22 Reasons Why SiteGround is the Best WordPress Hosting in 2022

Siteground best WordPress hosting is tested and used by millions of WordPress website owners because it has a proven track record of fast and affordable web hosting with good support and 99.9% server uptime.

Having tried different hosting services, SiteGround is the one we liked the most.


Because, SiteGround offers optimized hosting plans for WordPress (and not only), improved servers that allow you to have excellent performance, security at the highest levels, all covered by an incredible support service that is always present, and responds in a short time

Also, if you need to transfer an existing WordPress website, support service will do it for you in a few hours, and even for free if you have subscribed to one of the GrowBig or GoGeek plans.

Let’s move on.

What makes SiteGround Best WordPress Hosting in 2020?

SiteGround was founded in 2004 by a couple of university classmates in Sofia, Bulgaria. SiteGround was born as a university project, and thanks to its success today, it hosts more than 1,800,000 domain names worldwide.

SiteGround offers several hosting services, including shared servers, distributor hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and Enterprise hosting and domain name registration.

One of the features of SiteGround is that it specializes in facilitating the installation and management of websites with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and e-commerce websites. I’ll explain how it works later.

On the other hand, SiteGround focuses on offering one of the fastest loading times. Due to this, it has become one of the most recognized companies in the world, so much that on many occasions, it has been recommended by WordPress itself.

Finally, it offers completely free SSL certificates, and if you are not satisfied with their services they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

These are some of the features of SiteGround, and if you give me a few minutes of your time we will explore them all in detail.

siteground is the best wordpress hosting

22 Reasons Why SiteGround is the Best WordPress Hosting

Now, let’s see the details about SiteGround and my opinions about why it is currently one of the best WordPress hosting companies.

1. Recommended by WordPress

With more than 30% of websites in the world that use the WordPress content management system, we can say that this is the most complete and accessible platform to create a website.

WordPress is easy to use and also offers Plugins that allow you to add extra features to a website such as contact forms, social media sharing buttons, shopping carts, and much more.

WordPress only recommends a few hosting services, and among these is SiteGround.

Not only does it because it comes with the ability to install WordPress with a single click but also because it offers tools that help the website to load in record time.

2. Server Speed

In my opinion, when choosing an excellent WordPress hosting service one of the main features that it should have is servers and a loading time fast enough to satisfy users and search engines.

One of the positioning factors used by search engines, such as Google, is that a website loads fast enough. This means if your site takes too much time to load, it is most likely not to appear in the top positions of Google.

Similarly, it is proven that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, users despair and leave it to find other options that meet their needs.

As you can see, the fact that your website loads quickly impacts the experience of your users and also it’s positioning in search engines.

To improve the response time of its servers, SiteGround has implemented solid drive disks (SSD) and Linux technology, which allows higher speeds. Around 20x more elevated than the competition.

3. Security

Another aspect to consider before getting a web hosting service is the security they offer to your website and its users.

SiteGround has also put much focus on this, so they offer several extras security features to ensure that your website doesn’t face any security problems.

The first step that SiteGround takes is to make sure that all WordPress websites hosted on its servers are updated continuously to prevent them from being attacked by hackers.

If a website does not use the latest version of WordPress, it is vulnerable to attacks by hackers who try to infect the database with malware. Because of this SiteGround handles, all WordPress updates to reduce the chances of being affected by malicious codes.

Similarly, SiteGround is continually scanning the website on its servers to make sure they are not infected. If necessary, they immediately contact the owners of these websites to take preventive and cleaning actions.

Finally, SiteGround uses firewalls to prevent attacks. And not only this, if other websites that share the same server as yours are infected, SiteGround will ensure that you isolate yours so that it is not affected or corrupted.

4. Excellent technical support

Once the SiteGround host services are contracted, we have a team of experts within our reach, which we can access 24 hours a day.

If you do not have much experience managing a hosting service, there is nothing to worry about.

If you have any questions or problems about how to use SiteGround, you can contact them by email, phone, or chat, and I can assure you that one of their representatives will be happy to help.

SiteGround Features:

  • Automatic updates for the core WordPress software.
  • Free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt, helps make your site more secure with HTTPS protocol.
  • The built-in caching system makes your site load faster.
  • Hosting unlimited sites in most plans (only one site in the cheapest) Start-up plan, however).
  • 10-30 GB of website storage, depending on your plan.
  • Easy integration of Cloudflare CDN for faster global page load times.
  • Modern technologies, including HTTP / 2 and PHP 7.2 (which is recommended by WordPress.org).

5. 7 Security levels against hacker attacks

As we mentioned, SiteGround hosting offers all the advantages of a managed WordPress plan and still an advanced plan. Among them is a high level of security which makes SiteGround Best WordPress Hosting.

6. Automatic updates, but without losing control of your site.

When a new version of WordPress or one of the plugins you have installed is released, SiteGround will automatically update for you.

However, you will be notified 24 hours in advance. If you prefer, you can update it manually. If you need more time (for example, to backup copies) you can deactivate the automatic update.

Sometimes, managed WordPress plans do not allow the installation of some plugins, as they may present security breaches. SiteGround works differently (and this is another important point that confirms our opinion about SiteGround).

It regularly monitors the security status of the most used WordPress plugins. If a problem is identified, the technical team implements additional server-level protection to keep the sites safe at all times.

When you use a shared hosting plan, your blog shares the server with other websites. Sometimes, this is a security issue. In fact, if one of the sites is at risk, all accounts on the same server could also be.

To avoid this problem, SiteGround isolates your clients’ accounts, even if they have signed a shared hosting plan. In this way, the security level of your website is at its highest level.

Knowing all this will surely make you sleep more calm, which will allow you to easily create the site you want, and grow your business online, according to your wishes.

7. Excellent performance at all levels

The performance of SiteGround is amazing! Using this hosting provider you can make your site faster:

Request the hosting of your account in the data center closest to your users (SiteGround has data centers in the United States, Europe, and Asia).

8. Activating the SuperCacher cache system.

SuperCacher is a dynamic caching service created exclusively for SiteGround customers. Through the installation of the SG CachePress plugin, it allows you to increase the number of simultaneous visits that your site can support and speed up page loading.

9. cPanel to manage your webspace

 This is an aspect ignored by many webmasters, especially newbie’s.

By subscribing to a hosting plan with any provider, you will have access to a control panel from which you can manage your web space, email, registered domains, applications, MySQL databases, etc.

Especially for those who are not experts in server management, it is essential that the control panel be as complete and intuitive as possible. In short, clear and immediate in its use.

cPanel is the best control panel to manage everything related to your website. So far, we have not found any proprietary management system that was at the same level.

Available with all plans, the cPanel allows you to manage comfortably, easily and flexibly all aspects of the site or sites (if you have more than one), and related domains.

10. Satisfied Service or refunded, within 30 days

What convinced us most of opting for SiteGround was the fact that each plan provides a refund option within 30 days.

If for any reason you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so immediately, without giving explanations.

So why not try the service, since there is also this additional guarantee?

11. Move your existing site (or more than one) to SiteGround

Very often, we recommend SiteGround to those who already have a website started (if you use WordPress or not, it’s the same) and want to change the hosting service because they are not satisfied. In fact, the SiteGround technicians will transfer the site for you, FREE, in a few hours.

That is not a small detail. Changing the hosting service is an important step and it is essential that it can be done without losing data and in the shortest possible time.

Having experienced technicians in this type of transfer will ensure a simple and stress-free migration.

Next, they will also show you how to use the domain you already have, either through your transfer or through the change of Name Servers (DNS). Nothing complicated.

To access most of its functions, you will use the standard cPanel control panel, which looks like this:

12. SiteGround facilitates the creation of a new WordPress site

Beyond the functionality you saw above, SiteGround makes it very easy to create a new WordPress site.

Instead of offering a generic auto-installer to help you install WordPress, SiteGround will offer you an easy-to-use wizard tool which makes the process much easier for beginners.

SiteGround configuration process

With SiteGround you will get a tool that will help you:

  • Install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Weebly. You can even have SiteGround install WooCommerce for you if you want to create an eCommerce store with WordPress.
  • Transfer an existing website.

SiteGround has also recently launched its own SiteGround Migrator plugin that facilitates the migration of unlimited WordPress sites to SiteGround even to non-technical users. In higher-level plans, SiteGround will also professionally migrate a website for you.

When to choose SiteGround Best WordPress Hosting

On the other hand, SiteGround excels when it comes to performance and support.

SiteGround offered better performance than any other hosting company in our page load tests, which is important because page load times have a great effect on the experiences of its visitors.

SiteGround also had much higher support scores based on our WordPress hosting survey, suggesting that you will get better SiteGround support.

In general, if you want the best performance and the best support, SiteGround is the clear winner.

All free SiteGround services included in the hosting plans

SiteGround offers many services included in your hosting plans. These are absolutely essential tools that represent the quality of service and customer service, not always offered by other hosting providers.

Most hosting companies only create extremely basic plans and then offer services that are essential for a price.

As a result, the cost of the basic plan can be quite cheap, but then you will be forced to add additional features that you cannot do without. And soon you find yourself spending much more than you expected.

These are free services offered by SiteGround that you often do not find in other hosting plans.

Free SiteGround Services: What is included in the hosting plans?

From the domain, through the transfer of the site, to the excellent support service, that’s what SiteGround is all about.

13. Free domain

SiteGround offers free domain for one year to those who subscribe to one of their hosting plans, for the most popular extensions: .it, .com, .net, .eu, .org, .biz, .info. Specific national extensions (.ch, .co.uk, .fr etc.) are excluded from the offer, while other general extensions (.club, .clothes, .bike etc.) have a discount of up to 35%.

14. Unlimited email accounts

Many hosts provide a very limited number of email accounts with their own domain name, some only 10, others even 3. And others provide professional email only for a fee. The free SiteGround service, on the other hand, offers an unlimited number of email accounts.

15. One-click WordPress installation

Thanks to the software cPanel and Softaculous, with SiteGround it is possible to install WordPress and all the main CMS with a single click. Forget about complicated installations that require endless steps: enter your site data, password, and in a few moments your WordPress site will be ready to be customized. This is also a free service.

16. WP-CLI

SiteGround offers free services for even the most experienced clients, so it is included in its WP-CLI plans, the tool for managing advanced WordPress functions from the command line that allows you to configure settings not accessible from the Bulletin Board of WordPress

17. Site Builder

If you are not interested in using WordPress or other CMS, you can rely on the SiteGround site builder that allows you to create web pages without any technical knowledge, simply by using drag and drop. It can be useful to quickly create temporary pages while creating your own site with WordPress (or any other system).

18. Site Migration

If you buy a GrowBig or GoGeek plan, you can ask SiteGround technicians for a free service to transfer your site from the old to the new hosting. Migration is done quickly and completely safe.

If you want to transfer your WordPress site autonomously, you can use the SiteGround Migrator plugin, simple and free.

19. Speed ​​tools

The free SiteGround services to improve the speed of your site are SuperCacher, its cache system, Cloudflare CDN, which uses CDN to make your site fast anywhere in the world, and the PHP and HTTP2 versions always updated.

20. Security tools

Regarding security, SiteGround offers free SSL certificates and automatic updates for all CMSs and plugins. If you prefer to update manually, you can disable this option.

21. Backup

One of the free SiteGround services that other hosting providers do not provide, although essential, is the ability to create up to 30 automatic backups per day. With this option included in all plans, you can rest assured of keeping your site safe from day one.

22. 24/7 support

The excellent SiteGround support, which is included in all plans, consists of 24-hour support. There are several ways to contact support: ticket, phone or chat. And, above all, you have at your disposal a team of experienced WordPress technicians.


We have reached the end of SiteGround Best WordPress Hosting. There are many hosting providers. For all the reasons mentioned above, my opinion on SiteGround is that it is by far the best WordPress posting available in the market.

Have you ever tried this hosting provider?

What is your opinion about SiteGround?

We will be delighted if you want to share your experience with us, and if you have any questions we will be happy to answer you quickly.

SiteGround offers more functionality than the average WordPress host, including lots of value-added features to make your life easier.