Top 5 Android Camera Tips to Take Better Pictures

What are the top 5 android camera tips to take better pictures? but the best tip is to buy an android smartphone with a very good camera and automatically you get better pictures.

Android smartphone devices are used to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. Photography is one amongst the tasks which is done effortlessly with some amazing features available on Android devices to make photography experience memorable. In fact, smartphones are useful for both amateur and professional photographers to lock their precious moments in an instant manner. Most recent Android smartphone devices offer some competitive features on their devices to improve photography standards. Despite that, there are many useful features which go unnoticed by many users. In this article, we can discuss top 5 Android camera tips to take better pictures on it.

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Top 5 Android Camera Tips to Take Better Pictures

#1. Finding the right exposure settings

Your photography and photos you take get affected by three factors, which include exposure time, aperture and ISO settings. It can be translated as how brightly the image is exposed, how sharply and accurately the image background is focused and whether the subject in the image is blurred in the picture. Thus, keeping a tab on these three settings can help you take perfect pictures from your Android camera device. In general, you cannot adjust aperture in your smartphone camera devices yet you can adjust the settings for the right exposure and ISO values. Long exposure while taking pictures can help you improve illumination of your image and short exposure time can help you freeze a moment in time. ISO numbers in photography indicate the sensitivity towards the light of the sensor. Higher the ISO number, higher the sensitivity and vice versa.

#2. Set the focus right

Right focus on the subject in the picture can make it look perfect. To do this, your camera offers auto-focus functionality which is considered to be quite useful. Still, it can’t determine automatically on which subject in the picture you want to keep the focus on. Thus, you can do it yourself manually. To do this on your Android camera, simply touch a finger to your camera screen and set focus to avoid any trouble setting focus right. You can find other focus settings as well in smartphone camera settings.

#3. Take multiple shots to sort them later

Following this simple trick, you can retain all your precious moments for a lifetime. This tip suggests you take pictures of precious moments in bulk so as you can select one best photo from the group to keep your memories last long. The other benefit of having multiple shots of a single moment is that you can avert some problematic situation where you can lose your moment due to some technical or other glitches. Most recent smartphone devices help take several shots through serial image function. You can also consider burst mode. Consider changing different settings (like exposure, ISO values, resolution etc.) as well if possible.

#4. Rule of thirds

This rule is simplified implementation of broader and more complicated golden ratio. This rule helps you divide your camera frame into three equal sections, both vertically and horizontally. It subdivides screen image into two horizontal and two vertical guidelines to form nine uniform boxes. This setting helps you take the subject in the photo in much better position. Many smartphone devices display these visible lines so that you can place your subject right in the image. To do this, you can consider placing subject to one of the four intersection points. You can also consider keeping subject along the lines. This simple trick can create a visible difference in your image and can make it look perfect.

#5. Rule of Space

Rule of space says that every subject in the picture needs space to breathe or to look. It can create more harmony in a picture. Using this rule correctly can create a sense of activity, movement or completion in the composition. When you are shooting portrait, it is advisable to leave space in the direction of the eyes, not to cut off immediately in the face. If you are shooting a moving object, it’s better to leave room in a place where the object is moving to. This simple rule can help you bring more live effect in your photos, making it perfect.

Bonus Tip

Apart from these rules, you can consider using Android camera apps for some nifty and useful features. These apps are useful enough to transform your regular photography into a piece of art.

You can follow these simple tips & tricks to enhance your photography experience on Android smartphones. Following these simple tips, you can see the visible difference in your photos instantly.


One of the most useful additions to Android smartphones is camera functions on it. There are many useful tips & tricks which can help you take better pictures instantly. Let’s discuss some of these tips here.

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