What is PayPal & Benefits of using PayPal

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What is Pay Pal & Benefits of using Pay Pal. Many of us have seen or heard someone somewhere mention Pay Pal, naturally some of us were not bothered, while some where bothered but didn’t do anything about it, those of you that where bothered enough to find out what exactly it is.


PayPal is a worldwide payment system that enables and also safeguards online transactions, always make your internet transactions using Pay Pal at all times, if possible. The partnership with eBay makes for smooth, safe online business transactions between the seller and buyer. You don’t know how to register on eBay?

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  • Fast and safe online business transactions
  • Security reasons; Using Pay pal protects you from fraudulent buyers, some collect your money and don’t ship out your item, Pay pal helps you refund your money
  • Access to big international sites like eBay and other huge online businesses, most of them use Pay pal payment system
  • Overall, it makes life easier, as you can link your credit card to your Pay pal account. This increases flexibility in terms of payment.

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