What is a Credit Card: Components of a Credit Card

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What is a Credit Card? You asked. Here’s the answer. A credit Card is used to make payment for good and services, it is issued by a banking institution. Well, that’s it. More more details, feel free to read the entire Wikipedia entry Here.


Credit Cards


Naturally, some of us don’t even know the credit cards that we hold in our hands. When asked to point to a particular part of the Credit-Card like the CVV, you wouldn’t know because you haven’t finished reading this tutorial. I am going to expose the component of every credit card, they have similarities so it shouldn’t be that hard.



BANK NAME: At the top of every Credit Card should be the name of the Bank you acquired the Credit Card from. This sample picture says “Credit-Card”. Mine says “GTBank”. Your Bank name should be stated here.

credit-card-calculator-image (2)

MICRO-CHIP: Although i’m not an expert in micro-chips technology, i can still say that the micro-chips on our credit cards is the technology that carried our digital information and this information is accessed by the ATM machine. Simple put, this chip enables the ATM machine read our cards.

credit-card-calculator-image (3)

CREDIT CARD NUMBER: The numbers displayed on the front of our cards is very important, it is one of the components of a credit card that you should keep away from hackers. When making purchases on the internet using your credit card, you would be asked for your CreditCard Number, it is important.

credit-card-calculator-image (4)

EXPIRY DATE: Just as life itself, everything has an expiry date. When your credit card was first issued out to you, either your bank informs you of the expiry date or you figure out yourself, you figure out that on a certain date, your credit-card would seize to function. You either need to get a new one or get stuck using withdrawal slips which i must say is much safer but slowly and it doesn’t carry the principles of the cashless policy.

credit-card-calculator-image (5)

YOUR FULL NAME: This is your credit card, naturally it should be your name on the card, if you see someone with a creditcard that’s not with their names on it, Call the Cops. lol. But seriously, Call the Police.

credit-card-calculator-image (6)

CVV: This is the most important part of your credit card. I can’t shout this enough, YOU SHOULD NOT REVEAL THIS TO ANYONE, NOT EVEN YOUR GIRLFRIEND! With your CVV, the person would simply login to any online store and just make purchases with your name, money and all. You could be in the Jacuzzi as you receive Debit alerts saying you have purchased something you didn’t plan to buy, you weren’t even aware. Now wait as your blood pressure increase and heart rate increase. Be Careful!

cvv (2)

P.S : As you can see i didn’t use my personal  card, i could have, i really wanted to because of originality and all but i remembered the hackers, scammers, rippers. Don’t be a victim. Thank You.

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