What is Tubebuddy for YouTube?

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The world of entertainment keeps expanding and various platforms are available to enjoy videos, music and books. YouTube, a subsidiary of Google is arguably the best platform for video content, now you can even rent and buy movies on this platform.

What is Tubebuddy for YouTube? Tubebuddy is a browser extension that aids the content creation process of a YouTuber from start to finish. It is also a mobile app, though, with limited features, it still gives you the option of making feature changes during a commute or whenever you do not want to use your laptop, or you do not have access to your PC.

As the world evolves, people keep looking for ways to earn and there are so many paths, attention is money literally. This has been proven by successful platforms like Netflix and HBO, but before these platforms came along there was and still is YouTube. A very successful platform and there really is no evidence that it will lose relevance anytime soon.

YouTube offers both an opportunity to be entertained and make money entertaining others. Content creators on this platform are a lot as it seems like everyone is a YouTuber, the competition is really something. To successfully create content, you need all the help you can get, that where Tubebuddy comes in.

A browser extension that uses search optimisation tools to make your channel better. It is available for Opera, Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Once installed, it is linked to your YouTube account and it basically becomes your “Sensei”, guiding you on your path to becoming a great YouTuber. There are a number of search optimisation tools that make Tubebuddy great for YouTube. These tools are numerous as they are over 50 of them but we will look at a few.

Let us start with an essential feature, it can automatically translate your video into multiple languages. Making your videos available in other languages can help increase your overall viewership. Language can be a barrier, limiting your audience translating to a restriction on the amount of money you can earn.

While this feature is impressive, it might not always be accurate but it really does increase the chances of your video reaching a wider audience. This means that your video is recommended in other countries and can be suggested as related to videos in other languages.

Looking for video ideas or tag ideas is made easier as it suggests video tags to give you a sense of what is trending in your community, these suggestions are immediate as they pop up while typing. You can explore keywords, enabling your channel to trend with the latest topics. Leverage the channel of bigger content creators, because when you apply this feature, it searches for keywords pertinent to your videos and makes suggestions.

Another important thing is to make sure your features, connections, and tags are correctly implemented, making your content visible in search results, removing broken links, and so on, which would help make your channel more effective.

This feature can be used as a checklist to upload the best video possible. Also, as a creator, you want your videos to rank in as many searches as possible. The search engine optimization feature on Tubebuddy will enhance the number of searches your video appears in.

As a content creator, your videos might be loved by both a general audience and fellow YouTubers. YouTubers might make reference to your videos in their content, this tool will alert you.

Progress is fun and sharing this with others makes it more fun, you can give fellow YouTubers and subscribers access to your channel’s metrics. Creating videos requires a lot of work, work you do not want to go down the drain so you want to back up your data, Tubebuddy has got you covered.

Monetising your YouTube is not totally dependent on Google ad sense, there are brands that understand your influence or reach and will want to reach out to leverage your audience coverage to advertise their goods or services. As a creator, this is exciting news as it speaks to your growth as a YouTuber but how much will you charge? There is a valuation feature that will help you with this issue.

The comment section is an amazing way to interaction with subscribers and also get a sense of what they want, with Tubebuddy, these comments will be represented in a cloud drawing with the most common comment being the most obvious, reducing the time you would have spent going through the comment section.

A few comments here, a ton of like there, these are goo but you cannot measure the success of your channel by just things, this tool does a detailed analysis of your channel to show how well your channel is doing.

Asides its numerous features, it uses other platforms to assist your content creator goals, you can ask for help virtually though their website, a part of the website is dedicated to display common question and answers, serving as a knowledge base. You can also be coached by other affiliate programs. Tubebuddy is also certified, also, the team worked at YouTube before launching this tool, this explains the accuracy of the help the tool provides.

For payment options, it has a free trail option, which is good for beginners to grasp the foundational knowledge of the tool but to really maximise it, a premium option is the right choice.

Starting at $7.20 is the pro plan which will be offered to you at less than $5 if you have less than a thousand subscribers. The Pro upgrade is $15.20 called the Star Plan, this gives you access to SEO tools and the most Premium plan is the Legend plan that goes for $39.20.

With Tubebuddy, you can take your content creation to a whole new level, making your process and delivery as close to perfect as possible. Tubebuddy is arguably the best “YouTube assistant” or “buddy” out there, it enhances productivity, increase earnings and constantly provides opportunities to improve your channel.

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