How to Get Real Free Instagram Followers & Likes (2021 Edition)

It’s been a total of 11 months since I started using followers chief and I have gained over 14,000 real Instagram followers (May 2018 – March 2019). My goal is to get above 20,000 real Instagram followers and I will be content. So far, In March 2019, I got 16,325 followers already.

This app works!

In less than 48 hours, I’ve gained over 200 real Instagram followers and a bunch of likes and I’ve got the stats and pictures to prove it. This is the most effective way to get real free Instagram followers and likes fast!

I started out around 2659 followers and after 48 hours, I got to 2883 real free Instagram followers (Check the screenshot below).

March 2019: 16,325 Instagram followers

nairatips instagram account

DECEMBER 2018 UPDATE: 13,900 real Instagram followers

followerchief 14k followers

JUNE 2018 UPDATE: About 25 days using this app and I’ve doubled my followers, I’m now around 5500 real followers. Remember, I started with 2550 followers on May 24th, 2018.

That’s 224 new free Instagram followers within 2 days. More than 100 real free Instagram followers and likes every day.

This is legit, it’s not a hack or anything that instantly gets you, followers, No!

These are real people following you because they like the way you interacted with them, like their pictures, leave nice comments on their pictures and you also follow them.

This is one of the best ways to get more Instagram followers and likes on your pictures but people will perceive that you are warm, friendly and would likely follow them back so they follow you because you already left a good first impression in their minds.

Using this method, your Instagram page engagement levels would increase significantly getting you more likes to your recent pictures and free real Instagram follower.

So, what did I do to get more than 200 real Instagram followers and likes within 48 hours without any hacks?

I used the most effective, secure and trusted Instagram automation tool service called Followers Chief.

followers chief

Introducing Followers Chief

Followers chief is the most trusted and effective Instagram automation tool service that gets you real free Instagram followers and likes for the first 7 days. It is available for Android users only for now.

This app is safe to use and it delivers instantaneous results.

How do you get Real Free Instagram Followers & Likes in 2018?

So, it’s time to learn exactly what I did, the steps and apps used to get 224 new free Instagram followers within 48 hours in 2018. This is a fresh guide and the app still works very well.

Step 1 – Download Followers Chief app

You can download the Followers chief app on Play Store

Free Instagram Followers and Likes

Step 2 – Install, Open App & Login to Instagram

After you download and launch the Followers chief app for the first time, you are required to log into your Instagram account (It’s safe). At first glance, you can see your status which shows how popular you are with your popularity score. Mine was 46% the first time I opened the app.

followers chief main interface

Step 3 – Unfollow Everyone Not Following You Back

This was the very first thing I did with this Instagram automation tool service was to unfollow everyone that didn’t follow me back that includes all the celebrities and comedy pages. Of course, I would follow back the comedy pages because comedy is life!

  • Unfollowers

Click on Unfollowers to get the total number of people/Instagram accounts not following you back.

You can also Mass Unfollow everyone not following you back. There’s a limit of being able to unfollow 200/people per request. If you have 1ooo unfollowers, you would need to do this 5 times before you can get rid of everyone not following you back.

Another cool thing you can do is to select where on your unfollower’s list you want to mass-unfollow. You can choose to start from the top, middle, bottom or run the process at a random pace.

The Mass Unfollow feature takes some minutes to complete your unfollow requests.

  • New Unfollowers

These people are the worst because they just unfollowed you recently and Followers Chief would give the list of people that just recently unfollowed you. These new unfollowers are sorted by the date they unfollowed you, starting from the most recent date (today).

  • Followers

These people are just the best, they are your true Instagram fans and friends because these are the people that you don’t follow back and they are cool with it because they really enjoy your pictures, personality and content.

  • White List

You can whitelist Instagram accounts that you don’t want to unfollow. This would save those accounts from falling victims to the mass unfollow button. I recommend you add your favourite celebrity, comedy and Instagram accounts to your whitelist.

Step 4 – Automatic Targeting

You would need to target your potential new Instagram followers. Give Followers Chief a pool of targets it can engage and convert to new followers and likes.

You can use places, cities, towns, locations, venues, interests, hobbies and hashtags #blogger, #food, #basketball to target new followers for your account.

instagram automatic targeting

How does it Find People/Potential Instagram Follower?

New potential Instagram followers are discovered and found based on the hashtags, locations, places, Instagram account followers you set. So, for example, You live in the United States, you can add the whole of the United States, popular places you like to visit, your interests, hobbies as #hashtags and Followers Chief would always find new people to engage with making millions of people a potential new Instagram follower for your account.

Step 5 – Instagram Automation

This is the unique core of Followers Chief. This feature of Instagram automation sets this app apart from the rest followers apps because this app gets you Instagram followers the right way!

How does it Work?

Followers Chief can automatically like, comment and follow other Instagram accounts without you doing anything.

This is the automation process at work here and it has a tremendous impact on your Instagram profile because as I said earlier, when you like, comment and follow a person on Instagram the probability of being followed back is about 70% which is a very good percentage for success (In some academic institutions, 70% is an A).

There are 6 Instagram automation features available to you for free. You can use each of these features free for 7 days, after 7 days you would be charged $1.99 per feature which is the best price for any Instagram tool that boosts your followers and likes the right way!

  • Auto Like

Followers Chief would automatically like the most recent pictures, videos of the hashtag, location, place in that location which means if you choose to target everyone that uses a hashtag or uses a location in their pictures.

  • Auto Follow

Followers Chief would automatically follow the Instagram accounts that show up with the automatic targeting you have already set.

  • Auto Comment

You can choose some preset comments or create your own customised comments which would be left in pictures and videos on Instagram. This auto comment feature greatly increases user engagement on your Instagram account which is a good thing because people tend to follow active and friendly users.

  • Auto Unfollow

Because we are going to be doing a lot of following and hoping for a follow back (70% success rate), we would have a lot of Instagram accounts who aren’t following us back so this features would enable the automatic unfollow of those accounts. You can do this manually by yourself to using the mass unfollow feature which is free to use.

  • Auto Like on Timeline

  • Auto Direct Message

Followers Chief would automatically send direct messages to all your new followers and you can choose or draft what message should be sent to new followers.

Other Features include;

  • Statistics

free instagram statistics

You can get the stats of your entire Instagram account which would tell you the following things;

  1. Most liked photos
  2. Most commented photos
  3. Likes per post
  4. The percentage of following vs followers
  5. The number of times you post per month
  6. Comment per month
  • Automation Speed

instagram automation speed

This is a good feature because it lets you choose the pace you want the automation process to operate on. You can select from 6 different automation speed.

  1. Very Slow for New Users (Safe)
  2. Slow for Start-ups (Safe)
  3. Normal (Safe)
  4. Fast for Aged users
  5. Very Fast for Longtime Followers Chief users.

As a new user, don’t use fast or very fast speed, you would get restricted by Instagram but your restriction is only temporary. Be warned, it happened to me.

  • Activity Tracker

You can easily track all your automated activities via the track tab. You can also sort those activities by time – 6 hours, 3 hours, 1 hour and so on. It’s a powerful feature that lets you know the amount of work been done.

Followers Chief: Free Instagram Followers Automation Tool Trick

Followers Chief is free to use for 7 days. When you activate an automated feature like auto-like or auto-comment, you will be asked to confirm your subscription of $1.99/month.

free instagram followers cancel subscriptions anytime

Please Note: You won’t be charged any amount until after 7 days, so you can use Followers Chief with all the automated function totally free for 7 days without paying a dime.

You can also cancel your subscription at any time within that 7 days so you won’t be charged.

free instagram followers subscriptions


All I have to say is that I have already started using this app and I will keep using it for as long as it works.

The best automation features are Auto Like, Auto Follow and Auto Comment. I’m still trying to figure out what Auto Timeline like does.