Top 10 Android Smartphone Hacks Useful in 2017

Top 10 Android Smartphone Hacks You Need to Know in 2017

Android is one of the most popular and widely used Smartphone operating systems. There are several free and premium Android apps available to make it more functional and useful. Using some simple tricks, you can also make it functional and easy for use. You can make your daily life easier with the help of an Android Smartphone. If you are an Android user that doesn’t mean that you know everything about it. However, if you are looking for some cool and simple Android hacks then you are in the right place. Here we are going to share some top Android Smartphone Hacks that will make your Android life easier as well as smarter.


Top 10 Android Smartphone Hacks


#1. Lock or Erase Your Smartphone Data Remotely

Losing a phone is one of the worst experience for any people especially when the phone has important or confidential documents. Someone might access your phone that will surely scary for you. But using a simple hack you can lock or erase your smartphone data. There is also a little chance to get back your phone. To do this, you need to download and install the Android Device Manager apps on your phone. After installing the app, open it and complete the registration process with a Gmail ID. After that, you can log in from a web browser to Android Device Manager dashboard and see your phone live location. From the dashboard, you can lock your smartphone remotely with a new password and can display a message or phone number. Here erase option is also available to remove everything from your phone.

Note: Your phone must have an active internet connection after losing to lock or erase data remotely.


#2.Turn Your Android Smartphone into a TV Remote

There are several TV Remote Apps available in the Google Play Store to convert your Android Smartphone into a Universal TV Remote. To do this, your smartphone must have built-in IR blaster to control non-Smart TV or if you are using a Smart TV, then it must connect to the same Wi-Fi network that you are using on your smartphone. And there is some TV remote app only support a specific model of TV or brand. So make sure you are installing the right app to control your TV.


#3. Change your Smartphone Look

Installing a stylish and lightweight launcher app will help to change your smartphone default look. You can change everything including wallpaper, ringtone, apps icon, widgets and much more. Some popular Android launcher apps are Nova Launcher, ZenUI, Go Launcher, Launcher 8, etc. you can try right now.


#4. Share Your Mobile Internet Data

Nowadays, almost all Android smartphone comes with built-in Hotspot feature. This will allow sharing your mobile internet data with others so that they can also use on their Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop over Wi-Fi connection. If you are using an old model of Android phone, then you can do this with the help of a 3rd party Hotspot App. And most of the Hotspot apps are available for free on Google Play store.


#5. Set Mobile Data Limit

Want to stop the overuse of mobile data plan? You can do it on your Android phone easily and this is not a big deal for newbie user also. Simple go to your phone setting then Data Uses and here you can set cellular data limit. You can set this limit for the exact period and after crossing the limit you won’t able to use the mobile data without removing the limit.


#6. Use your Old or Unused Android Phone as Home Security Device

With the help of a home security app, you can turn your old or unused Android phone into a home security device. You can use it to monitor your home or office through live video monitoring system. Some popular home security apps are Alfred, AtHome Camera, SalientEye, etc.


#7. Keep Your Phone Unlocked when you’re at Office or Home

With the latest Smart Lock feature of Android OS, you can keep your phone unlocked when you’re at home or office. This will save your time if you are using a passcode, PIN or pattern lock to unlock your phone. Go to setting>security>smart lock and then trusted place to set this feature.


#8. Unlock Your Phone using your Face or Voice Command

The smart lock feature also allows unlocking your phone using your voice command or face. To set up face lock or voice lock, go to setting>security>smart lock.


#9. Hide Confidential Photos, Videos or Documents

Using an App Locker or Folder locker, you can hide confidential photos, videos or document files. You can also lock apps so that stranger can’t open it without your permission.


#10. Print Anything from Your Phone

Using a printer app, you can print anything directly from your Android smartphone. Now-a-days, some smartphone also comes with built-in printout feature.

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Closing Words

Hope these Android Smartphone Hacks will help to make your phone more functional as well as useful. You can also share such hacks in the comment section if you know something more interesting and unique.

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