What Does Tubebuddy Do?

Browser extensions like the name imply, increase the options available on a particular browser and most times a particular site. Sometimes called plugin, they are tools that improve your browsing experience, from grabbing files online to preventing pages from redirecting, it seems like there is an extension for anything.

What does Tubebuddy do? Tubebuddy is a browser plugin that is designed for YouTube to make content creation and channel management easy. It aids with planning, creating, posting and feedback collecting. It is a tool that is available on browsers; Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera. It is not just restricted to a web platform as it is available on the mobile platform with various limitations.

The popularity of video creation cannot be overemphasized, a lot of people want to be viral just for fun and another group sees it as a means to earn a living and sometimes become millionaires. A lot of people really crave entertainment, the YouTube platform is a key player in the online entertainment industry, so it is no shock that content creators run to that platform.

Having a YouTube account or channel is really simple, with your Gmail, you are good to go. Upload a video is equally easy, the challenge is when you want to monetise your channel, it is not as easy, you have to be strategic. Tubebuddy helps with your strategic moves that will accumulate over time and result in a great channel.

Let us start with the basics, you can search for keywords that when used will allow your channel to gain traction. Adding videos to your current upload or previous one is really not an issue, you might want to reference an old video to increase its views, you can embed said video.

There are so many ways to interact with your subscribers, you can like a comment, give a shoutout to them in a video or respond to their comment. Liking a comment is common, giving a shoutout is rare and tasking. Responding to comments can be quite tasking too.

Tubebuddy helps reduce this stress by providing you the option to type responses to particular comments ahead of time, this increases interaction with your subscribers which is likely to increase your channel in the long run. Curate a playlist to capture the attention of your subscribers and increase the views of your new and old videos. For instance, the series style of videos is becoming extremely popular.

Content creators release a couple of similar videos then curate them into a playlist (series). With Tubebuddy, you can ensure that certain videos are in a playlist automatically.

You can reduce the total spent on editing videos, making adjustments to your channel and improve your productivity with bulk features. Using card in your videos in your videos helps with promoting the videos, usually when you think a card has outlived its usefulness, you have to go each video and delete one after the other. If it has increased viewership, you might want to copy it across your videos.

Also, the end screen on your videos is important as if it is attractive, it might prompt the viewer to watch your other videos. You might want to copy this end screen for all your videos or delete it from every video. These changes can be done in large numbers which is definitely preferable to make changes one at a time

Marketing your channel across various social media platform aids the growth of your channel. Tubebuddy helps with the management of your various social media platform. “Link in description”, a popular phrase by YouTubers refers to links attached to the video.

Sometimes, these links get broken or if it’s a sponsored video, the contract might have expired so the link will need to be removed. With Tubebuddy, you can search for multiple links and make necessary updates.

Making money on the YouTube comes with so many regulations, as a creator, you might feel like you have adhered to every single one but this is not always the case. YouTube regularly deduct earning if there are aspects of your video that are offensive, violate copyright laws and so on. Tubebuddy helps prevents this by auditing your channel and pointing out areas that are liable to cost you earnings, this is applicable to old and new videos.

Becoming a global brand is easy with the plugin, your videos can be translated, tagged and suggested in other languages. Sticking to just one maybe two languages is not a sufficient method to increase your earning, the world is a global market and services should be provided with this in mind and YouTube is no exception.

Reduce errors that drive your audience away; broken or unsecured links, wrong tags and so on. What are the best practices that can boost the visibility of your channel? We don’t have the answer neither do you. Tubebuddy will scan through your video before you upload it, it creates a checklist and suggests you go through each of them before you publish a video.

Get in-depth insights about what people are using with the feature that makes suggestions instantly. In other words, as you type, you will be automatically presented with suggestions that are most relevant in that community. The Keyword Explorer tool’s mission is to build awareness of what is trending and trends in your videos.

This feature takes into account what keywords you use in your videos, and suggest relevant terms. Using this feature frequently increases your channel’s visibility that gives you the attention you need to grow your channel. In addition, it shows certain words have low competition and a high amount of traffic. In fact, there are some that are used by so few people but that catch the attention of a lot of viewers.

SEO Studio will increase the number of searches that your video or content appears in, as a creator, you want your videos to be more visible in as many search results as possible. With the Search Explorer, it will be easier to rank your videos higher on the search results for a wide range of topics. It is not sufficient to appear in several searches, your rank in search results is important.

Tubebuddy is an overall great tool for YouTube and getting a subscription plan will be of tremendous help in growing your channel.