What are Marketing Offers on Bluehost?

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Bluehost is one of the top best web hosting platforms on the internet and their services come with decent speed and performance. Their support team is also there to help you whenever you are in need. The marketing offers available on Bluehost are part of the reason why their service is amazing.

What are marketing offers on Bluehost? Bluehost will provide you with a number ads credit that can be spent on search engines. We have two search engines that Bluehost covers include google and Bing. Bluehost is going to give you $100 google ads credit and $100 Bing ads credit. They can be used for Google ads words and Microsoft credits. With these marketing offers your website can be able to take advantage and rank at the top of the search engines. Bluehost is one of the few webs hosting companies that provide you with extra ads credit.

They have amazing features that will back up their performance and you also get a reasonable number of freebies attached when you purchase their cheapest plan that cost just $2.95. here we are going to discuss the Bluehost marketing offers and how you can be eligible to access them.

You can connect your website easily with google my business and as a local business owner you can take advantage of that. If you plan to optimize your website with marketing or SEO Bluehost is a strong tool that can be used for that. In the past they use to provide both yahoo credits, and Bing credits but later removed yahoo credits.

They added the credits of Bing and Google because the yahoo search was no longer working. It was a very good decision by Bluehost because you can now spend more on reputable search engines.

How to Claim your Bluehost Marketing Offers

A lot of first-timers find it difficult to use their marketing offers and they are always looking for ways to use the offer. After you pay for your Bluehost account you will receive an email to claim the credits but to fully claim the credits you need to be residing in Canada or the USA. You can go to the partner’s page in Bluehost to claim the credits.

The link is available on your Bluehost control panel. To claim the google credits you will need to spend $25 in ad spends. If you spend an extra $25 on google ads you will get the $100 free google ads.

Above all to get the Bluehost marketing offer you need a Google AdWords account it doesn’t apply to an existing ad words account. Bing on the other hand doesn’t require any deposit you can spend the $100 credits on Bing and it can also be used with a pre-existing Bing account.

You don’t need a new account to claim the credit. You can submit your website to search consoles and google my business through the control panel of your Bluehost account. The process is very easy and doesn’t require too much.

You should first run the Bing advert since its free and after you make some sales and make profit. Then you can now comeback to google and pay the $25 to activate the $100 credit offer. 

This is a very easy way to spend the credits without a dime coming out of your pocket. This marketing credits by Bluehost is very important because you can use it to bring in some early traffic to your website. All you need to do is make sure you target the most searched keywords in your niche before setting up these adverts.

Why the Bluehost Marketing offers are important

It takes some time for Google and other related search engines to index your new website it takes at least a year to rank for low competing keywords. And getting the credits for free is helpful in many ways. To effectively run your business or blog online you need visitors and when you are just starting you need a lot of promotion.

You can start experimenting by using Google and Bing ads to market your new website. If you are a business owner running ads is going to make you revenue and by the time the free marketing offer expires you would have already made a decent amount of money.

You will also have the experience of which type of ads work and the types that don’t work. In future, if you wish to use paid marketing plans you will know exactly what to do. Bluehost marketing offers should be like an experimental stage n your journey for digital marketing journey for your business and website. It can be your number one step to growth if you utilize the $200 ad credits the right way.

When using the credits, you should make sure you set the right location but most importantly finding the right keywords should be your top priority. Remember you are using these ads to generate revenue for your business. If you are selling phones it is best if you target keywords around phones. That way if someone searches phones your business will pop up.

There is what we call CPC it stands for “click per cost” and that is the amount you will be charged for every click. If the CPC of a keyword is $0.35 per click the that is the amount you will be charged. There are online tools that you can use to check how much a particular keyword cost. This way you can target cheap keywords with a lot of traffic.

Related Question

Can I set Google AdSense on my Bluehost website?

Of course, you can set AdSense on your Bluehost hosted website and make money depending on the traffic you are able to get. I don’t think there is any hosting platform that doesn’t support Google AdSense.

Is Bluehost good in 2021?

Bluehost is a good web hosting platform with a lot of cheap annual plans. If you are just starting out a blog or website then Bluehost will be much easier for you to operate. They offer extra features that are useful when you sign up.

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