What Bluehost Plan Should I Get?

Bluehost is known to provide web hosting services that cater to different websites and their needs, Bluehost is a popular web hosting company with more than two million websites worldwide, it also has about six web hosting services and four plans that you could easily choose from.

What Bluehost Plan Should I Get?

The Bluehost plan you choose will depend highly on what you want for your website, most beginners would go for the basic plan and if you want to host more than just one website, a safe bet for you would be choosing the Bluehost plus plan, and if you’re in the market for advanced features, you could definitely go for the Bluehost choice plus plan, it is great for people who have established blogger, the Bluehost pro plan would be great for anyone looking for the most advanced plan, with it, you could also get a dedicated IP.

Making a choice between these four plans, whether it is the basic plan, the plus plan, the choice plus plan or the pro plan, making sure choice should be based on what abilities you need your website to have.

If you decide to go for the basic plan, you have to be ready to accept that it has certain limitations, it would go perfectly well with a small scale website, but if you choose to buy the basic plan and later realise that it can’t handle the traffic you’re getting anymore, you could choose a different plan

With the plus plan, you get to choose or have multiple websites, you’re not just stuck with one website like the basic plan is, and deciding between these two might not seem like much of a difference but there is a difference in the features.

Bluehost plans have been carefully tagged alongside their payment prices as well, you will also have to make your choice based on what your money could handle. The great thing about bluehost is that it is affordable and the prices are also worth the value, especially when it comes to the feature each plan has.

Features To Expect From Each Blushost Plan

In order to make a well informed decision, you will need to know all the features each plan will provide you and your website, once you’re well informed about the features that come with each plan, your decision would be made easier.

Bluehost Basic Plan

The basic plan is definitely meant for small scaled website, if you’re a beginner looking for the most suitable plan to start with, then the basic plan is for you,  it also has standard features to offer users, but when it comes down to it, this is the most easy plan to use.

The features you’ll get here are: the ability to host one website, 50 GB SSD Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Free Domain Name, 5 Business Email Accounts, 100 MB Per Email Storage, 5 GB Max Database Size, 10 GB Max Database usage and other features.

The main things to look out for are the features you’re going to require the most, if the storage is more than enough for your startup and the standard performance you’re going to get is okay for your website, then this plan is for you.

Bluehost Plus Plan

The bluehost plus plan is a step up from the basic plan, it is great for people who would like to host multiple websites, most of the features you get here are unlimited, like unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unlimited domains and so on.

With this plan, you get unique features like a spam expert that will scan your emails for span and a Microsoft office 360 mailbox, other features include: Unlimited SSD Storage, Unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts, unlimited email storage, standard performance, unlimited domains,Unlimited MySQL databases, 5 GB max database size, 10 GB Max database usage and so many others.

Making a decision to choose this plan will have to be based on what you want, if you blogger or even a freelancer that is looking for more than one website to carry out your internet activities on with ease and reliability, then this is a solid choice for you.

Bluehost Choice Plus Plan

The choice plus plan has more advanced features than the first two plans, it has domain privacy and protection, and it even has site backup. The domain privacy and protection will make sure that all your personal information are safe, and the site backup will protect all your files and help you store them.

The best features of this plan include: Spam experts, domain privacy and protection, site backup – CodeGuard basic, unlimited websites, unlimited domains and subdomain, unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth and so on.

This plan is for people that are more settled in the blogging industry,a blogger who requires advanced features like the domain privacy and protection, as well as the codeguard site backup for all their important files.

Bluehost Pro Plan

This plan is the most advanced out of all the other plans, it is great if you need high performance for your website and a dedicated IP, those are two of its most prized features, It also comes along with 2 spam experts.

The other features are pretty much the same as the two plans before it, you get to host unlimited websites, with unlimited ssd storage, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited parked domains, unlimited domains and Subdomain, among other features.


Choosing the plan that best suits you, will have to be based on what your website to have. If you’re okay with hosting just one website, you should go for the basic plan. If you need to host unlimited websites, without going extremely advanced just yet, you could go for the Plus plan.

If you want advanced features, then you should go for the choice plus plan. If you want the highest performance out of the bunch, then the pro plan is for you.

It is important to note that as you get higher with each plan,  so does the pricing of the plan.  The more features you get, the higher your monthly price is. So if you’re going to make a choice, your budget will also help you decide what plan to get.