Tweakware Latest Version v5.7 to Import/Export Custom Tweaks

Tweakware Latest Version v5.7 was released few days ago and new features were added. The most useful improvement is the ability to import custom tweaks & export custom tweaks in and out of Tweakware Android app.

Tweakware Latest Version v5.7 Key Features

  • Custom Tweak
  • Import Tweak
  • Export Tweak
  • and of course some Bug fixes


This new feature simply increases the flexibility of Free Browsing and tweaking alike because with the ability to import/export tweak, you can have a free browsing setting and simply import it into Tweakware and you can enjoy the tweak with Tweakware fast server speed and premium account to download without limit.


Tweakware’s import setting will open up your file manager, so you have to locate the config tweak file and import to Tweakware. Simple & Straightforward.


After inserting all your tweaks in custom settings, you can export the settings to your file manager and import those same settings in another tweaking app or you can save the custom tweak and send to a friend through whatsapp, BBM or email. So your friend can have your exact same settings to make sure the tweak works flawlessly.

NOTE: When using Custom Tweak in Tweakware, always select the Custom Tweak in the tweak drop-down menu.


After selecting your Tweak. Click on CONNECT. 

Tweakware Latest Version


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    • You are welcome, Mare Onobumeh. To import tweak into tweakware – Click on Import Tweak and locate the tweak config file in our file manager.

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