How to Steal Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities from your Competitors in 2022

Stealing sponsored blog post opportunities is easy! In this article, I’ll teach you exactly how to steal sponsored content on your competitor’s blog or site.

In this post, you’ll learn the secret technique of stealing sponsored blog post opportunities from your competitors and make more money blogging with Sponsored Posts.

1. Find Sponsored Blog Post Deals in Competing Blogs and Sites

Before we stealing sponsored blog posts from your competitors, we need to identify which blog posts are sponsored posts and there’s an easy of doing that.

Tools for Finding Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities:

  • Your competitor’s blog(s)
  • Google Chrome, Firefox or any internet browser.
  • My SPECIAL Email Template.

There are two methods of finding blog sponsored post opportunities in competing blogs.

  1. Competitor’s blog
  2. Previous sponsored post-deal.

By now you should know who your competitors are and their blog addresses but if you were like me that didn’t bother to know. You don’t have to worry, a simple google search will bring them all out.

Competitor’s Blog or Website

sponsored blog post competitor's blog

You start by visiting your competitor’s blog or website. For this instance, I’m using my blog –

How do you find sponsored blog post opportunities in your competitor’s blog?

How to find sponsored blog post opportunities

  1. Browse through your competitor’s blog recent blog posts
  2. Go through the 1st and 2nd blog posts page.
  3. Take note of the posts that directly talks about a product or a service (Not affiliate posts).
  4. Open and skim through the blog posts you noted earlier.
  5. Go through the post until you see the sponsor’s link leading back to the sponsor’s website.
  6. Check the link attribute.
sponsors link

So what is the difference between an affiliate post vs sponsored content?

  • Affiliate: Has 3rd party links like Amazon, eBay, Click bank, etc.
affiliate post vs sponsored blog post
  • Sponsored Blog Post: Has direct links usually to the homepage of the product or service mentioned in the article.

How to check for a dofollow or nofollow link?

  • Right Click on the blog post page and select View Page Source or Hit CTRL+U on your keyboard.
nofollow vs dofollow link
  • In the page source screen, press CTRL + F (find option).

But in recent times, sponsored posts placements have gotten smarter and I discovered a way to uncover them but the problem is stealing them because most advanced high paying sponsored post content is done by big digital marketing agencies, web outreach teams, content marketing firms and so on.

When you identify this type of content, you can’t steal it because you would be sending an email to the direct owners of the business and 9 out of 10 times, they won’t respond because they have outsourced it to an agency or someone to handle their SEO.

This becomes hard.

From your Previous Sponsored Post Deal

If you have had any previous sponsored blog post deal before, you can simply do a google search with the exact keywords of the product or service in your sponsored post-deal.

On my blog – Nairatips, around a year ago I had a previous sponsored post from Tuneskit DRM Audio to write a product review for them and after I wrote the review, I became curious and wanted more sponsored posts deals and offers so I developed this technique to find sponsored post opportunities from my competitor’s blog and stole them.

  • Search for products or services in your niche.
  • Example: Tuneskit DRM Audio converter review.
  • Take note of small to medium blogs.
  • IGNORE Big authority sites and best review sites.
tuneskit google search
  • Run a google search on the keyword + review
  • Visit the medium-small blogs
  • Check the link in the review article, if it’s dofollow or nofollow. If it’s dofollow it’s highly probable that it’s a sponsored post.
  • For more sponsored blog post opportunity, check the category (Reviews, Guides, Software) and if it’s regarding a product or service odds are that that’s a sponsored post and you can steal it.

Now, that we have found sponsored blog post opportunities on our competitor’s blog, it’s time to reach out and start the process of stealing that opportunity and making it yours.

Other ways to identify and get more Sponsored Posts

featured section
  • Check the “Software/Review” category, most sponsored posts about products and services are placed under such categories.
  • Check for a “featured section or top posts” section on the site, this shows the articles that have high priority or importance on the site. Well, if someone pays you money for a post, it becomes more important than your normal posts.

So, What Next?

After identifying which blog posts are sponsored in your competitor’s blog, you should have a list of potential website which you’re going to be reaching out to pitch your site or blog so you can start making money blogging.

2. How to Reach Out to Potential Sponsors

You now have an idea who and what company has money to spend on sponsored blog posts and it’s time to send them my highly converting email address and complete the process of stealing sponsored blog post opportunities from your competitors.

What are the tools needed to reach out to your potential sponsored?

  1. (Register a free account and install extension in your browser).
  2. List of Sponsor’s websites you want to reach out to.
  3. Internet Browser (I recommend Google Chrome). (Free Email Finder Tool)

snov is a free email finder browser extension tool you can use to capture email addresses from websites.

With, you are able to visit a website and get all the email address present on the site. It’s that easy!

How to Use to Email your Sponsor’s List

snov nairatips
  1. Download the Chrome Extension
  2. Register a free account on
  3. Add free email finder to your browser
  4. Open a website from your list of potential sponsors
  5. Click on the S icon on your browser’s toolbox bar to find email addresses present on the site you are viewing
  6. To see all the emails on a particular site, click on Complete Search.

2 Ways of Reaching Out to Potential Sponsors

There are two ways of reaching out to potential sponsors to pitch your blog or site and land the sponsored blog post-deal.

The first method is the easiest method and all it involves:

easy snov email outreach method

» Sending an email directly using This is the fastest way but you would exhaust your free credits in your free account quickly.

While the second method is what I use and recommend for you to use because it would save you some credits because it would be a shame if you used up all your free credits in your free account and you are left with two options either to pay for credits or wait for more than 15 days for your credits to be replenished.

The second way of using Snov to reach out to your potential sponsors.

easy snov email outreach second method

» Send an email using Gmail or Yahoo etc.: This method involves copying the email addresses from and pasting them in your email provider like Gmail, this uses fewer credits and won’t exhaust your free account credits as much.

BONUS: Free Sponsored Blog Posts Email Outreach Template for you

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Does this interest you?

Looking forward to your reply.


Finally, it’s time to Monetize your Blog or Website with Sponsored Blog Posts.

By this end of this article, you should have reached out to your first potential sponsor.

Jumpstarted Sponsored Posts on your blog and is ready to start negotiating sponsorship deals for your blog.