Is Siteground Better Than Bluehost?

Siteground and Bluehost are both web hosting providers that do a good job of powering sites, blogs, and so on.  They both do a tremendous job, so much so that they go head to head in the minds of a lot of people who want to start up their own websites. 

Is Siteground Better Than Bluehost? Siteground is known to be better than Bluehost in a lot of ways and although Bluehost offers free domain names for a year and siteground might not, it doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to ranks. Siteground is one of the best hosting companies and it shows in their keen interest to make sure their clients and users have the best experience when it comes to their sites and how well it functions.


As much as we’d like to think they’re ranked the same way, in some cases, one seems to be doing a lot better than the other, but that doesn’t reduce the value of the hosting company that seems to be lacking in a few areas, it just means that in the Webhosting field, there’s a silently tough competition and every hosting company out there is doing their best to stay on top.

There are a lot of features to look out for when putting two highly reputable hosting companies side by side. There are some features that one hosting company might have that the other doesn’t have, and the winner all boils down to the company with the most features over the other.

Siteground has a lot of features that are outstanding and Bluehost is known to have a lot as well, they are both equally great in the hosting industry and they both rank pretty high when it comes to the choices of people who want their websites hosted. That being said, there’s still a yardstick on which people could use to predetermine which hosting company better suits their needs.

While Bluehost is one of the best, it is still known to have a few technical issues, issues that might stem from the fact that it handles too many websites and that might lead to future crashing and while that problem might get easily fixed, the chances of it reoccurring because of the number of websites it hosts is still high.

The debate between siteground and Bluehost could easily be put to an end by the people who have used the two hosting companies at one point or the other. A lot of customer reviews point to the fact that users have a lot of complaints about Bluehost while siteground users on the other hand, only have good things to say.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no complaints about siteground whatsoever, it just means that the ratio of Bluehost’s users complain is significantly higher than any of siteground’s.

Siteground versus Bluehost

A few features would be used to determine which hosting company is better than the other. The decision would be made solely on what one hosting company has to offer over the other and it doesn’t necessarily mean the one that comes out on top is the only option you have and it doesn’t mean the other is a complete waste either.

Customer Service

This is a very important determinant because how companies take care of the needs of their customers show their commitment to providing the best services for them. With this feature, siteground is a clear winner because not only does it have 24/7 customer care, it also sticks to it diligently.

The same can’t be said about Bluehost on the other hand, their customer service has been termed as unreliable and that doesn’t really bode well for the company itself.


As much as siteground offers the most outstanding features, there is one major issue that people might find a bit troublesome. Their prices hike up really high after the first few monthly payments and discounts. Bluehost has this round because it has an affordable price that most people would find more comforting and less scary.

That doesn’t really mean anything to faithful siteground users who are used to the prices their web hosting company has to offer, but if you’re starting up a website and affordability is a huge factor for you, you might find yourself leaning towards Bluehost instead of siteground.


This is a very essential part of any Webhosting company, how well would they protect your website from any illegal or strange hacking. Siteground is known to have one of the best security in the web hosting industry, their security is top-notch and they do their best to protect their servers in different countries as well, and that In turn protects the websites of their users.

With siteground, you’ll get free daily backups on all plans but with Bluehost, the backup is known to have a limit and Bluehost has advised its users to create their own backup.

Other Features To Look Out For

There are a lot of features that will help you determine which webhosting company is better than the other, but siteground is a clear winner in this debate.

While that might be the case for a lot of people, it might not be the same for others. It is a matter of preference and the best features and while siteground takes the win because of its top-notch security, its great customer reviews and excellent customer service team, there are still a lot of other features you could watch out for.

Features which are in no way limited to :

  • Speed and uptime
  • Services offered to beginners
  • WordPress verification
  • Affordability
  • Ethical business practices.

Those are just a few features to look out for, when it comes to WordPress verification, both hosting companies are WordPress certified, they both have great speed but siteground has the upper hand and while we’d all like to think that the two hosting companies are affordable, siteground has higher pricing plans than Bluehost but that in no way means it’s not the best, if anything, it solidifies the fact that their advanced features come at a price.