What Is Divi Booster?

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The Divi booster, as the name implies, is a fast plugin that functions by pre-compiling and minifying its code when a user saves their setting, as opposed to just waiting until a visitor requests their page.

What Is Divi Booster?

Divi Booster is essentially a plugin that speeds up or enhances the performance of your Divi builder adding a ton of new configurations, it is a fast plugin and it is also a compilation of codes that gives you additional features just by selecting them. With the divi booster, you get customization options with no coding necessary. It is really easy to use and you get to change different parts of your page with the best ease and speed you can think of.

The divi booster is basically a plugin that was made for divi, it allows you to make all the changes required to your website, you get to add a lot of customisation’s to your site without any hardcore technicalities to deal with.

The divi booster plugin is one of the first third-party plugins to be created for Divi and since its creation, it has been found to essentially helpful to a lot of website growth, it is even known to be the number one selling plugin developed for divi.

With the Divi booster, you could effect a lot of change to the headers, pages, posts, modules, sidebar, footer, menus, plugins, and so many other parts of your website as well, you could find the divi booster right at the divi menu on the dashboard.

On the Divi booster menu, you get a lot of options to select from. There are 12 vertical lists for all the main categories you might need, when you open one category you get even more options within that specific category as well.

Some categories include even more vertical lists with even more options, so there’s a lot of options to choose from and every option provides you with various fields which you could make a selection from.

With each selection comes an icon that displays information linked to the original blog post for that particular option you’ve chosen, you can get even more details about the option and even the code for that option, but you won’t need the code because it is in the plugin.

Pros Of Divi Booster

The Divi booster is very easy to use, it doesn’t require any stressful processes, all you have to do is tick a box if you need to make use of a lot of the options and you don’t even have to know anything about making use of child  themes because it is a plugin.

The Divi booster is inevitably fast, it is a super fast plugin that squashes the notion that all plugins have the potential of slowing your website down, the Divi booster is fast and it also works in a way that pre-compiles and minifies the CSS and JavaScript code it generates when you save the configuration, not when your user visits your site.

The Divi Booster adds a lot of configuration options to Divi,  the number of configurations is termed to be hundreds. With it, you could get new updates and change parts of your sites, whether it is changing the height of your slider or making sure your header doesn’t shrink, the Divi booster is useful in a lot of ways.

Installation Steps For Divi Booster

In order to install the divi booster, you will first of all need to download it through the link provided in your purchase confirmation email,  after following the link, you should be able to download it easily and then follow the steps below:

  • Go to Plugins and then proceed to Add New in your WordPress dashboard.
  • The next thing requires that you select – Upload Plugin
  • Next, click  on Choose File and then locate the Divi Booster plugin .zip file on your computer
  • Click on Install Now
  • Click on Activate Plugin, and the divi booster is as good as installed into your site.

Various Divi Booster Settings

With your Divi Booster, you get a lot of categories and options to choose and select from. There are a lot of site settings as well as headers and footers that come into play with the Divi Booster, some of which will be explained right below.


With the layout settings, you get to put an image right before the header, this means that you could put a banner over the header, or even place any form of information in an area known as the sticky widget area which is on the left side of the screen

Simply put, you could add an image over your header, you could add a URL to it , you could add a sticky widget at the left side of your screen and essentially,in a box layout,you can make the main content overlap aesthetically, remove the shadow, and even set the content width suitably for your mobile.


With this setting, you could add a lot of icons. It may not be as straightforward as adding a lot of icons all at once because you will have to add each icon one after the other. Add one icon and then save the setting, add another icon and save again, rinse and repeat for all the icons.

You can add all your own icons and you have the option to add as many as you want, you could also add a lot of social media icons to appear on the footer of your page, all of this creative licence is what would lead to the overall beauty of your site.


You have the top header and the main header, with the top header, you have a space where you could put your contact information, like your phone number and your email. You could put your contact icons on the left and social icons on the right and make your phone number easy to be clicked on.

The main header and mobile header also provide you with a lot of new layout features that will provide added benefits to your entire website. The mobile header provides essential features for mobile phones and there are a lot of features for the main header as well.

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