Are you a real estate agent searching for the best new AI tools? We understand that artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the real estate industry. With more prospective buyers turning to search engines and other online options, it’s never been more important to differentiate your business with the power of AI technology.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best AI tools in 2023 – free and paid – so you can find the perfect matchmaking tool for your real estate data needs.

What is a Real Estate AI Tool?

Real estate AI tools are cutting-edge tools for buyers and sellers in the real estate sector that can help with real estate transactions, development, and housing market trends and revolutionize how properties are sold.

By making the process more efficient, this tech has the potential to sell properties, allow an easy home-buying process, significantly reduce median error rates, and streamline various parts of the selling process—including mortgage lenders and property managers.

With its automated asset management capabilities, analytics to enhance decision-making power, and advanced filtering options to ensure sellers don’t miss out on valuable opportunities—AI tools have become an indispensable asset within the real estate sector.

The 10 Best Real Estate AI Tools


TRIRIGA is the next generation of real estate AI technology designed to help businesses, agents, and homeowners save time and money. Our system takes advantage of the latest AI technology to do the heavy lifting on complex questions like how to use your office space best or market a piece of property.

This makes it easier for organizations to make quick decisions based on facts instead of a hunch. With TRIRIGA, cutting costs by up to 40% due to underused workspaces has never been easier or more cost-efficient – resulting in thousands of dollars in savings for those who utilize our system. If you’re looking for one of the top real estate AI tools in 2023, choose TRIRIGA today!


  • Best real estate tool
  • Integrated with IBM
  • Multiple request available
  • Great website interface


  • Might be slow during report creation

2. Zillow

Zillow is your one-stop source for comprehensive real estate services. Our next-generation artificial intelligence-based tools, powered by big data and machine learning techniques, help novice and experienced buyers find their ideal property. We are dedicated to making finding the right home, business, or investment property easy and seamless.

Our cutting-edge AI tech allows us to process millions of real estate listings in minutes, giving you a glimpse into the future of real estate markets. Agents and buyers gain instant allowance for valuable location-based insights that highlight the comparative value of properties in any given area. We provide users with a detailed look at all potential options and empower them to make the best choice for their needs.

Stay ahead of the competition with Zillow’s powerful tools for quickly identifying ideal properties for buyers or investments for businesses. With Zillow, you get an immersive photo experience and unrivaled allowance to unbeatable listings that can’t be found anywhere else. Find it, tour it, own it – all with just a few clicks from Zillow!

Zillow Pros

  • Multiple listings
  • Good for new agents
  • Can promote listings
  • Provide client for agents

Zillow Cons

  • Valuation miscalculations

3. Compass

Introducing mechanical engineering ambition—the Compass has revolutionized the real estate game with its revolutionary AI tech. This groundbreaking product is designed for every homeowner, buyer, and agent who needs to navigate the shifting market effectively.

Our proprietary AI tech provides personalized recommendations tailored to each user’s personal property searches and interests while also integrated with a robust CRM system that tracks customer activity on other house search websites.

Plus, our built-in data management system records and stores essential information, making finding what you need faster. With this level of comprehensive analysis at your fingertips, you can be confident that reliable market insights back your business decisions. The Compass is the ultimate real estate AI tool in 2023, allowing everyone searching for their perfect property to get ahead of the game through its advanced capabilities and unparalleled precision.

Compass Pros

  • Good customer service
  • Well funded organization
  • Household brand
  • Lights up sale

Compass Cons

  • Not available everywhere


Are you looking to make the most of your real estate search? can help! This groundbreaking AI tech has revolutionized the search for properties by combining data and a human touch. Not only does this help buyers find their dream house more quickly, but intelligent agents can leverage it to increase value in any market situation.

So what sets apart? It stands out because of its commitment to helping buyers predict their future with confidence and structure. AI-driven insights allow you to identify significant locations, learn about potential issues, check other people’s experiences in an area, and understand the dynamics that drive a particular place or property.

In conclusion, investing in promises to deliver significant results if you’re looking for any of the best real estate AI tools come 2023 – and since it’s designed with affordability in mind, it makes getting all these innovative features surprisingly affordable too! Make sure you check out today, and let us get started on finding your perfect home soon! Pros

  • Great imagery
  • Easy to use
  • Great customer service
  • Good user interface Cons

  • Services are restricted

5. Trulia

We are introducing Trulia, the leading tool in advanced AI real estate options! With Trulia, you can take advantage of the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable property search resources. Our AI-driven tech helps you identify desirable properties quickly, effectively, and accurately thanks to its cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

We give you allowance to vast amounts of data on current market conditions, such as home financing, debt levels, and profiles of other properties in a given neighborhood, so that you can make fully informed decisions. Moreover, we utilize our powerful AI capabilities to memorize your search criteria and preferences. So the more you browse, the better it gets at recommending homes that meet your needs. Make house hunting a more straightforward process with Trulia; try it today!

Truila Pros

  • Good for agents and landlords
  • Unlimited photos
  • Good for beginners
  • Free Listing

Truila Cons

  • Multiple false listings

6. Apartmentocean

We are introducing Apartmentocean – the revolutionary AI-driven tech transforming the real estate sector! Apartmentocean provides unparalleled access to the property, real estate, and machine learning solutions, making it easier than ever to find your dream home.

Apartmentocean takes the hassle and stresses out of searching for a new home. We leverage cutting-edge AI tech to bring you quick and accurate results. You’ll have detailed information about various properties in no time. Plus, you can search from anywhere at any time – perfect for those who only sometimes stick to a 9-5 schedule!

Were you looking for any of the best real estate AI tools in 2023? Look no further than ApartmentOcean – your one-stop solution for all your home searching needs. Discover today what this invaluable chatbot has to offer you!

Apartmentocean Pros

  • Good properties
  • Luxury tools
  • Fast to communicate
  • More customers lead

Apartmentocean Cons

  • Not good for beginners

7. Buildcover

Are you looking for the best real estate AI tools in 2023? Look no further than Buildcover. This tool makes it easier to understand, explore, and capitalize on the property, real estate, machine learning, property values, artificial intelligence, and future market trends. With Buildcover’s AI real estate solutions and predictive analytics capabilities, you can make sound decisions about upcoming real estate transactions faster than ever.

Whether your goal is to buy or sell a property at market peak or take advantage of the latest market trends to build wealth and invest effectively over time – we have exactly what you need. Our specialized software gathers and analyzes vast amounts of data and lets you know what’s happening in the marketplace that could affect your decision-making process.

So start taking control of your real estate goals today with Buildcover – the most straightforward yet most powerful AI real estate solutions in 2023.

Buildcover Pros

  • Available in USA
  • Allows custom house designs
  • No subcontractors to deal with
  • Bespoke homes available

Buildcover Cons

  • Location restriction

8. Quantarium

With Quantarium, you can access a wealth of data to make informed decisions about your real estate business. Our AI-powered application allows you to confidently analyze potential risks and capitalize on opportunities in the property market. We use an advanced cloud infrastructure combined with sophisticated machine learning algorithms to provide our users with a powerful 360-view of their investments.

Whether you’re looking to start or manage an extensive portfolio of properties, Quantarium is the perfect choice for those seeking one of the best real estate AI tools in 2023. Leverage our state-of-the-art predictive analytics for actionable insights into potential buyers and the development of new revenue streams.

With Quantarium, you’ll be able to anticipate market trends, adjust your strategies accordingly and stay ahead of the competition – so join other savvy real estate investors now and experience what thousands already have: an ultimate performance that consistently delivers excellent returns.

Quantarium Pros

  • Highly intelligent interface
  • Integrated with Terra
  • Provide valuation services
  • Provide real estate news

Quantarium Cons

  • Client area is locked

9. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is the perfect AI tool for real estate agents in 2023. Utilizing data points related to property can paint a complete picture of what potential buyers are looking for and at what price point. Its advanced machine learning capabilities allow it to optimize output based on square footage and other vital data points, so you know exactly who’s interested in your properties.

With MobileMonkey’s precise targeting tools, it’s easy to reach potential buyers and stay ahead of changing property prices. Discovering the perfect home for each buyer is now easier than ever with MobileMonkey! Spend less time finding suitable homes for your clients and more time closing deals.

Thanks to MobileMonkey’s streamlined features, you can capture up to 7.5X more contacts from website visitors and even add them directly into automated outreach funnels—all you have to do is sit back and let tech take care of the hard work. So if you want the utmost success in real estate sales in 2023, look no further than MobileMonkey!

MobileMonkey Pros

  • Provide audit services
  • Strong integration with supporting products
  • Strong support team
  • Continual product enhancements

MobileMonkey Cons

  • Not fixated on real estate

10. Skyline AI

Skyline AI is the ultimate real estate investment tool. It combines powerful AI and machine learning algorithms with extensive market research to give you a comprehensive overview of property trends – past and future.

Skyline AI takes past deals made in your local area over the last 50 years, sourcing information from more than 100 resources, including sales data, rental prices, and home values – giving you unparalleled insight into the best areas for investment. By deploying advanced analytics, we can predict rental costs and expected return on investment more accurately than ever. Our sophisticated search criteria help you quickly locate suitable property deals without manually trawling through hundreds of offerings.

No other real estate tool offers this level of detail or accuracy – which is why Skyline AI is already being hailed as one of the top 2023 real estate AI tools. Revolutionize your real estate decisions today with Skyline AI – join the thousands of customers who trust our predictive insights to make informed investments.

Skyline AI Pros

  • Low fees for agents
  • Multiple listings
  • Great interface
  • Good managers

Skyline AI Cons

  • No lead for brokers

Will AI Replace Real Estate Agents?

In a property market frequently under scrutiny, more and more people are questioning whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) could eventually replace real estate agents. AI powered systems can provide users with precise property value estimates, enabling potential property buyers and sellers to identify the actual home prices they could expect to pay or receive.

Moreover, AI tech can also process vast data from mortgage lenders, which could assist property funding decisions at various stages of the property ownership cycle.

Such smart tech can quickly assess user behavior and check for any discrepancies that may not be readily spotted by property professionals seeking assistance during property transactions.

While some experts have sounded the alarm that advances in AI tech may offer a viable replacement for property agents, it remains to be seen if such will become a reality anytime soon – although it is certain AI will only become a more critical part of the property business.

New Technologies in the Real Estate Industry

The rise of new technologies in the real estate sector has made property investing and home buying much more accessible. AI-based platforms such as Zillow’s A allow homebuyers to browse property estimates through a comprehensive neural network that allows for accurate property pricing.

In addition, with access to new resources and technology, property investors can find hidden gems to give them their return on investment. New technologies have effectively found overlooked but profitable property investments within specific areas or preferred locations. This new integrated technology has dramatically improved the home purchasing process, and it is no wonder these trends are quickly increasing in popularity among property investors.

How can Artificial Intelligence be Used in Real Estate Companies?

The real estate industry can benefit significantly from the use of artificial intelligence. AI allows property owners and real estate companies to leverage data and create more value for their businesses. AI-powered applications can help property owners identify location-based leads and property buying trends, thus bettering marketing efforts and improving agent efficiency.

AI also helps with automated property valuation, data analysis, customer recommendations, and other valuable features for the real estate industry. AI-enabled tools help property owners make quick decisions based on predictive quantitative models and market insights, which creates a higher success rate in achieving their goals.

How Do Real Estate Professionals Use AI?

Real estate professionals have been using AI to access data that would otherwise be unavailable or too expensive to research. By using real-time information, agents can determine which location has more value, who is buying and selling real estate, and the best way to access leads. More importantly, real estate agents with AI access can assess the needs of their clients quickly and accurately.

Combined with accurate data analysis, realtors can help their clients get maximum value for their real estate investments. AI tech also allows agents to work smarter instead of harder by preloading property data to save time in exchanging information between buyers, sellers, and other realtors.

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence enables real estate professionals to visualize trends in local markets that were previously difficult to see. Indeed, real estate agents can do more than ever by leveraging AI tech’s power in the business world.


To summarize, the median error rate for real estate is 5%. This means that many paint-would-be buyers are leaving money on the table by not leveraging the right tools in their home search.

Zillow offers some AI platforms, such as its algorithm, which could help them. But if you want to gain even more insight and accuracy into your home search, you need to check out any of the 10 Best Real Estate AI tools in 2023 (Free & Paid).

These potent tools can give you more information than ever at a much lower cost.

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