25 Best MEGA Downloader Working in 2023 (Free and Paid)

The best Mega Downloader is known to be a free cloud-based application that allows users to import and share all the files they need, but when it comes to having limits, mega downloader might have a few, this is why services that allow you to carry out downloads that go beyond the free limit mega downloader has set, are so important.

What is a Mega Downloader?

A Mega Downloader is an invaluable tool or service that makes it easy to download high-quality files quickly. This ingenious piece of software offers lightning-fast megadownloader download speeds so you can get the latest video files or key documents in no time.

It’s incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of whether you’re a tech enthusiast or not. In just a few clicks you can download large files without breaking a sweat!

With the aid of the Mega Downloader, you can easily download files, simple, and secure. Get your hands on this invaluable tool and start experiencing more efficient downloads today!

What Are The Best Mega Downloaders?

The best mega downloaders include a long list of services that support the cloud hosting platform, these services are safe and they come highly recommended based on a lot of great reviews left by users who make use of them on a day-to-day basis, they include;

1. Deepbrid

Officially regarded as the best mega downloader

best mega downloader

Глубокий is a major name when it comes to downloading from huge names like mega, deepbrid will help you download your files, you could also make use of it to share your files, and all you need is the Deepbrid website and the copied link from hosting site.

Key features

  • The great thing about deepbrid is that you don’t have to be a registered member to make use of the most basic features; you get access to the speed and the effectiveness of this link generator without paying.
  • Asides from the fact that you get to use it for free, you are also allowed to download about five files with a maximum size of 1.2GB per file, and you still aren’t required to be a registered member to enjoy this perk.


This is a free mega downloader, but it also comes with premium plans that begin from 4.44 euro to 32.99 euro, the first and the last price in this premium plan are the aforementioned prices, there are other prices in between that you can choose from, it all depends on the number of days you want the subscription plan to last for.

2. AllDebrid

Best Mega downloader that comes with a free trial

alldebrid best mega downloader

Alldebrid prides itself on providing the kind of speed you will need for your mega downloads, all you need is the alldebrid website and you’re set to enjoy all the excellent features it has to offer, visit alldebrid and make use of the free trial they offer.

Key features

  • There are so many tools you will find when you make use of alldebrid, whether it is the file conversion tool, the add-on for browsers or so many other tools, you get access to all of them.
  • It supports more than 77 file hosts and a lot more streaming platforms; the speed at which you generate and download links is beyond average, it also provides you with unlimited downloading from the supported file host of your choice.


Alldebrid has a free trial if you want to test the generator service, you could also visit the alldebrid website if you want to pay for the premium features, and the cost of the premium feature is affordable enough depending on the plan of your choice.

3. Коколех

Cocoleech provides supreme quality

2021-12-26 22:50:52.450000

The one thing you can be certain of when it comes to cocoleech is the high quality you’re bound to get, you don’t need to register or even log in to make use of it, what’s more, is that it is a free link generator.

Key features

  • Cocoleech has an updated design and layout for their website; it encompasses a more professional look that will give users a more solid feel of the service they are making use of.
  • With the free use of cocoleech, you can download up to ten files without any kind of limit; you don’t even have register first.


Cocoleech is mainly a free service, you basically have features and services at your fingertips, you don’t need to register and you can already enjoy files without facing any limitations that could stop you.

4. GetMega10

Best way to download from mega

2021-12-26 23:01:46.053000

This is a great way to get your downloads from mega, it allows users to get a pretty direct link that they can use.

Key features

  • One of the best features is the great speed it has; you will get speed at its maximum capacity.
  • You can always decide to resume your downloads when it pauses off guard or even when you paused it.


Getmega could be used by anyone, you only need an internet connection and you’re set to perfectly sync it for your mega download

One of the best mega downloader

Uploaded premium link has a lot to offer users that will want to make use of the services, it has a lot of cool features and it is one of the best servers out there.

Key features


This is a free service, visit the uploaded premium page and enjoy the downloads you need to have.

6. Neodebrid

Get Great Storage once you sign up

2021-12-26 22:51:19.430000

Neodebrid allows you to surpass the download limits of your mega downloader, with it, you can get a whole list of features without breaking your bank completely, make use of premium features at the best rate.

Key features

  • You get features that vary; on one hand you can get unlimited traffic and unlimited speed when making use of it.
  • You also get great vpn to help you pass any hurdles or limits you may come across, add that to the customer support that is provided on a daily basis, and you has a very good mega downloader service on your hand.


Neodebrid comes with its own set of premium prices and plans, in order to know what the prices are, you will need to make use of their website, bear in mind that you can choose to be just a onetime user or a premium user.

Supports a Lot of file hosts

2021-12-26 23:02:04.777000

This is another great link generator for mega, it will help in downloading all the files with its 30GB per file host download, and this is a very impressive feature for a link generator to have, so it will be great for mega.

Key features

  • It has a link checker tool that will allow you make sure that your links are valid and probably safe.
  • It supports more than twenty premium file hosts, and to top it off, it is known to support more hosts than other similar services.


For details about the pricing or free plan, you could visit the HarBlaze website; there are a lot of options to go though on the website itself.

8. Leechall

2021-12-26 22:51:31.208000

The popularity leechall has in the tech market backs it up when it comes to being reliable, you can be sure to get the best out of your mega downloader if you make use of leechall, it has all the features you could possibly need.

Key features

  • First things first is that the interface is straightforward and super easy to use, you can download up to 10GB per link and that adds up to 30GB because you get to download three files in total, you can do this in the easiest way possible.
  • It also supports a ton of file hosting services such as mega downloader, and you get the best speed possible when downloading.


This is a free mega downloader service; you don’t have to pay any fixed pricing plans to enjoy the services they provide.

9. Debridleech

Skip download limits with debridleech

2021-12-26 23:02:22.350000

DebridLeech is exceptional and it is a great thing that it supports mega downloader, you will come across much needed features when using this service and on the plus side, you could use it for free.

Key features

  • It is one of the best services to make use of if you’re looking for ways to pass download limits you might come across with mega downloader.
  • It is very secure and in addition to that, the speed is basically limitless, you don’t have to face ads that will slow you down.


You can use this to download on your mega cloud hosting site for free, but then again, you could have even more premium features if you consider their premium subscription plans.

10. Reevown cloud

2021-12-26 22:51:54.522000

Reevown is noted to be one of the best thanks to all the amazing features it has and the fact that you could use this on a lot of hosting sites, it is also super reliable and you can expect a lot of new features thanks to the rebrand the site underwent.

Key features

  • It shows a lot of information when it comes to traffic, this way the user is aware of the amount of gigabyte the can make use of per premium host.
  • It has about 63TB worth of storage space and you can make use of their supported hosts which includes mega.


This premium features provided by reevown come at a complete free price, you don’t have to pay for the services and you can make use of it to defy limits that have been set by mega downloader.


Yet another great free mega downloader to make use of

2021-12-26 22:52:04.918000

Hyperdebrid is another great service to use for mega, it is extremely useful and it is both a free service and a paid service.

Key features

  • The great thing about this service is it’s easy to use interface, it isn’t complicated at all, and you can bank on the easiest downloads when it comes to your mega cloud hosting site.
  • If you want to download files from other hosting sites, you might be in luck to find a plethora of sites on their supported file host list; they support about 34 hosting sites.


It is completely free; you don’t even have to register before making use of the free services of the downloader.


Lowest Cost for mega

2021-12-26 22:52:13.624000

Dasan.co is great for mega because it isn’t the most expensive, some would even say it is super affordable and it doesn’t lower the quality you’re going to get while downloading and sharing your files.

Основные характеристики

  • With this mega downloader, you can be rest assured that you’re going to get an unlimited number of downloads.
  • You will also get the highest speed, when downloading your files or sharing them, the speed is considerably high, and that’s a great win-win situation.


There’s a 2.99 dollar plan, a $5.99 plan, it spikes up to other plans as well that make a lot of sense depending on the price you can pay, or you could just settle for the free plan.


One way to pass mega download limits

2021-12-26 23:02:37.165000

Once you install megabasterd, you can be sure that any limitations set by mega download will be bypassed quite easily.

Key features

  • There are quite a number of steps to go through when making use of this service, it is a little bit complicated but still easy to make use of.


It is quite an open service that could be used by people with access to just the internet, it isn’t like the other services that have been mentioned previously.


Perfect alternative choice for mega download

2021-12-26 23:02:45.598000

Fileleech is a perfect choice for when you want to download files from services like mega download, it is super easy to make use of and it is also quite functional.

Key features

  • Fileleech is known to get about 272 unique visitors per day or each day
  • With this service, you can definitely get to generate unlimited file links at great speed.


It is yet another service that could be made use of even when it is completely free.

Generate All

2021-12-26 23:02:56.649000

This is another mega downloader that is helpful and it is also quite reliable, you can rely on it to download your files in an easy manner.

Key features

  • It is completely easy to use because of the user friendly interface it has, it is easy to use and there is also a step by step guide for new users.


This is a service that you could make use of free of charge; there are no set price plans or subscription plans.

Real debrid

Provides unrestricted access

2021-12-26 23:03:08.991000

This is another useful link generator to make use of, especially when it comes to the mega download, it is helpful and it also has a lot of features.

Key features

  • It is quite economical in the sense that it is affordable, probably more affordable than other link generators.
  • It supports a very wide range of hosts and you don’t have to deal with any restrictions, it is also super fast.


You can get prices for this service from their website; you will come to find that it is very affordable for any user.

A time saver as far as Mega downloaders go

2021-12-26 23:03:23.007000

QFI is known to be one of the best when it comes to downloading files off the internet, it has a lot of great potential in the area and it also houses a lot of great features that will prove useful to users in the long run.

Основные характеристики

  • The upload speed of QFI makes sure that users don’t have to wait for a long time, especially when it is a file that has an outrageously big size.
  • You don’t need to worry about files becoming inactive because of constant interruption; it has features that gives users the pause and resume support.


You don’t have to worry about paying; you can make use of the box provided in the website, just paste the link and you’re good to go.

Usage of this mega downloader is pretty straightforward

2021-12-26 23:03:35.834000

The great thing about rapidgrab is there is no limit when it comes to the number of links you can generate.

Основные характеристики

  • You can only download about two gigabyte file size when you decide to use rapidgrab, that is a disadvantage, but you can still make use of it.
  • It supports 30 file hosts and you don’t even have to sign up before making use of it, it’s so easy to use that within a matter of seconds, your download will be carried out.


This service has a free and paid plan that you could choose from.

The bigspeed

2021-12-26 23:03:47.459000

This service was once known as bigspeed till it was acquired by link snappy, it is great for any download needs you’ll have, and it supports the like of Mega.

Основные характеристики

  • This mega downloader has a feature that includes provision for an online storage; this is a very useful feature that will come in handy for a lot of users.
  • It also has a very functional download system, so you don’t have to worry about running into any download mishaps.


The premium plan starts at $4.99 for a period of seven days and then there’s 30 day plan that goes for $12.99, it goes up to $29.99 for 90 days and then $54.99 for 180 days

Offer a lot of cool features for mega

2021-12-26 23:03:58.262000

Juba get offers features that are quite unique, the name alone implies how unique it could possibly be, it has so many features and it is also available to some of the top file hosting services.

Key features

  • It has two versions, a free version and a VIP version; both are quite practical and useful.
  • The free version offers just 500MB file size downloads while the VIP version offers unlimited file size download.


You could either use the free plan or you could go for the VIP plan which will inevitably cost you a certain fixed price, depending on the service you choose.

The LinksVIP

It costs practically nothing

2021-12-26 23:04:08.027000

This is one of the best mega downloader’s to make use of, it has all the necessary features you could possibly need.

Key features

  • It doesn’t require any sign up or any registration, all you need is to visit the website to begin your download.
  • It supports above 20 file hosts and the daily limit on each of these hosts will depend on the file host itself.


It practically doesn’t cost a thing, simply make use of the website without committing to anything, and not even a sign up.

Simple to use

2021-12-26 23:04:19.996000

Just like the name implies, it is simply simple, you can make use of it as easily as possible because of the super friendly interface.

Key features

  • It has more than seven language support and it supports more than twenty file hosts.
  • It is clearly very efficient and you don’t even have to register on the website to enjoy just how efficient it is.


You can make use of the mega downloader for free; you don’t have to think of any premium plans, except the features aren’t up to your standard.

Mega downloader with exceptional speed

2021-12-26 23:04:39.377000

Autogenerate is perfect if you want your mega download to be fast, it will exceed the limits of mega when it comes to the speed at which the download will be done; there is absolutely no download limit to worry about.

Key features

  • It has the pause and resume feature, this makes things easier when you encounter internet issues or mishaps.
  • You can download or generate links from almost anywhere when making use of the autogenerate.


You don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to signing up, and you still get to make use of the service, this makes it quite a free service.

Psiphon 3

Classic VPN choice for mega download

2021-12-26 23:04:58.171000

Based on a lot of information, this is a VPN that could be quite useful when it comes to mega downloader; it plays a part in getting the best service out of mega downloader.

Key features

  • It is a very secure service and it protects you from any outside interference.


It is a free service, there’s no need to make use of any plans or prices, and you can make use of it as easily as you want.

Jdownloader 2

Download tool for mega downloader

2021-12-26 23:05:11.797000

Jdownloader is a great tool to make use of if you want to download your files from the internet and file hosting services like mega.

Key features

  • You can start and pause your download whenever you want with jdownloader; it also makes your download super fast and easy.
  • It has bandwidth limitations that may not necessarily be favorable to some users but it is still functional.


It is a free tool, so you don’t have to pay to make use of the services that will be rendered.


All the tools and services mentioned are quite reliable, they are the best when it comes to mega download and bypassing the limits set by mega, you can download files to your pleasure when making use of the file download tools.