How To Watch Free DSTV Channels On PC & Android

Free DSTV Channels guide. Learn how to watch Free DSTV Channels On Computer & Android smartphone or tablet.

Today, we are going to learn how to watch free DSTV channels with the use of a software called Kodi. This tutorial has 2 parts – Install Ares Wizard & Browse, Install Popular Builds of your choice.

UPDATE 2018: Kodi still works and still plays a big part in the IPTV network

What is Kodi?

Kodi® (formerly known as XBMC™) is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games, tv shows and so much more.

Kodi runs on different Platforms such as Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.

It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.



  • Stable Internet Connection
  • a Laptop/Desktop or Android/iOS or a TV
  • Latest Kodi Software
  • This tutorial from NairaTips and you are ready!


How To Watch Free DSTV Channels On PC & Android

  • First thing you should do is download the Latest Kodi Software, Download from Here


  • Install Kodi Software on your Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, Android, iOS (Jailbroken devices only) and many other platforms which enables you watch free DSTV channels on all your devices for free.


  • Open Kodi 16.0 Jarvis. This is the latest version at the time of this tutorial
  • Go to SystemFile Manager


  • Scroll down and click on Add Source


  • Select None


  • Type exactly the following and Click Done


  • Enter Ares as the name for this Add-On Package because we just installed the Ares Wizard.


  • Go back to your Home Screen and Select System


  • Inside System, Select Add-Ons


  • Then Select Install from Zip


  • Click on  Ares. This was what we installed earlier on


  • Select script.areswizard0.0.27zip


  • Wait for the Add-On Enabled Notification


Now, the Ares Wizard has been completely installed and it can be accessed from Programs menu in your Home Screen.

What we just installed was the Ares Wizard, which is an installer package that gives us access to all the awesome builds and Add-Ons in Kodi.

Ares Wizard is the best because instead of installing different seperate Add-Ons manually, one after the other, Ares Wizard installs alot of add-ons which have been compiled into builds. So, you get a bunch of channels when you install a build.

Time to move on the 2nd part of this tutorial which is to  Browse, Install Popular Builds of your choice.


  • In Kodi Homepage. Move to PROGRAMS – Ares Wizard


  • Ares Wizard loads up.
    • Select Browse Builds


  • Select Pulse. You are free to select any build you want. I choose pulse because it was the most popular with the highest number of Downloads.


  • Select Pulse-CCM – Install to install the entire Build. This option would install all the channels. You can install any other version like the Lite version which would just install some channels or other options.


  • After Clicking Install. Downloads Starts


  • Pulse – CCM is more than 300MB. Other version size varies. Again, the reason I chose Pulse – CCM is because it is the most popular with the most stars and downloads.
  • That’s it! You are finally ready to start watching Live DSTV Channels for free.

This same method also works across all platforms, so you can use it for your Android Smartphones or Tablets, MAC OSX PC or your Jailbroken iPhone/iPad.


32 thoughts on “How To Watch Free DSTV Channels On PC & Android

  1. hello Paul. I like what u do on your page. I’m from Kenya and I wanted to know how you can get local channels from dstv using kodi. I’ve installed Ares and Pulse ccm but I’m only seeing the usual international channels. is there a direct add on of dstv

    • Hello, Robz. Thanks for the compliment. To get local channels on Kodi is possible but it won’t be all the local stations in one addon package but what i can guarantee is you should look for specific local channels of your choice and look for them in addon packages. That’s the best bet

    • Hello, Craig. Search and download Sports Devil add on in KODI and stream sports. But i think Sports Devil is already included in the addon package posted in this article.

    • Channels would appear in your home screen. Different channels with different content. Just click on whichever one you want to watch

  2. Hi Paul
    Wandering if you could help please
    I have tried to download Ares but it gives me a message that says
    Couldn’t retrieve directory information
    Why would that be
    Waiting for your responds
    Thank you

  3. Hi Paul

    I’ve managed to download pulse and update Ares, but can’t find Live TV for South Africa, particularly M-met
    Desperate to watch The Voice starting to view on 29th Jan 2017. please guide me through the process of finding it.
    Younger kids are sooo happy we managed to get Disney

    • Hi, Allison. I am glad you found Disney and made the kids happy. M-Net won’t work because it is a DRM stream. For South African Live TV on Kodi, i don’t know for sure, but you can try and install Navi X or Maaad Live TV Addon package because they have some African channels there. Hope i have been of help? Thanks for your comment

  4. Hi Paularo,
    My mother is crazy about a south african channel on DSTV called ZeeWorld. is this channel available through this guide ?
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Wynand,
      After downloading Ares, you need to install it, open it and choose the builds you want to use and channels would be installed, some of these are DSTV channels.

  5. Hey man thanks for the post, it has helped me to know another source. I’m using the boom shakalaka build from the dimitrology repo. This build has got great channels in it. I’ve for some of the dstv channels and was wondering if you can mention some of the dstv channels you have come across if you can, it would be of great help. I myself am looking for this channel called 1Magic, there is one soap i’m getting obsessed about. Thanks.

  6. Hallo Paularo, I am having issues with Ares and the DSTV chanels. Is Ares still working? Please assist me with the music add ons as well. I always get a message of cannot connect to the server etc.

  7. Hi, I think Paularo is getting confused with what you are saying. When you mention DSTv, Paularo thinks this is exactly the term ‘Digital Satelite Tellevision’ which in South Africa it is not. DSTv in South Africa is referred to as a Company run by Multichoice. Overseas if you say dstv they think you mean just any satellite type of tv. So to answer this all you can not watch DSTv on Kodi at all. There is no app for this as DSTv consists of many Tv channels. You must have a DSTv subscription and then you can watch it using a decoder or stream it from DSTv’s website.

  8. Hey Paul.

    So i’m new at this and need assistance. i assume the internet connection should be automatically configured when the installation takes place but i get no connection when i try download Ares?

    • Yes, the internet connection should be automatically connected and Kodi should work fine.
      Try and download another addon apart from ARES to check if the problem is from your internet connection or the ARES pack.

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