9 Best Samsung 970 NVMe SSD Enclosure to Buy Right Now

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This is the ultimate list of the best 9 Samsung 970 NVMe SSD enclosure to buy right now.

Are you looking for the best NVMe enclosure to clone your Samsung 970 SSD? Are you also looking for the best NVMe enclosure to create your pocket drive?

What’s the best NVMe SSD enclosure for Samsung 970 SSD? It’s the QNINE NVMe Enclosure because it fully supports USB Type C which facilitates fast transfer rates.

The best NVMe enclosure helps you to create a portable, durable, super-fast, and thermal efficient pocket drive at a relatively low cost.

To help you make the best of choices, I have reviewed the best 9 SSD enclosures that are perfect for your Samsung 970 SSD below:

9 Best Samsung 970 NVMe Enclosure

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1. QNINE NVMe Enclosure – The Best Samsung 970 Nvme SSD enclosure

QNINE NVMe Enclosure - The Best Samsung 970 Nvme SSD enclosure

This aluminum Samsung NVMe enclosure comes with a DIY kit for assembling a portable SSD with NVMe SSD or retrieving data, which made the installation of my Samsung 970 SSD relatively easy.

That’s not all; this NVMe enclosure’s bridge chip is JMS583 USB 3.1 Gen-2 to PCIe 3.1 x2, and PCIe 3.1×2 link, which translates the SSD’s NVMe storage protocol into standard USB Mass Storage protocol or USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP).

Moreover, it allows for a portable SSD with much higher performance than the majority of portable SSDs that use SATA SSDs internally, while also offering much broader compatibilities.

I decided to run a benchmark test and guess what I found out? This Samsung 970NVMe enclosurehasa super-fast speed of over 900Mbps read/write speed.

However, due to the experience I had with several Samsung 970NVMe enclosures that I used in the past, I decided to observe how long this speed would last – to my surprise, the speed did not drop below 900Mbps, and this is because of its superior thermal management technology.

The enclosure contains a unique shell-groove design, which increases the cooling surface area. It also has two side vent holes, which are designed to enhance the cooling effect. As if that’s not enough, the enclosure chassis is also made from aluminum and contains thermal pads, which promotes heat dissipation and keeps the adapter in an effective working condition.

This heat-dissipation function makes SSDs function at their full potential of its high performance without throttling speed.

2. WAVLINK – Budget Samsung 970 SSD Enclosure

TDBT M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure - Budget Samsung 970 SSD Enclosure

The design of this NVMe enclosure is second to none of the enclosures I have used. And that’s because it is equipped with enhanced heat dissipation materials, including a thermal cooling pad, double side Copper strip on PCB for effective heat conduction, and an aluminum heat sink with fins, which cools down the internal NVMe SSD rapidly.

After transferring about 500 GB of stored JPEGs off my desktop, my drive’s temperature was at 37oC (98.6oF), which is about 16oC warmer than room temperature. That’s not bad at all.

I ran a crystal test, and the result was a super-fast speed of about 1000Mbps read/write speed. Thanks to the thermal management design, the speed didn’t throttle even when I transferred 500 Gb file size, though this speed varied when I tried it on a friend’s laptop. So, I think your PC’s performance may affect speed.

The chassis has a solid aluminum build for protecting your drive. It looks like you could run it over with a car.

The device is relatively cheap compared to its fantastic features. Overall, it’s a good and reliable product.

3. SSK Aluminum M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure

SSK Aluminum M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure

What called my attention to this product is its sleek design. It’s so handy and portable. From my experience with SSD enclosures, the durability of Samsung 970 NVMe enclosures is dependent on its thermal management design.

This design outperforms a lot of enclosures that I have used. Apart from its Aluminum build, it is also equipped with thermal pads and several large copper strips for excellent heat dissipation.

Besides, the enclosure is relatively easy to install due to its plug-and-play and hot-swapping features.

Also, there’s no way I’m going to recommend an enclosure without conducting a speed test. The Samsung 970 NVMe enclosure supports a super speed of over 800Mbps. However, I was disappointed when the speed throttled to about 500Mbps read/write speed. This shows that the thermal design is not so efficient. Nevertheless, considering its cost, this product is worth it.

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4. Yehua M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure

Yehua M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure

This is the first Samsung 970 NVMe enclosure I know that supports Android devices, and that is why I considered the product in the first place. With this feature, I can easily back up my android device data and free up space.

It is portable, pocket-sized, and has a lightweight, which makes it easy to carry about. Are you also looking for an enclosure to create a fantastic USB-C pocket drive with your Samsung 970 NVMe SSD? This is the right enclosure you’re looking for.

It works best with USB 3.1 type C at a super speed of over 800Mbps. However, the enclosure is not as easy to assemble as was advertised, and I wish the manufacturers can work on that, though.

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5. Alxum Aluminum M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure for Samsung 970 SSD

Alxum Aluminum M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure for Samsung 970 SSD

Looking for an ultra-slim enclosure for your Samsung 970 NVMe? Alxum SSD is what you need. When I saw this enclosure at a friend’s place, I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on it, mainly because of its ultra-slim aluminium chassis, which does not just give it a good look, but also protects your hard drive from fall and overheating.

It is relatively easy to install with about 800 MB/s read/write speed.

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