6 Best SSD for iMac: Get Blazing 1000Mbps Transfer Speeds

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With an external SSD card, the storage space on your MacBook or Mac computer can be increased. The speed that comes with SSD cards is also another major factor that makes them worth buying. Today we are talking about the best SSD for iMac we are going to list out some of the best across the various price ranges. 

Going for an SSD is better than buying a hard drive and as someone who uses a mac, you must consider speed above anything else. There are a lot of brands that make great SSD cards and they include SanDisk, Seagate, Lacie, Samsung, and others that we will talk about in this article.

The best SSD for iMac is the Samsung Portable SSD T7 the solid-state drive is compact and small with amazing speeds. There are both external and internal SSD that can be used on your MacBook or iMac. 

One thing you need to know is that not all SSD cards will be compatible with apple laptops due to certain configurations required. But you don’t need to worry because we will list out the best ones that will work for you regardless of the type of iMac you own. SSD cards are very important because most times apple doesn’t really give you enough storage space on their laptops and monitors.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Also Good

If you are into saving documents, videos, photos then it’s great you get an SSD card that will become a type of backup. An SSD card doesn’t use any power from your computer unlike the hard drive there are certain SSD cards that don’t even make any noise during the performance. 

But since we are talking about iMac here there are certain ones we must consider. When it comes to making decisions to pick either a hard drive or an SSD card always go for the SSD because even the slowest SSD performs better than the fastest mechanical hard drive.

Most of the cards we will talk about here today have IP ratings and other features that make them unique. Make sure you read along carefully because the best SSD cards will be listed in this article. We made sure to consider different price points so depending on your budget there is an SSD card for you here.

Buying the right internal or external SSD card for your iMac can be a problem because not everyone you get out there will be compatible with your apple monitor. An SSD card uses flash-based memory and they speed up computers because of their low read access time and very fast throughputs.

So, we will compare the various SSD cards here and give you a thorough review of each SSD that will be listed here. We will explain their features and how they stand out among the competition out there. Let’s get started with the first SSD on this list.

1. Samsung Portable SSD T7

This is one of the top ends SSD cards right now and it works swiftly when paired with an iMac. This SSD is priced fairly and it offers you amazing value the 500GB version costs $79 while the 1TB and 2TB variants cost $159 and $329. 

The 1TB model should be where you are looking in incase you are interested in buying this solid-state drive. The Samsung SSD T7 is tiny and light but under the hood, it packs some amazing features that make it stand out among the competition. the Samsung T7 SSD is made of aluminum with rounded edges it is just the size of a credit card but it is just a bit thicker and it weighs 56grams.

Best Overall

Samsung Portable SSD T7

This makes it one of the most portable SSD cards available right now. It can easily be moved as it will fit into your pocket or any bag you carry. There are a few color options you can decide to choose from that include red, blue, and grey. It comes with a USB type C connector and it is a USB 3.2 Gen 2 port that is capable of 10GBps in terms of transfer speed.

There is a tiny status light that blinks blue when the SSD card is connected and it blinks when you are transferring files. The SSD works well with an iMac and there is no need to even format it straight out the box. It comes in exFAT format and it is compatible with macOS and Windows. Samsung is kind enough to provide a USB C to C cable and a USB A to C cable in the box of the Samsung T7. 

No matter the type of port you have the cables provided in the box will be compatible. There is software that is already loaded on the drive and you will have to install it before you can set a password on the card. incase you want to use it on a phone you can download the app on the google play store and it supports android 6.0 upwards. 

There are no official IP ratings but according to Samsung the SSD card can withstand 6.5 feet drop. you will get a three-year warranty on incase the SSD card is damaged but you won’t have your files back when Samsung replaces it for you. The Samsung T7 uses NMVe data transfer protocol and this gives you a faster transfer rate.

When paired with a MacBook Pro 2020 you can get read and write speeds of 958 and 921 which is quite okay. If you are in the market for the best SSD for iMac then you won’t go wrong if you buy this especially for the features it comes with.



2. WD My Passport SSD

This SSD comes in various colours that include red, black, brown, blue and gold the 500 GB variant comes in at $84. The other models include the 1TB and 2TB models that will cost you $141 and $278 respectively. 

Whichever one you choose to buy you will be getting a premium experience with this SSD card. with the WD my passport SSD you are getting a very fast stylish and reliable solid-state drive that will work well when paired with your iMac. The SSD has an anodized aluminium finish and a textured wave pattern that covers some part of the bottom. It looks tough and portable fitting perfectly into any pocket you decide to slide it into.


WD My Passport SSD

The edges are rounded and it weighs 48 grams there is a WD logo at the top with a USB C port serving as the only cutout. There is no light that indicates when the SSD card is in usage you only depend on your computer to know the state of the WD my passport SSD card. According to the brand, it is drop resistant by 6.5 feet it also has vibration and shock-resistant.

However, there is no water or dust resistance which is quite a bummer. The WD My passport also comes with a five-year warranty which is very generous of the brand they will replace your drive minus the data. You get software called the WD Discovery that works well with macOS and Windows OS just in case you have both. 

The software offers you cloud storage among a host of other features that include password encryption on your SSD card. when removed from the box it works well with macOS there is no need to format it again. You also get a USB C to C and a USB A to C for connecting to other devices that don’t have a USB type C. 

The maximum read speed of the WD my passport is around 1050Mbps while it has a write speed of 1000Mbps. It is clearly one of the fastest on the list of SSD for iMac because it has great speed. The connection type here is USB 3.2 Gen 2 and it has a maximum throughput of 10GBPs. This is surely as good as an SSD card can get but they had to cut corners in some aspect to be able to keep the price within reach. 

If you are out in search of an SSD for your iMac that is fast, reliable and rugged then you can consider this. This will be a perfect companion if you want to store files and it can be used as a cross-platform SSD card. Make sure you check this SSD it might be what you require in order to have more storage for your iMac.



3. Lacie Portable SSD

Lacie is one of those brands that are officially listed on the apple website which means apple is recommending their product. This particular portable SSD is capable of running when paired with your iMac computer. 

There are three variants with the 500GB variant coming in at just $99, the 1TB coming in at $137 while the 2TB comes at $289. It is better you add the extra $37 in case you want to buy the SSD card. the SSD has a modern design with a very sleek look coupled with that the transfer speed is amazing.

Also Good

Lacie Portable SSD

It is made of a black plastic material with a red accent that curves on top of the SSD card. we have the Lacie branding slapped on top of the device and a white LED light that shows when the SSD is plugged into a computer. we have the USB type C port just at the other end of the LED light.

The drive is compact and it will enter any pocket or bag. Holding it in your hand it feels compact and well-built even though it is made out of plastic. The SSD has some drop resistance and Lacie even claims it will survive a fall from six feet. When paired with a 2021 MacBook Air you will get a read speed of 464Mbps and a write speed of 507Mbps. 

The SSD doesn’t overheat during usage but it gets warm which is expected from an SSD. Another important thing to note is that the SSD is cross-platform and can be used with other devices like a console or a laptop. It can be used for gaming or storage of large media files you can also edit 4k contents straight from this SSD card. 

The Lacie Portable SSD was made for professionals and if you are one then you should consider buying one. The price tag is okay considering the performance you will be getting. You will even enjoy better performance if you use a USB type C for connection the SSD tends to give a better speed with a type C. 

Lacie is a sub-brand of Seagate and we all know that Seagate makes a lot of awesome storage devices this portable SSD also falls in line with a very good SSD card for saving files and documents.



4. Samsung 870 EVO

Samsung makes a lot of exceptional SSD cards and the Samsung 870 EVO is not an exception. This is actually one of the best consumer SATA SSD cards available right now because it offers you high performance, space, and it is highly reliable. The SSD card by Samsung has a lot of amazing features that we will dive into here but let’s start by talking about the design. 

The solid-state drive comes in a black anodized aluminium casing it has a 2.5 7mm form factor that makes it portable and super easy to carry. It doesn’t look cheap and it stands out among other SSDs within its price range. We have a 250GB, 1TB, up to 4TB model and they both look the same even in terms of internals.

Samsung 870 EVO

It is a highly compact SSD card and it is durable as well. We have the Samsung logo on top and a scanner to follow up on the SSD at the back we have all the specifications. When it comes to looks it is exactly the same as the Samsung 870 EVO. Talking about performance the SSD card has the latest 6th Gen 128 Layer V NAND TLC flash and the updated MKX SATA 6Gbps controller.

One thing to note though is that it won’t perform better than NVMe SSDs. When compared to the previous model there is up to 38% performance improvement on the 4TB model and a 30% improvement on the 250GB model. The Samsung magician SSD toolbox serves as a tool that allows you to track the health of your SSD. 

You can upgrade, secure, benchmark and even erase files. It can be handy for data migration too. It offers amazing sequential read and writes speeds that are between 530mbps to 560mbps. When it comes to files transfer the SSD card also does a great job it can also be used to edit 8k video files. 

The device is also compatible with multiple host systems that include motherboards, chipsets, and even video recording devices. If you want a SATA drive then I highly recommend you check this one out when it comes to SATA SSDs then the EVO 870 leads the pack and it comes with a competitive price tag. You can also buy if you want your data to be safe because there is encryption support provided by Samsung. 

It can also be a great supplement if you own other storage devices. This will work nicely with your iMac and it will provide you with the speed that will improve your workflow. To round it off you get a five-year warranty if you buy this SSD card.



5. G-Technology G-Drive SSD

The G-technology G-Drive is a rugged SSD that will survive drops and bumps and still be in very good shape. The SSD is available in three variants we have the 500GB model that cost $107, the 1TB model for $179, and the 2TB model for $299. 

It is pricey when compared to other SSD cards that it competes with but it gives you more durability and your files are safer. The SSD card is made of aluminium with a big G logo and a rugged look.


G-Technology G-Drive SSD

We have a type C cutout that is covered with the rubber when not in use. The SSD card has IP67 water and dust resistance it also has a 3-meter drop-resistant making it crushproof. It weighs around 95 grams making it seemingly lightweight.

The SSD card can fit into any pocket or bag because of its size but there are other smaller options in terms of competition. It has a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 for backward compatibility. 

The brand also gives you a five-year warranty which is something you don’t get from other competing SSD cards brands. With the G-drive mobile SSD, you get a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port which can transfer data at up to 10GBps more than what the USB 3.0 can do. You get a read speed of 500Mbps and a write speed of 511Mbps. 

The drive uses a 3D NAND which delivers very low power consumption and gives you maximum speed at the same time. During usage, this SSD will not overheat which is always a great thing to have. With this SSD card, the extra money you are paying is for the five-year warranty you are getting. One of the downsides is that this solid-state drive does not support any software or encryption to protect your files and data. 

If you want something durable that will stand the test of time then go for it. The five-year warranty is not a joke especially when the brand is ready to replace your SSD card.



6.Seagate Expansion Portable SSD

Another great SSD that is compatible with iMac is the Seagate expansion portable solid-state drive. It comes in at a very friendly price at $70 for the 500GB variant. 

The SSD card is sleek and small it will fit in any pocket or bag we have the 2TB variant and that is the highest storage option. If you are interested in a large storage space and maximum at an affordable price then you should consider this. It comes in a square plastic case measuring 4.8 by 3.2 inches the size is just perfect.


Seagate Expansion Portable SSD

The Seagate Expansion SSD comes with a Micro USB 3.0 cable and that is the source for connectivity and power. Right from the box, the SSD is configured to work with windows computer but it can be easily reformatted into HFS+ so that it will work with you iMac. 

Instead of buying an iMac designated SSD you save money if you buy this and format it. Reformatting usually takes few seconds only so it’s nothing to worry about.

When it comes to performance the Seagate Expansion Portable SSD has a copy speed of around 120Mbps and it will offer you write and read speeds that are also around 150Mbps. It can be used to play games, edit videos and every other task. It spins 5700 times per minutes and it consumes less power. 

One of the reasons why the price of the Seagate Expansion was kept below $100 for the base model is because the SSD does not have any form of backup tool or encryption to protect your files and data. This can be a deal-breaker for some people but for people who just want to save files alone then it will be a good purchase for your iMac. 

It will offer you fast and reliable performance with amazing speed. You can use it for various task on your mac without any lag or delay. Another thing to note is that this SSD card is cross-platform because it can work with consoles, laptops or PC. You can configure it to work simultaneously with windows and mac.



How to Choose the Right SSD for iMac

Compatibility with MacOS

iMacs use MacOS as their operating system and when you are picking up an SSD card for your mac you need to consider picking one that will support the operating system. This is the single most important thing you need to think about before buying any SSD card that will be paired with your iMac computer. getting an SSD that is compatible with iMac will give you an ideal performance. 

Make sure you read the Specs and features of any SSD before making the decision on whether to buy. There are some that are compatible with iMac and will give you maximum speed but they only need to be re-formatted.

Form Factor

This is another crucial aspect you need to think about before buying an SSD card the form factor is the design of the solid-state drive. We have internal and external solid-state drives some are moveable while some are not easily moveable. It will be great to consider what you need if you are the type that normally does a lot of outdoor work like photography then an SSD card that is easy to carry about will be perfect. 

This will serve as an extra backup for storage in case other devices are lacking storage space. SSD cards come in different shapes and sizes and it’s all on you to pick the one you want.


SSD cards are faster than HDD so even the slowest SSD card will give you better performance than a fast HDD. But that doesn’t mean you should buy any SSD card out there because they are fast. The SSD uses solid-state storage known as NAND or Flash. Data is written or read from the flash by a controller which is the brain of the Solid-State Drive. 

You should consider an SSD card that gives you a read speed between 580Mbps and above. When it comes to spinning speed, you should also consider the one that spins 7200RPM. Speed here is how fast your SSD card will perform so take note of that.

Type of Drive

When it comes to types of SSD cards we have SATA and they are the first generation of SSD cards with reading speeds maxing 570Mbps. This first generation of SSD is 5 times faster than HDD. 

The second and most recent one is called NVMe with this you can get even much higher speeds with a read speed of 2500Mbps at maximum. It is faster than a SATA SSD card and it will normally cost you more. When it comes to buying an SSD card paying attention to the type of Solid-state drive you get is important. This has to do with your budget normally NVMe cards are more expensive than SATA SSDs.

Best SSD for iMac FAQs

What is the Overall best SSD for iMac?

In my opinion, one of the best SSD that you can buy for your iMac is the Samsung Portable SSD T7. It is super fast and it has an amazing build quality. It will work swiftly with your iMac and you won’t have to even format it straight out of the box it is configured to work with macOS. It uses the NVMe data transfer method and it will give you read speeds around 1000Mbps. 

Furthermore, the SSD card will provide you with encryption and protection for your files. Although it looks pricey it offers an amazing value for money. Samsung makes a lot of amazing SSD cards and there is a portable T7 that has a fingerprint scanner. It is a little bit more expensive than the Portable T& without the touch sensor.

How much do I need to buy an SSD for my iMac?

The starting price of a good SSD card is usually between $70 to $90 and this is mostly for the 500GB model. They are priced per gigabyte and they are more expensive than their HDD counterpart. 

An SSD card with 1TB or 2TB of storage usually costs between $130 and up to $400. They can often be very expensive but there are a lot of them that will give you value for money if you buy them.

What is the Cheapest SSD for iMac?

The Seagate Expansion is the cheapest SSD card here with a starting price of $70 for the 500GB model. It is powered by a SATA flash and it gives you a significant read speed of around 150Mbps that is moderate. 

It doesn’t have some high-end features like software support and password encryption. It is actually on this list for people who are on a tight budget and still want to buy a reasonable SSD for their iMac. It is a save and go SSD card without any form of backup and it has a three-year warranty.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, when going for an SSD for your iMac it will be great if you carefully read this article because we listed some of the best ones that will be compatible with your computer and OS. 

An iMac is a computer desktop by apple. The latest iMac with the M1 chip was released a few days ago and it came with a refreshing design and some new colour options. You can use SSD cards to expand the storage on iMacs and they even make the computer give you better performance because the SSD power itself during usage. 

It doesn’t depend on the desktop computer if you feel we missed the SSD card you use on your iMac in this article feel free to mention it in the comment section below.

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