I used 425GB with 3,000 Naira Swift Merit Plan: Best 4G Plan in 2018

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My experience with the Swift Merit Plan has shown me that this is the best 4G data plan in 2017 and will be in 2018 because it’s affordable, unlimited and isn’t subject to throttled speed for now.

Swift Merit Plan Update 2018

Swift Merit Plan was updated in 2018, it still has the same price and data allocation but 2 things were changed. The time for unlimited browsing, streaming and downloads was changed from 10PM-6AM to 11PM-8AM and they added an additional 19 hours free weekend  unlimited browsing and downloading starting from saturday 11PM- Sunday 6PM you will be able to browse, stream and download as much as you want.

425GB with 3k swift merit plan


So far, within 2 weeks I have used more than 300GB of data and all I paid was N3,000. This is the best data deal I have used in 2017 and trust me I have used 80% of 4G networks available in Yaba. Iam still using this plan in 2018.

I have used Ntel, Spectranet, Smile, Swift, GLO 4G, MTN 4G, Etisalat 4G and I have 2 routers and 2 modems.

What is Swift Merit Plan?

The Swift Merit plan is an internet data plan introduced by Swift 4G early 2017. This plan costs N3,000 for 3GB of data with 9hours unlimited browsing, streaming and downloading from 11PM – 8AM and free 19 hours on weekends starting from Saturday 11PM – Sunday 6PM.

swift merit plan 2018


I discovered and subscribed to this plan November 2017 and I’m just 2 weeks into this plan and I am incredibly surprised that the plan hasn’t been throttled due to the 300Gb that I have already used.

Swift Merit Plan Download Evidence

swift 300gb merit promo plan

The Reason Behind Me Sharing this Swift Merit Plan to You

Why I’m sharing this swift merit plan is for you to also enjoy and benefit from the best 4G data plan in 2018. Why because it is cheap to subscribe to and would end up using more than 500GB all with 3,000 naira.

  • Buy a Swift Sim or pay for the Swift Merit Plan: You can buy a swift sim from Jiji or go to their service centres to get one. The price for the swift 4G LTE sim is 8,000 naira and it comes with 30GB data for 15 days.

How to Buy Swift Sim

I recently purchased my own swfit sim and the process was easy, no stress attached to it. Follow these simple steps to know how to buy a swift sim.

  • Locate the service center closet to you.
      Address: 31 Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
      Opening Time: 8.00am – 6.00pm (Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays)OGBA
      Address: 12B, Odusami Street, Beside AY Hotels, Off WEMPCO Road, Ogba, Lagos
      Opening Time: 8.00am – 6.00pm (Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays)IKEJA
      Address: Alausa shopping Mall, 131 Obafemi Awolowo way, by radio bus stop Ikeja.
      Opening Time: 8.00am – 6.00pm (Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays)SURULERE
      Address: Kings Plaza, 80 Adeniran Ogunsanya Street Surulere
      Opening Time: 8.00am – 6.00pm (Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays)LEKKI
      Address: Scapula Plaza KM 17 , Lekki Epe Express Way , Igbo-Efon Bust/stop Lekki Ajah Lagos
      Opening Time: 8.00am – 6.00pm (Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays)
  • Go with 8,000 naira cash or ATM so you can POS to make payment. I went with cash because I hate hearing “Sorry our POS machine is not working”.
  • Why you are paying 8,000 for a swift sim is because you are actually buying a compulsory data plan attached to the swift sim with cost 7,000 naira for 30GB which makes the actual price of the swift sim to be 1,000 naira.
  • Go with NEPA/WATER utility bill
  • Go with either International Passport, Driver’s License, Voters Card, Company’s ID Card etc.
  • You would be asked for all these, after you make payment and receive your brand new swift sim an email would be sent to you containing your Self care login details.
  • Your self care details are very important you can easily renew your plan through this platform, you don’t need to enter the sun, waste your time before you can pay for your swift bundle.
  • That’s all. Welcome to the Swift network where downloading 500GB with 3,000 naira is made possible,

To pay for the Swift Merit Plan, you visit their website or ONLINE RETAILERS


This is the 3rd week using the swift merit plan with over 330GB used and I have not noticed any throttle.


My swift merit plan expired and I have renewed my plan. I used 425GB in 30 days and all I spent for 3,000 Naira, my aim was to download 500GB but I ran out of things to download.


I renewed my swift merit promo plan and started my usual downloading from 10PM then 20 minutes later I received a message that my plan has expired, I thought maybe swift has finally caught up with me because of all my elaborate downloading spree but that wasn’t the case. What actually happened was that swift updated the plan lowkey without telling anybody.

The time for unlimited downloading changed from 10PM to 11PM and the end time from 6AM to 8AM. So when I started downloading from 10PM it used up my 3GB data. I was pained but I will renew my plan.


I bought my own swift 4G sim from their service center at Surulere. I was using a borrowed sim before but there is nothing like having your own sim.


swift 4g 500GB for 8k

Used 500GB with 8,000 naira with the Swift Promo plan Swift Essential Plus.


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46 thoughts on “I used 425GB with 3,000 Naira Swift Merit Plan: Best 4G Plan in 2018”

  1. is this swift 4g sim use in all Nigerian city or is a special sim designed by Nigerian networks e.g Mtn,Glo,airtel and etisalat ng.

  2. Can this sim card be used on any phone or device or must it be inserted into a swift device for effective use.
    Best regards

  3. this information you gave us was very helpfull,thank you.I have followed your instructions,I would like to know if there is any settings that I should set up on my unlocked modem cause I tried a torrent file last night and it wasnt able to download completely so it will have to be continued and what sites would you recommend

    • There’s no special settings for downloading torrents.
      I download torrents all the time but I use my phone and FLUD app because I found it downloads faster than using my pc.

      Torrent sites:

      • Hello, how is the network in 2019? Is there speed throttle or is it still the usual speed with night browsing? I intend to buy the sim today. Thanks I’ll be waiting for your reply.

  4. I have not use it before, but someone want to sell his own for me we I still buy sim card again? Or he we give me his sim ????

  5. Hi, please I’m having a hard time deciding between Ntel and swift please which one is better since you have used both befor

  6. this people are scamming Nigerians of their hard earn Money, they put 30 days on their website for the swift merit plane only for it to lats for 15 days and they cut you off.

  7. Good morning sir, i have a few questions to ask:
    1. Is it Still Active and Working?
    2. According to their website it says 30 days, so it now 30 days or its still 15 days?
    3. If i exhaust my allocated 3GB Data would i still be able to browse for free at night?
    4. Whats your download speed like?

    Thanks In Advance

  8. So the swift merit plan would cost a subscription of 6k per month as it has been discovered that the 3gb is only valid for 15 days or can I continue using the unlimited night access if I don’t exhaust my 3gb data with the 15days.

  9. So if I don’t finish the 3gb plan for the whole 1 month duration do i get to have access to the unlimited night plan for the whole 1 month

  10. Bro Paularo
    Na you make them reduced the validity days to 15days, the screenshot alot
    is enough for them to reduce the days.
    Though i still thank them for not scrapping the plan

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