The Ultimate Gaming Laptops Guide – November 2017

This Ultimate Gaming Laptops Guide for game lovers like myself. I love games, I play games across different platforms; Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and so on. Well, you can say I’m a pro gamer and i am here today to present you with the recommended laptop specification you should look out for when you want to buy a gaming laptop. It’s simple really, if you don’t know the technological you would just memorize the name or write it down in a piece of paper and viola! You get yourself a machine gaming laptop!

Ultimate Gaming Laptops Guide

The need or pressure to acquire a gaming laptop is increasing rapidly, if you are pro gamer,  you would understand what i’m talking about. New games, E3 they are not making it easy for  us PC gamers, new games are coming everyday and your laptop just might not be able to  handle it, so need to either upgrade your laptop which is not impossible, believe me it is  possible if you are using an MSi, Clevo/Sager, Gigabyte laptops. To keep informed about  new upcoming games subscribe to IGN.

The Ultimate Gaming Laptops Guide

These ultimate gaming laptops guide list starts with the most important factor which is the obviously the central point of all these graphics card then moves to lest important  which is the hard disk drive.

Ultimate Gaming Laptops Guide

Graphics Card

This piece of hardware is so important in a gaming laptop, without a graphics card  your laptop won’t be regarded as a gaming laptop but as a normal performance or regular everyday  use laptop. Let me break it down, graphic cards is the piece of equipment that enables your laptop  play games like its a console. We have two top graphic card companies nVidia and AMD. I  recommended nvidia GTX 1060 and 1080 DDR5 Graphic cards.

GTX 1080 laptop


If the graphics card is King in relation to its importance in a gaming laptop, well that  makes the processor the queen because you can have all the graphics power 200GB Dedicated  DDR5 Graphics( doesn’t exist yet) in the world coupled with a slow processor 0.5Ghz, lol, you won’t  get anything done not to talk of playing games. Get a fast processor. I recommend Intel Core i7 (6th Gen) 6820HK Processors.


The RAM is also important. Most modern laptops are integrated with DDR4 RAM Memory,  make sure you know what RAM module your laptop operates and the speed it runs in. RAM speed  include 1600Mhz, 1866Mhz, 2166Mhz and recently 2400Mhz. Upgrading the Ram memory in a laptop or even  a desktop is fairly easy, i shall talk on that later. I recommend 16GB DDR4 RAM running at 2400Mhz speed.


Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

I should say, don’t worry any size of HDD will work fine but instead i  will say this instead GET A SOLID STATE DRIVE! (SSD). An SDD drive is a new technology  that uses 3D-Vand technology that basically uses your idle ram memory, converts them and makes  your laptop a whole lot faster. If you want to revive a dead laptop or your laptop is too slow BUY  AN SSD! More information on SSD HereTo further stress my point read these articles


This is still a relevant gaming laptop guide and can still be used for years to come, once you get these components locked down, you have killer gaming laptop machine.


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