Top Apps for Effective Leading of an Online Business

Time is the most important irreplaceable resource, and all business owners continually strive to optimise all processes. Nowadays, thousands of online tools are easy to install and use for more comfortable work. Let’s take a look at the 10 best applications that you should definitely pay attention to.

Rescue Time for Best Time-Management

This app allows you to track how much time you and your employees have spent on a particular activity. You get detailed reports about all processes, which helps to see the results of every working day. Rescue Time also tracks third-party activities – if you played UK online casino or scrolled the news feed, it will be displayed in statistics. This tool helps make all processes less time-consuming and more effective. Moreover, it’s a great way to control employees.

OmniFocus for Managing All Tasks

The programme is made for creating plans and tasks and distributing them according to urgency and priority. You can share access among multiple devices, so the whole team can see all the details. All tasks and projects can be conveniently divided into different sections so that it’s really easy to navigate and find the necessary things in a few clicks.

Evernote as the Best Tool for Keeping All Records

Many people still prefer handwriting in a notebook, but it’s a thing of the past. Evernote is a great instrument that can be installed on Mac, Android, or Windows and is the best for managing your notes. Create the task lists or working plans and share them with others easily!

Todoist for Better Planning & Performance

Business owners and their employees always try to do their best in the shortest time to show results and growth as soon as possible. And Todoist is the best app for proper time management and prioritisation of tasks. Thanks to the convenient interface, filters, and tags, this tool will immediately increase your efficiency.

Zoom for Meetings with Your Team

During the Covid-19 pandemics, Zoom became an indispensable tool for many organisations. It’s a great platform to immediately organise meetings with an unlimited number of people and enjoy high-quality connections and images. You can conduct conferences with a duration of up to 2 hours, and many businesses state that they can’t understand how they lived without this service before.

Asana for Projects Tracking

This app is great since it allows following all stages and the whole project just in a few clicks. You can track even the littlest details to check whether they comply with the stated plans. The application can be adapted for enterprises of all sizes.

Mail Chimp for High-Quality Advertisement

It’s a great marketing service that helps analyse the target audience and build your campaign properly. Users state that they get really effective results from using the app, immediately integrating the business into platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Mail Chimp has all the marketing tools for setting ads and promoting your company as quickly as possible.

IDrive for Keeping All Details Safe

Can you imagine a situation when your PC fails, and all the important documents and records remain inside? It seems to be the worst situation for every business, which is why backup is so significant. Of course, you can always duplicate all important things to another device, but using IDrive is much more convenient. Copy everything to the cloud and be protected against the possibility of losing any information. Moreover, 5 GB of space is absolutely free for every service user.