Siteground vs Bluehost Speed – Which is the Fastest Hosting?

One thing that is certain is that both siteground and Bluehost are big names in the hosting industry, Bluehost seems to be popular when it comes to introducing beginners to the entire web hosting department while siteground is mostly associated with businesses. When it comes to popular opinion, siteground seems to have the upper hand when it comes to a lot of features but on another hand, the two hosting companies are said to be pretty similar.

Siteground vs Bluehost speed? Siteground slowest speed is 872ms while Bluehost slowest speed is 1.1s. It is pretty apparent that siteground is faster than Bluehost. Siteground is generally known to be more focused on speed than its competitor. The two hosting companies have been tested to be 99.99 per cent reliable when it comes to uptime but siteground has proven to be faster when it comes to the traffic of websites and even the page loading of websites. Siteground is faster than Bluehost and it has one of the best speed response time, siteground’s largest contentful paint (LCP) time is 872ms, this means that siteground loads the major parts of your website in that time and it takes about 1.1 seconds for the loading circle to stop spinning.


The similarities start from the fact that they are both WordPress recommended hosting companies, they both also have friendly user interfaces. The disparities on the other hand begin from their differences in performance, pricing of plans and even customer support.

The LCP plays a huge role in determining the speed, it shows the users and even Google how fast the website is. The LCP between siteground and Bluehost practically shows that siteground is faster than Bluehost and this makes siteground a winner in the performance segment of the features of any hosting company.

This doesn’t necessarily dampen the quality of speed Bluehost has to offer, Bluehost is considered one of the fastest hosting companies as well, it’s just not as fast as siteground is, making the competition between the two hosting companies solid.

Siteground is known to have one of the best performance of any hosting company, the fast speed is one of the reasons why it is so popular in the hosting industry. Their server locations around the world help in the great speed they have for their users and their websites. Without the speed, traffic in websites would be unbearable and the number of visitors on each site would also be limited.

The uptime of siteground is set at 99.99 per cent, making them very reliable on the speed scale, with an uptime like that, visitors on the website wouldn’t be out through any slow network or page loading, the uptime is also responsible for keeping the site working at all times. With siteground, you don’t have to worry about the speed of the site and you also don’t have to worry about your site visitors leaving your website because of its failure to load after a couple of seconds.

Why Siteground Has Great Speed

Siteground is one of the best hosting companies and it is also one of the fastest hosting companies, they attest their speed to the continual upgrade of their software and hardware, all of which have panned out well for their website speed. One main reason why siteground’s speed is more or less intact is that their server is no easy overloaded. Here are a few reasons why siteground maintains its speed :

Their servers run on the latest PHP version that has a built in opcode cache, clients could also switch between the different versions if they want to.

Siteground uses Nginx as a reverse proxy server and nginx helps in caching static resources  and that means an even speedier delivery for siteground.

Another reason why siteground is fast is because they make use of the fastest SSD drives on their shared hosting and cloud hosting platform.

They also have a super cacher and with the name, a great meaning is implied.  Their super cacher technology is there to cache advanced pages and even clear out results from database queries. The super cacher technology is also loaded with performance optimization tools for WordPress. Siteground also prioritizes speed when it comes to WordPress.

Benefits of siteground’s speed on your website

The main benefits of a fast server such as siteground are that you get the free ground to do whatever you want with your website,  with a fast hosting company such as siteground, your business or even your blog is in the safest hands.

Siteground’s speed is extremely beneficial to your website because as a result of the speed, you will have a website that loads faster than most, and the visitors get to see the messages on your site and that is one of the greatest advantages.


One huge advantage of having siteground and the speed it provides Ianthe ability to keep your website visitors happy if your website is the link between you and your business clients, surely the fact that you’re able to communicate swiftly and carry out your business with the speed you desire will lead to you making money off your site. Fast hosting servers provide you with the speed you need to keep your website running and the number of visitors you could even have.

If you want fast web hosting services, you would have to avoid any hosting company that makes your share with other websites or accounts, siteground has found a unique way to solve the problem of shared hosting, so you don’t have to worry about the slow speed that is usually as a result of an overcrowded server. With siteground, you get the speed you deserve and also security is ensured as a result of the speed.

With the speed you get from siteground, you have the added ability to put in as much content, video and even audio on your site without your website becoming slow. With a fast hosting company like siteground, you don’t have to worry about things like that and you can never go wrong with all the features siteground provides.