RPNet is One of the Best Multi Premium Link Generator in 2022

Anytime you think of premium link generators – RPNet should come to your mind first because they are just so good at what they do and what do they do?

RPNet is also known as Rapid Premium is a premium link generator that enables you to download VIP/Premium files from 43 different file-sharing hosters likes uploaded.net, rapidgator, nitroflare, fileal premium, prefiles, alfafile premium.

RPNet got you covered with a robust supports for 43 services as of right now.

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RPNet is also a web-based download manager that allows you download torrent files through magnet torrent links or upload the .torrent file and get super-fast leeching speed which converts it to a normal downloadable file for either your browser or download manager.

Let’s go a bit technical for a moment.

RPNet is a content aggregation platform that enables we the users to get our download links from different hosters and manage everything under one platform or account.

What this means is that when we create an account on Rapid Premium and pay for their service you instantaneously have access to all 43 different hosters you can now download with super fast speed from those VIP links, you don’t have to register on all those sites and buy individual premium users and manage multiple login details. All you need is RPNet.

Benefits of Using RPNet (RapidPremium)

I understand that we all want to know what a particular product or service can do for us before we even consider looking at it which I personally do myself and after going through all the pros and cons I can finally make my decision.

These are what RPNet (RapidPremium) would do for you;

1. Premium Link Generator

RapidPremium does the basic premium link generating function superbly. All the links I converted, I couldn’t even see the leeching process because it was so fast and the download link was generated immediately for me I was like “Wow, so I can download now right?”.

2. Premium Download Speed

One thing we all hate are those SLOW SPEED DOWNLOADS where you have to wait for 60 seconds before you even get a download link and after they reluctantly show you the download link, the download speed is usually so slow it takes hours to download a 50MB file which normally would never happen with RPNet.

Why? Because RapidPremium takes your VIP SLOW SPEED LINK and converts it to a premium file which gives you access to full premium speed with resume support.

3. All-in-One Dashboard

RapidPremium dashboard

Everything is managed for you in one dashboard. It’s an automated dashboard and all you have to do is paste your links in the download box and within a few seconds the link is leeched and you have your premium download link.

4. Extensive Control Panel

RPNet gives you access to all 43 different hosters all from one control panel which means you don’t need to go manually go and register a premium account in all 43 hosters, all you need is an RPNet Premium account and you are set!

5. Dedicated Premium VPN Access

rapidpremium vpn

RapidPremium is one of the few premium link generators that takes your privacy and security very seriously by giving you a dedicated premium VPN access which protects you from the content source, so nobody knows that you are actually downloading anything.

6. PRNet Proxy

This is also a very good benefit for users that have a network, ISP or region restriction placed on them for whatever reason. RPNet Proxy would give you access to those blocked sites and parts of the internet you weren’t allowed to see.

7. Other benefits are the responsive 24/7 help desk which allows you create tickets for complaints or any issues you might have, useful tools for your browsers and download manager which would make the whole premium link generator process smoother giving you access to automatic link generation and download.

How to Use RPNet Premium Link Generator

RapidPremium is easy to use, just follow these simple steps and you should be having a good time download premium files at premium speed using this awesome premium link generator service.

Step 1: Visit https://premium.rpnet.biz/

premium link generator

Step 2: Create an account (Free trial) with them or get a free premium voucher (GIVEAWAY)

GIVEAWAY COMPETITION: We are giving away 10 free 1-month premium access voucher codes.

To Qualify: Simply subscribe to our YouTube Channel and leave a comment saying “RPNet – The Best Premium Link Generator”.

Then come back here to leave a comment, so I can email you your prize.


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Step 3: Copy the link you want to download from the other website (VIP/Premium or torrent links)

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Step 4: Go to New Download in RapidPremium, Paste link in the download box and click on Start Download. You also paste multiple links on separate lines.

Step 5: Download Link is generated in seconds. Start your download!


RPNet (RapidPremium) is going to be my go-to premium link generator because, for exactly $8.99, I can get access to 43 different VIP hosters plus unlimited torrent or ps4 games downloads. It’s a good deal for me and I guess the only con is it’s not free but you can always enter the giveaway competition and get a free premium voucher code.