Spectranet 4G Unveils New Affordable Data Plans

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Spectranet 4G LTE has revised their data plans and unveiled their new affordable data plan which is meant to drive more customers to use the 4G LTE network. I am sure this is just the start of the new 4G data war between the 4G LTE and LTE A companies which is a fight for the largest share of the 4G users in Nigeria.

I personally have Smile, Spectranet, Swift & Ntel 4G Networks Routers & MiFi and i have found the fastest of them all with also the most affordable with wide coverage maps

Spectranet 4G

Spectranet New Affordable Data Plans

N10000 for 25GB + Free Unlimited Night Browsing

  • 15GB for N7000 & N5000 for N7GB – Both Plans have 24/7 hours access.

Visit www.spectranet.com.ng for more information and plans!


Email i Got from Spectranet 4G LTE Nigeria

Dear Valued Customer,

Connect more with friends and loved ones with our exciting
and affordable new data plans effective August 5, 2016.
For more information visit: www.spectranet.com.ng
Thank you for choosing the Broadband company of the year 2016
as your preferred internet provider.

Team Spectranet

This new revised affordable data plans came about after the July Promo Spectranet ran which gave customer 40GB for N1000 + Unlimited Night Browsing & Downloading.

Read more: Get 40GB + Free Unlimited Night Download on Spectranet Nigeria 4G LTE

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