress of searching for an emoji from other software or websites.

The End Screen Template feature functions like the option to pick a particular video as a template for the end screen of any of your videos and it takes effect immediately as it is applied in the correct location of your new upload. A lot of subscribers love playlist, if it were not true, YouTube would not have the option to create and view one.

As a content creator, use search engine optimization tools to increase engagement, subscribers, and how much time spent watching videos on your channel is important. The Playlist Action feature aids with the creation of a playlist to improve those three things as it moves your videos to playlists, thus increasing views.

Navigation is made easy as the number of links you need to click to access a feature or page is reduced by the Quick Links Menu, this is also applicable to editing and creation a playlist with the Quick-Edit Toolbar. As a YouTuber, you might want to upload a video without the public knowing just yet, so you can use the Scheduled to Publish feature to upload but not advertise the video.

With this feature, you can automatically add any video to a playlist. A feature similar in terms of organizing with respect to time but different in function is the Scheduled Video Update, with this, you can set a particular time to change tags, the description of a video, change thumbnails and update a playlist.

In a playlist, there are certain videos you might want to make private; you might want to remove them for a while or just totally remove a video them from the playlist, using the Sunset Videos feature you can achieve any of these things in a more efficient way rather than the manual way. You know how people click a video because the picture (thumbnail) is attractive; it might look funny, interesting, or just cool?

The Thumbnail Generator cuts out the need for an external tool to create the perfect or compelling imagery, as you can do this within this tool. Using created pictures, images from videos, different logos as your thumbnail to attract more views, it scans a video then highlights images that have the most potential to increase the number of users that click on your video.

Plan your videos ahead, generate ideas using other videos that are trending, hot topics, be reminded of video suggestions that are in your comment sections, and track future ideas with the Video Topic Planner feature.

Bulk Processing

Increase your productivity by getting things done on a large scale and “save time”. The first feature under this category is the Bulk Copy Cards, you can improve the marketing of your videos by copying cards across various ones. This improvement is not only limited to that feature as the Bulk Copy End Screen also plays a role in effectively using an attention-grabbing end screen across various videos. 

If you find that certain cards are no longer useful or you are just tired of them, the Bulk Delete Cards option makes this removal possible, and this is also applicable to end screes with the Bulk Delete End Screen.

Add new social media accounts or remove old ones, attach new hyperlinks in the videos or description box, replace broken links, attach reference links for items promoted in the video with the Bulk find, Replace & Append feature. Creating a logo and placing it across different videos is made possible with the Bulk Thumbnail overlays feature. You can update all cards and links in them with the Bulk update cards. 

End screens that are efficient in attracting views will not be that way forever, they need to be changed to keep having that effect, and using Bulk Update End Screens enable you to do this smoothly.

There are certain things that might make you lose earnings on a particular video, it could be copyright issues, language that is considered offensive by the community, and so many other things. Using the Demonetisation Audit, checks or scans through your titles, keywords, and tags to alert you about things that will reduce your earnings. This feature only gets cooler as it can do this for old videos too i.e., videos you uploaded before you started using the service.

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Video SEO

Increase your global viewership by making your videos accessible in other languages with the Auto-Translator Feature. You do not want to be restricted to only your country or a few countries. This feature will also aid your video to be suggested in relation to other videos in various countries as your video would show up as “related” in other countries. It can also be referred to as the Auto transcribe.

Minimizing errors by aligning with the best practices; ensuring that suggestions, links are correctly set up, added specific tags that will make your content visible in the search results, removing broken links, and so on will improve the overall performance of your channel. The feature that makes this possible is called the Best Practice Audit. Use this feature as an upload checklist to make the most of your video.

Get suggestions on what tags people are using with the Insta-suggest feature. The “insta’ aspect means that as you type, you get on-the-spot suggestions so that you can align with the most viewed tags in that community. Get more views, tags, and trends to put your videos on the map with Keyword Explorer. This feature hunts keywords that are suitable for your videos then hints at them. Maximize this feature to directly access searches with the highest attention. It also shows words with lower competition and higher traffic; there are words that are used by so few people but are attention grabbers.

See further by standing on the shoulders of giants; get access to the tags that worked for others (especially YouTubers with high subscribers and likes) and use them to boost your channel. Use the Opportunity Finder to make this possible and place your video as a top option in a Google search. This will lead to an increase in earnings and followers.

As a creator, you want your videos to come up in as many searches as possible, SEO Studio will increase the number of searches your videos come up in. Using the Search Explorer will aid your videos to be ranked higher on the search results on a wide range of topics. It is not sufficient to appear in several searches, your rank on these search results matter because; people really don’t want to keep scrolling to get a video and there is a mindset that the top result is the best.

Use Search Positions to track what position your video(s) occupy in YouTube search. Then you can identify tags that are stopping your videos from being in the top results. There is also the Search Rank Tracking for tracking your search engine optimization efforts, to see where you rank with certain keywords in comparison with other YouTubers.

From previous features, the importance of tags has been highlighted. Tubebuddy has certain features dedicated to the maximization of tags. Starting with the Tag List feature, this offers the opportunity to store tags for later use, you can relieve yourself the stress of trying to remember past tags that worked for your videos. Have quick access to these tags.

With the Tag Rankings feature, know if your tag ranks you first on the search list. The Tag Sorter helps you reorder your tags in a way that will increase your ranking in YouTube search results. Make your tags more global and increase your rankings globally with the Tag Translator, ranking high on related videos in other languages.

A more complex feature that is available only to the highest paying members of Tubebuddy is Video A/B Tests. With this feature, you can get theories about what works best for the channel, from the best styles for titles that get you more clicks to many other features that improve your channel.

The last feature under this category is the View and Copy Video Tags, to check out what your competitors are tagging their videos with, this will be useful for videos that have already been done but you have a unique approach. To drive traffic, you need ideas to tag your videos.


You have great quality content to share on YouTube, this is great, but you can’t just publish this video anytime. Publish at the right time with the Best Time to Publish feature, optimize the attention of your audience, increase your view by posting videos at the right time, this also applies to Livestream.

You can celebrate the achievements of your channel or the channel of others by recognizing milestones, appreciating them, and even sharing them on social media. One way to promote your channel is to do contests and give away gifts. The Pick a Winner feature helps you select a winner of a contest randomly. It also allows you to access the social profiles of the random commenter to easily contact them for their prizes.

Use the Promotion Materials feature to boost new uploads by linking your videos to various social media platforms. Also, embed a video player in your videos that link to your blog or website that always plays your most recent video. Publish Facebook feature is another avenue to spread your content as it easily assists you to share your video on that platform.

Other tools for utilizing social media, Share Tracker helps monitor how well people spread your content across social networks. Are people even sharing your videos? Are they getting the word out on other platforms? Use this social monitor feature to assess this. Share on Twitter, use this to share directly from YouTube.

You can promote your old videos on new ones by directing users to old videos using the Vid2Vid Promotion, get new viewers to watch old videos.

Data & Research

When a channel uploads a video referencing your brand or videos that are using your brand title are uploaded, you can be aware of this with Brand Alert feature. Give people access to your channel to show how well your channel with the Channel Access, this access can be given to fellow creators or your subscribers. Safe guard your data by using Channel Backup to back up your data and this can be converted to an excel spreadsheet.

As your channel grows, you will get offers from brands to advertise for them. The Channel Valuation feature aids you to calculate how much you should charge each brand. Analyse your channel in comparison to others with Channelytics. Improve your click rate with Click Magnet, this will improve your channel in terms of metrics and suggestions from the audience.

Get a pictorial representation on how people feel about your videos in a cloud representation with the Comment Cloud feature. This makes it easier to know what people are saying in the comment section of your videos, with the most popular being the most obvious in the cloud drawing.

See how well you do in comparison with others. You compare your channel with other channels in terms of subscribers, engagement, uploads, and views with Competitor Scorecard. This can be converted to CSV making it accessible by Microsoft excel. There is also the Competitor Upload Alerts, be on your toes, know what creators in the community are doing to remain above the curve and keep improving your content.

With the Export Comment feature, you can filter out certain words in the comment section and look out for influencers that comment on your videos. This will help you know how well your channel is performing. Health report, as the name implies, it is to see how well your channel is doing in terms of demographics, search traffic and so on. It also points out bad strategies you are using to mess up your channel i.e., what is not good for the health of your channel.

You can choose the language you wish to translate keywords to with the Language Analysis feature. You might have gotten several people to click on your videos but what is the guarantee that they will watch till the end? YouTube rewards videos that are watched till the end. 

To increase the chances of your videos being in that category, use the Retention Analyzer to know what type of introduction, opening sequences make viewers leave or stay. Improve the retention of an audience and use end screens that perform best with this feature.

Get details about other creator’s videos in the search result. See how many subscribers, likes and dislikes they have with the Search Insights feature. You can also research competitor’s videos to see what is working and what is not with this feature.

Remember, availability of these features varies as there are dependent on your subscription plan. Another limitation is when you pay for a licence, it can only be used for one channel regardless of the level of the plan.

Subscription Plans

Tubebuddy can be used for free with its free trial option and there are upgraded plans. The first is the Pro Plan that costs $7.20 per month. With this plan, you can access a few search engine optimization tools, productivity tools and there is a bigger keyword library in comparison to the free version. Another cool thing about this plan is that you get a discount if you have less than 1,000 subscribers, this means your subscription fee will be less than $5.

The next level is the Star Plan, this costs $15.20 per month. With this, you have access to all search engine optimization tools, all bulk processing tools and this helps speed up automation. The highest level is the Legend Plan, which costs $39.20 per month. This gives you access to the Video A/B testing feature which enables you to compare different thumbnails and titles to check the one that performs best. You also have access to the Auto-translator.

Other Platforms

The mobile app is free but limited if you do not opt for the unlimited plan that costs $2.99. Although if you already have a license i.e., a paid subscription, it is free. It is created for a mobile lifestyle and it has only on-the-go features: live subscriber count, tag explorer, comment filtering, canned responses, channel milestones, tag rankings, suggested tags, commenter subscriber counts, video topic planner, tag list management.

This feature is only available on IOS 10.3 & above (iPad is not included) and Android (minimum 6.0 version).

Support System

There are various support systems to help you run Tubebuddy smoothly. The Virtual Assistant gives you real-time support with any challenge you might have with navigating the software. The Knowledge Base addresses several topics or questions with instructional videos where necessary. You can also submit a ticket, to address complaints you might have with the service.

The Tubebuddy team also recommends services, courses, coaching, and other tools from third-party providers to improve the overall performance of your channel.

Other Benefits

They have affiliate programs where you can make money; tell people about Tubebuddy, you will earn when they upgrade their plan, and this is usually 50% on every dollar earned from people you referred. Earn a star or legendary license for referring even non-paying customers. Being a member also gives you access to some songs; you know that sounds are important for videos, especially vlogs. 



In the famous words of Philip Stanhope “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well”, as a content creator, you cannot afford to be mediocre about the videos you put out if you want to influence people and earn. Attention, engagement, and approval are the three vital keys to achieve your goals. There are so many tools to aid you to crush these goals, Tubebuddy is an essential one.

Tubebuddy is a great tool as it shows you the best practices checklist for each keyword, the more your video aligns with them, the faster your view rate increases. You want your channel to be in demand? Use Tubebuddy. Quality videos will not cut it, you need the right tool to help you attract your target audience.

For instance, driving traffic to your channel should be easy since you just must have a catchy title that is descriptive. Using a descriptive title is not enough it has to be captivating i.e., a title that tells it all but does not give away too much, just enough to get them interested. This process is made simple with Tubebuddy.

We have done this research to provide you with a lot of information about this tool, to aid decision-making regarding the navigation or running of your channel. Tubebuddy as the name implies, partners (his buddies) with your YouTube channel to make you more productive.

As a Youtuber or an intending one, we hope this article serves as a guide to becoming the best video content creator out there.