Get Exclusive Access to “Nairatips Private PS4 Party” Platform

Dear Nairatips PS4 Member,

When I started the free PS4 games post for PS4 5.05 games, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The fact is, the overwhelming response I got from you guys forced me to step up to my game.

I simply wanted to help people get direct access to those PS4 5.05 games without all the bullshit.

And boy has many Nairatips PS4 members benefitted from my free PS4 games post and it also helped me save a lot of money buying PS4 games.

Check this out…

Countless PS4 members have saved at least $1,000 by not buying PS4 games and downloading these free PS4 games from Nairatips.

Seriously, many PS4 members have downloaded more than 100 PS4 games absolutely free with $0 and they keep coming back for more.

And you join them too…

You see all the existing PS4 members are just average people living simple lives and love playing PS4 games.

So if these average PS4 members can jailbreak their PS4 or buy a jailbreak PS4 and download free PS4 games, imagine what you can achieve?

You see, my goal is enable as many PS4 members get access to the latest free PS4 games, jailbreak news, premium request and support for their free games.

No more buying PS4 games.

No more broken download links.

No more slow download links.

No more unaswered PS4 game requests.

You receive premium PS4 games download links, bulk download lists, immediate answers to question and no broken links.

Introducing the new and exclusive “Nairatips Private PS4 Party” Platform

Here’s the hard truth about why you will love this.

I have broken down all the components of PS4 Jailbreak, downloading PS4 games and making the best of your jailbreaked PS4.

And built it around  a simple “Direct Download Model”.

To purpose of all this?

  1. To enable you have access to over 1000 free PS4 games!
  2. To give you the direct download links you need to go from “click – wait for 5 seconds –  views ads – new tab opens – start download” to “click – start download”.
  3. To answer your PS4 game requests within 6 hours.
  4. To add new PS4 games as they are added.
  5. To bring you the latest PS4 real Jailbreak news.
  6. To provide you if the best ways to fully utilize your Jailbreak PS4.
  7. Premium 24/7 support.
  8. Direct access to me.

How to finally escape unanswered PS4 games requests and lack of new PS4 games to play

I discovered 3 things keeping you stuck from downloading all the PS4 games you desire. 

Here’s the 1st thing…

1. Broken download links

The frustration of getting broken links when you see a PS4 game you want to download and you have to wait for 5 seconds before you discover the download link is not working.

Because of this, you can’t really batch download multiple games at once because you don’t know what links are working and which is broken.

2. Unanswered PS4 game requests

We all have those special PS4 games or old PlayStation games and we want to play on our jailbreak PS4.

These games requests might be coming from you or your children or family members. You may simply just want more co-operative games you can play with friends or loved ones.

3. LinkShrink 5 second delay

Having to wait 5 seconds before every link can be a total waste of time.

Imagine you have 20 links to download for a single game. Now let’s do some simple calculation – 5seconds x 20 = That’s 1 minutes, 40 seconds.

Which might not seem like much to you but avid downloaders, that’s an eternity.

Avid downloders, download in bulk, batches, we schedule downloads for the present and future. So even when we are sleeping, our PS4 games are getting downloaded.

Join the Revolution Today and Escape your PS4 Jailbreak Struggles.

The new and exclusive “Nairatips Private PS4 Party”simplifies everything for you.

Immediately you have access to over 1000 free PS4 games all with real direct download links that’s always LIVE and ready for you to start downloading.

So what’s the advantage of becoming a “Nairatips Private PS4 Party” member?

Here’s the deal…

  • The “Nairatips Private PS4 Party” is NOT a product.
  • The “Nairatips Private PS4 Party” is NOT a course.
  • The “Nairatips Private PS4 Party” is NOT a membership site.

The Nairatips Private PS4 Party is instead a REVOLUTION!

The aim is clear, you’ll get access to over 1000 free PS4 games, download lists, real direct download links, quick answers to your PS4 game requests and other useful PS4 jailbreak information you can’t get anywhere else.

And you are not alone on this adventure.

The Nairatips Private PS4 Party members are standing shoulder to shoulder next to you.

Fighting side by side until everyone is sasitified with over 1000 free PS4 games and a shit ton of answered requests.

No party member is left behind!

So how does this look in pratical terms?

It means. instant access to everything required to get all the free PS4 games and support you deserve.

Everything from 1000 free PS4 games and direct download lists.

To quick and easy answers ways to request PS4 games and get your games added within 6 hours of request if available.

Who’s already benefiting from the Nairatips Private PS4 Party Platform?

  • Confused PS4 Jailbreak owners find clarity and have access to exclusive PS4 jailbreak information they can’t find anywhere else.
  • Those stuck on the “5 second download link” train can now download free PS4 games with direct download links.
  • Intermediate PS4 Jailbreak game downloaders that have played all the games and searching for an infinite fountain of free PS4 games.
  • People that want to escape from Sony Playstation tight buy new AAA game for $59.99 and don’t forget to also purchase PS Plus to play those games you love online.
  • People that want to show their friends that they got all the PS4 games without paying for any of them.
  • Serious PS4 jailbreak owners that want to be on the ahead of the competition and want the best games, jailbreak news and content which enables them use their Jailbreak PS4 to the fullest potential.

And seriosuly, being a member of  the “Nairatips Private PS4 Party” platform means something.

What we Stand for in the Nairatips Private PS4 Party

  • Saving you money. You would save more than $1,000 along from not buying PS4 games ever again.
  • Fast, sincere and premium answers to PS4 game requests.
  • No more broken download links.
  • You won’t have to wait for 5 seconds before downloading.
  • Real direct download links.
  • Premium PS4 Jailbreaking news and content you have never seen before, all in one place.

What we Stand Against in Nairatips Private PS4 Party

  • Slow answers to PS4 game requests.
  • Slow download links
  • Ads
  • Broken links
  • No more waiting for 5 seconds.

Here’s what You Get Immediately you Enter Nairatips Private PS4 Party Platform

The Nairatips Private PS4 Party is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

1. 200+ Best PS4 games Download Lists (Done for you).

Which means you just go and instantly get all 200+ PS4 games direct download links already prepared for you.

You can download the lists and simply copy and paste download links into your download manager to start downloading PS4 games within 5 minutes of joining the Nairatips Private PS4 Party.

Here’s a small sample of the Best PS4 games download lists.

2. Get Instant Access to the PS4 Games Request Library

Simply request a PS4 game and it will be added for you within 6 hours.

If game is not available in direct download links, we would inform you in minutes.

3. On Demand Access to the entire 1,000 PS4 games list

All games on this list would be with real direct download links and it would be the best list any PS4 game downloader would love to have!

4. 24/7 Access to Genuine PS4 Jailbreak News and Premium Jailbreak Content

Real jailbreak news will be provided with real life proof and credible sources.

Also, premium jailbreak contents like PS4 tutorals, PS VR games, PS2 games, PS1, PS3 games, PS4 jailbreak themes and other exclusive premium account will be available to you within minutes of joining Nairatips Private PS4 Party.

5. Handy Exportable PS4 game lists with download links

Easily take your PS4 games with you by downloading lists and set your download manager to schedule downloads with automatically downloads your PS4 games while you sleep.

6. Unlimited Access to a NEW “Inner Circle” Only Community

This is a cool invite-only community for cool members of Nairatips Private PS4 Party Platform.

We sit down together, hang out and tell stories about our PS4 adventures.

We ask PS4 jailbreak related questions.

We also solve problems too.

Nairatips Private PS4 Party makes owing a jailbreak PS4 worth it.

Every single month, you get something new.

And Here’s Exactly What You Get Every Single Month as a Nairatips Private PS4 Party Member

1. 10 New PS4 Games Every Single Month

A minimum of at least 10 new PS4 games would be added for Nairatips Private PS4 Party members only.

2. The Latest Jailbreak Information and Progress

The current jailbreak information as well as the latest jailbreak updates, stages and progress reports with a prediction date where we can get that new PS4 jailbreak update.

3. Unlimited Game Requests per member

Every month, you can request any number of PS4 games and I will make it available to you within 6 hours, if it’s available.

4. 24/7 On Demand Access to the “Inner Circle” Community

Our cool Nairatips Private PS4 Party inner circle is always ready to assist you with your PS4 jailbreak problems.


So, what’s this going to cost me?

I want to offer this at a price everyone can afford and I will still over deliver in value.

There are already over 200+ Best PS4 games download lists waiting for you.

An exclusive PS4 games request library where game requests are taken seriously like life and death.

An entire PS4 game list of more than 1,000 free PS4 game for you to download.

So here’s the deal…

  • Latest PS4 games direct links
  • Latest PS4 game DLC and updates
  • PS4 game requests
  • No more broken download links
  • Real, up-to-date PS4 Jailbreak news
  • Premium Support
  • PS4 games direct links
  • PS4 game requests
  • No more broken download links
  • Real, up-to-date PS4 Jailbreak news
  • Premium Support
  • PS4 games direct links
  • No more broken links

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