7 Best Solar Powered Security Camera in 2023

Do you need a solar powered security camera for your home, business, or outdoor surveillance area? Then look no further- we’ve assembled the best models out there.

With cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, these robust systems are easy to install and genuinely reliable when providing extra protection and peace of mind.

From infrared night vision to motion detection sensors, find everything you need here to ensure complete coverage that never stops working.

What is a Solar Powered Security Camera?

A solar powered security camera is precisely what it sounds like- a high-tech surveillance option that runs on solar power.

Unlike traditional wired security cameras that require electrical outlets and wires, solar-powered cameras are wireless and can be installed without the hassle of running wires.

They come equipped with batteries that are charged with the sun’s power, ensuring that they operate even during power outages or in remote locations.

These cameras can capture high-quality footage, making them an ideal option for outdoor surveillance.

Not only are they convenient, but they are also an eco-friendly option for security surveillance. Some of them have weather resistance and are compatible with every device.

Best Choice

1. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Introducing the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – security at its brightest. Get the peace of mind you need with the advanced protection and performance of this superior home security system.

Monitor your home from any angle with a wider field of view, so you’ll never miss a thing. Zoom in to see sharp details and respond quickly to visitors with smarter alerts.


  • Works Smoothly with a Solar Panel
  • Useful Removable Battery
  • Excellent Color Night Vision


  • Solar Panels are sold separately
  • Floodlight uses too much energy

You can rely on its Wi-Fi connectivity and mount the solar security camera anywhere in your home.

It’s built tough for all kinds of weather, and no hub is required, so you know your family is safe and secure regardless of environmental conditions.

It is one of the best solar powered security cameras with separate solar panels.

The camera resolution is 2k, and you can record two-way audio or talk directly to the wireless security camera from anywhere.

The motion sensors work as expected, and if you pay, you can get access to Arlos cloud storage platform.

The solar panel extends its battery life, but they are sold separately, so even when the power goes out, it won’t be long until your lights return.

It is one of the best battery-powered security cameras, but having a solar panel can make it the best of both worlds.

Don’t take chances with other security systems; take control over your home like never before with the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – the premier choice in home security.

Overall, it is one of the best solar security cameras.

Best Value

2. Ring Stick Up Cam Solar

Introducing the Ring Stick Up Cam Solar – the perfect home security and energy efficiency combination.

With live view capabilities, you can quickly check in on your home from your phone, tablet, or Echo device.

Product Pros

  • Removable Battery
  • It comes with Solar Panel in the Box
  • Compatible with Ring Alarm

Product Cons

  • Requires Subscription to record Videos
  • No Local built-in storage

Stay one step ahead with customizable privacy zones that alert you to only the relevant information when needed.

Even if your power goes out, you don’t have to worry; our built-in solar panel will keep your camera powered without interruption.

Make sure you never miss a moment with our subscription plan. Record all videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos and photos with those who matter.

Get creative with mounting options – place it on a flat surface or mount it to a wall for optimal accessibility and coverage of your home.

Make controlling multiple cameras easy by connecting them altogether through the Ring app.

Keep your family safe day and night, rain or shine, with Ring Stick Up Cam Solar today.

Premium Option

3. Wyze Cam Outdoor

Are you looking for the ultimate in-home security? Look no further than Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Color Night Vision’s 130-degree field of view and optional motion-activated siren protect your home like never before.


  • Powerful Rechargeable batteries
  • Excellent Security Features
  • Affordable


  • Included Battery Cant be removed
  • Solar Panel Sold separately

Wires aren’t needed – it’s wholly wire-free and can be easily installed anywhere on your property.

The security footage can be saved and viewed on your phone using the Wyze app. It records videos in high definition, even with limited sun exposure.

You can decide to buy the Wyze solar panel for $27 extra. The battery power can last up to 6 months on a single charge.

Not only that but with a CamPlus subscription, you can enjoy added perks such as person and package detection to keep intruders away.

When movement is detected, you’ll get notified immediately so you won’t miss any critical moments.

It is one of the best outdoor security cameras you can buy, and it can work with any home security systems.

With Wyze Cam Outdoor, your home security is guaranteed – so why settle for anything less?

Get yours now to maximize protection for every corner of your home. And it also comes with the required base station.

Runner Up
solar powered security camera

4. REOLINK Solar WiFi Camera

With the REOLINK Solar WiFi Camera, you’ll know your home is safe even when no one is around.

Installing this camera requires no cords or cables and can be easily mounted anywhere.

And with a built-in rechargeable battery, you won’t have to climb up and down ladders to recharge it regularly – thanks to the Reolink Solar Panel.


  • Wire Free Connectivity & Easy to Install
  • Works well on both cloudy and rainy days.
  • High-Quality Video Recording


  • Solar Panels are Sold separately
  • SD card is sold separately

The real genius of this product is its ability to detect unusual movement.

With a 100° PIR detecting angle, sound alarm (which you can customize), and immediately send out push notifications and email alerts so you can act promptly if something should happen in your home while you are away.

This is something we rarely see on solar-powered cameras.

You will remain connected 24/7 with its 2.4 GHz WiFi connection. Furthermore, the CMOS sensor will provide a crystal clear view in full HD, even at night.

The video resolution is top-notch, even when mounted in areas that don’t have enough sun.

To add reassurance, videos are securely stored on an SD card so all your data remains safe.

This product also comes weatherproof, so all weather conditions, such as rain or shine, won’t affect its performance making it an ideal long-term solution for any home security needs.

It has features most solar security cameras don’t come with. As far as solar-powered security cameras are concerned, it is out there with the best.

Invest in the REOLINK Solar WiFi Camera today for total peace of mind and complete surveillance of your property.

Hidden Gem

5. eufyCam 3

Introducing eufyCam 3—the security solution that maintains itself without extra effort.

This revolutionary camera is self-sufficient, with a solar panel integrated into its design and requiring only 2 hours of sunlight each day to power it indefinitely.


  • Built-in Solar Panels work well
  • Records 4K videos
  • Robust Features


  • Expensive
  • Less Flexibility when aligning the panel with the sun
  • 16GB built-in storage space is small

It’s perfect for any outdoor area you need to monitor—without worry!

With eufyCam 3, you get crystal clear vision day and night. Enjoy the stunning clarity of 4K detail, ensuring any suspicious activity is monitored effectively.

You can even watch live footage at any time using the accompanying app on your phone or tablet.

On top of this ultra-clear vision, eufyCam 3 also has an advanced BionicMind feature, which uses facial recognition to differentiate between family members and strangers efficiently.

Thanks to the self-learning AI technology employed here, the more you use it, the better it gets.

Furthermore, eufyCam 3 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient voice control activation and has two-way audio so you can talk with anyone near your device.

You’re also able to set activity zones to avoid false alarms—so all you’ll be alerted about are genuinely essential matters.

Hidden Gem

6. ANRAN 2K Security Cam

Introducing the ANRAN 2K Security Camera – the perfect combination of state-of-the-art security technology and unbeatable convenience.

Get crystal clear images with its 2K crisp image and wide-angle 360° view, plus it comes with an intelligent siren alarm and SpotLight functions for advanced security measures.


  • Records Video in 2K
  • Comes with built-in Batteries
  • Solar Kit includes in the package


  • Lack of Cloud Storage support

The system also features powerful U.S.-based support for easy setup and troubleshooting and a cloud storage system so you can store all your videos safely and securely.

With this fantastic setup, you’ll never have to worry about home security again.

And to top it off – solar panels conveniently power the camera, so you’ll never have to worry about a fussy power setup or expensive bills.

With the ANRAN 2K Security Camera, you can rest easy knowing that your home is always secure – no matter where you are.

Hidden Gem

7. Dzees Solar Powered Security Camera

Do you want a security camera that keeps your home, office or property safe 24/7 while respecting the environment?

Look no further – the Dzees Solar Powered Security Camera is your perfect solution!


  • Good Night Vision
  • Excellent AI detection Feature
  • Records High-Quality Video


  • Buggy Software

Our 100% wireless and eco-friendly security system lets you monitor your premises day and night with advanced AI recognition and motion detection.

Enjoy authentic HD live video with 1080p resolution and color night vision via its app.

The PIR motion detection technology will instantly alert you when an intrusion occurs. The smart siren will even allow you to respond in real-time should somebody enter your space.

Keep your home or business safe with this solar-powered security system from Dzees.

How long do solar-powered security cameras last?

Solar-powered security cameras are designed to offer long-term, reliable surveillance without batteries or a power source.

With the proper setup and maintenance, these systems can last up to 10 years or more.

This is due to the innovative solar panel technology that allows them to self-regulate their energy needs and store them in a built-in battery.

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the solar panel, can extend its life and ensure that it continues to work properly for an extended period of time.


Solar-powered security cameras are an excellent choice for anyone looking to secure their home or business.

Thanks to powerful solar panels and batteries, these systems can last up to 10 years or more with proper maintenance.

Additionally, many of them come equipped with features such as facial recognition, two-way audio, and AI detection capabilities – making them an excellent choice for any security need.

No matter your needs, you will find the perfect solar-powered security camera.