UUkeys Windows Password Recovery Review (Reset your Password Easily)

The fear of forgetting your password is pretty common among computer users but not anymore because, with UUkeys Windows password recovery software, you can easily reset your password without stressing yourself or panicking or taking it to a computer technician.

I have forgotten my windows password on multiple occasions and most times when that happens I resort to formatting my system and installing a new operating system but the last time I forgot my windows password I used UUkeys Windows password recovery software which helped me easily reset windows password without damaging my system files and I didn’t need to re-install Windows.

uukeys windows password recovery site

10 Best Ways to Recover Windows Password

  1. Guess your password
  2. Try old passwords
  3. Try your most used passwords
  4. Reset your Microsoft account password.
  5. Use a password reset USB flash drive or DVD/CD disc (You can do this using UUkey).
  6. Have the administrator change your password and this only works if you are not the administrator of the computer.
  7. Hack into Windows with a password recovery tool (You can do this using UUkey).
  8. Reset your password using CMD (Command Line).
  9. Install a clean version of Windows (This was my old solution whenever I forgot my windows password but I have found a better way).
  10. Use UUkeys Windows password recovery software.

Introducing UUkeys Windows Password Recovery Software

Do you want to use the easiest Windows password recovery software in the market? Which only requires you to perform 3 easy steps and you have your Windows computer’s password reset and ready to use. I recommend UUkeys Windows password recovery software.

UUkey Windows Password Recovery Software process

UUkeys Windows Password Mate lets you create password recovery tool with your USB flash drive and DVD/CD. So you can have a spare USB flash drive meant for resetting Windows password when the need arises. I know this can be a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands but it can also be a life-saving tool when used properly.

UUkeys Windows Password Recovery Features

These are the key features of the UUkeys Windows password recovery software.

uukeys windows password recovery key features

  • Create password reset USB flash drive
  • Create password reset DVD/CD disc
  • Reset or remove forgotten Windows local password
  • Reset Windows server password
  • Reset Windows 10, 8.1, 8 Microsoft account password
  • Works for all version of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT and Windows server
  • You have two options to burn password reset tool either in a USB drive or DVD/CD disc

How to Reset Windows Password Using UUkeys

With the UUkeys windows password recovery software, you can reset your windows password with just 3 simple steps. The how-to guide used UUkeys Windows Password Mate Standard Edition v3.6.1, so please check your software version so you can follow along.

Step 1

Download and install UUkeys Windows Password Mate.

Step 2

Launch the software, Insert a USB flash drive or DVD/CD into your Windows computer and start the burning process which creates a bootable password reset USB drive or DVD/CD disc.

UUkey Windows Password reset usb

Step 3

Shutdown your computer, reboot it using your password reset USB or DVD/CD drive we just created in step 2 and use it to reset your password. That’s it, you just successfully reset your windows password that you forgot.

UUkey Windows Password reset software


UUkeys Windows Password Mate is a great Windows password reset software that I would like everyone to use because it is easy to use and it saves you a lot of stress, time and money. You don’t need to format and install a fresh version of Windows every time you forget your password, you can simply use this free tool.

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