21 Rapidgator Premium Link Generator Working Right Now in 2023

Uploading large files on the internet can be an issue for people sometimes and that is where rapidgator premium link generator comes into play. With rapidgator websites, you can upload heavy files and share them with other people that want to download them. 

What is the best rapidgator premium link generator? The best rapidgator premium link generator is Deepbrid because they support 80+ file-hosting sites for your free downloading.

It can also be a way of storing data online as a form of backup and using a rapidgator link is one of the safest ways you can save your data. Another added advantage is that once you upload your file on a rapidgator link you can have access to it anywhere in the world.

There are platforms that give you premium rapidgator accounts for free and we will explore them here today. With a free standard account, you will be limited when it comes to features but with a Premium link, you can do a lot more.

These Rapidgator websites are more like cloud storage but with premium features, it can be a lot more. You can also download or share these files with people anytime you want to.

With a rapidgator premium account, your upload speed and download speed will be faster. You also get an unlimited number of concurrent downloads with no limits. The download limit per file is 5GB while you can go out and download files worth 33GB per day. 

After deleting a file, it takes 60 days before it will be totally deleted from a premium rapidgator account. The importance of using a premium account for rapidgator accounts can’t be overemphasized.

If you are into downloading files on the internet then rapidgator provides you with a very smooth service. Most people use torrents sites but in my opinion internet download manager is always faster and more flexible. Because not everyone has the means to subscribe for premium rapidgator accounts that’s why we have link generators that are free. Let’s give you more details about the best premium rapidgator link generator.


What is Rapidgator?

Rapidgator is one of the biggest file hosting tools on the internet and it is used by a lot of people for business, personal use, or work. It is more of a cloud storage and can be shared online with ease. The platforms have helped a lot of people over the years in storing large files online

One of the major importance of Rapidgator is that files will last very long and even if you delete them it takes a certain number of days before the file is completely deleted from the internet. Download and uploads are usually very fast and you can use any type of internet downloader to download your files. 

You also get unlimited storage space where you can upload various files like documents, and media files as long as they are legitimate files. Some major issues faced using rapidgator include your in ability to protect your file with a password or encryption. Sometimes you might also have issues when it comes to downloading your files. 

These rapidgator sites are mostly supported by different file hosting servers this makes their services faster. On paper rapidgator looks like the real deal but it has some features that can be useless sometimes. None the less it is one of the best ways to go about downloading large files online.

What is Rapidgator Premium?

Rapidgator premium is much better than a lot of other file hosting services online. So, its best you unlock the premium features of your rapidgator so that you can fully enjoy the service they offer. There are four plans when it comes to rapidgator leecher premium accounts and they come with different amount of large bandwidth storage. 

It also provides you with maximum speeds and you get 50MB every two seconds. You can download files concurrently using a premium account and there is no download limit. Once you generate a link download starts immediately without any delays you even get to pause or continue your download on premium file hosting sites.

Files size to download at a point is 5GB and you get maxed out at 33GB daily. Using a premium account will disable captchas, adverts, and any other type of interruptions while trying to access your files. Using the premium link will surely give you an edge over a free account. To get this links you can either pay or decide to use the methods we are going to list below.

Why You Should Use RapidGator Premium Link Generator

If you are into downloading a lot of large files on the internet then a premium rapidgataor link generator is what you need. It will make your work flow much faster and easier most people usually download large files using torrent files and it doesn’t support all types of internet browser. Downloads using the internet manager is usually faster and you can also download more than one file at a time. 

Using a free Premium link generator your files will be much more secure and you will get very good download and upload speed. Most people don’t have the money to pay for the Premium rapidgator account but there are ways you can enjoy the premium features for free. Before changing the name to rapidgator it was called leech and as you can see some platforms still carry that leech name. 

Why you should use a premium account is because using the free version is slow most of the time. You get really good speed and additional awesome features by using a premium link. Using free links will make will make it look as if you are begging the hosting platforms especially the speed you will get. Its best if you take advantage of the platforms listed in this article.

5 Uses Of a Rapidgator Premium Link Generator

  1. One of the major benefits of a rapidgator premium link generator is that you get to download files at a maximum speed of 50MB per second. You get to download files concurrently without any limits and you can use any browser to download your files. 
  2. There are no delays or any hiccups each time you want to have access to your files. You can also pause and resume any time you are downloading a file. 
  3. You can download 5GB at a time and 33GB per day however this download limit differs across the various rapidgator platforms. 
  4. Files takes 60 days before they are completely deleted from the server which is very useful in case you decide to change your mind within the period of days. 
  5. Using a premium account will surely set you apart from others that use just the free version. Its best if you consider using a premium account today as it has so many uses.

21 Best Rapidgator Premium Link Generator

The websites listed below are some of the best right now and all of them are working. And incase you find any of the links broken be sure to notify us using the comments below. We won’t hesitate to find new working ones and replace them.


Deepbrid is a very popular platform used by people that share large files on the internet because of how fluid the platform is. You just paste your link in the tab and it generates your premium rapidgator links. 

To enjoy better services, you might signup but otherwise the site offers you premium features even when you generate links alone. The website has a minimal look and I love the color combination used.

Best Overall



There are no ads here and it makes it even better and we have a ton of hosting platforms supporting the site. Download speed here is quite okay and you will enjoy using the platform. This site has been in existence for a while and their services is top notch.



This is one of the best rapidgator premium link generator available right now the user interface is awesome no annoying pop up ads. You can generate links as a guest but to enjoy more you have to sign up. The platform offers one of the fastest speeds when it comes to downloads and they are supported by 35 file hosting platforms. 

You can generate more than one link at a time and their customer support is available all the time. Cocoleech also provides you with a VPN that works everywhere in the world but it can also show either Amsterdam or New York city. It works fine when you are using It on your PC, Laptop, or smartphone.




Just copy the link of the webpage you want to download and paste it to start using the platform. Cocoleech Is one of the most popular rapidgator leechers right now and it is being used by a lot of people. You really need to try this site especially if you are new into rapidgator links.



This website is originally in German but can be translated into English by visiting superloading.com in case you want to use it. The platform is superfast and easy to use. Download speed here is maximum and you just need to pate the link of the webpage you need to download then the magic happens. 

The platform I supported by a number of file hosting platforms. It is very simple to understand how the website work. you will get to download and share files with your friends and business partners quickly.

New Host



Register a free Superloading account and get free credit using the link below. Make sure you try to use this platform especially people that understand the German language.



This is a very different rapidgator leecher where you have to sign up before you will be able to download a generate a premium link. The site is well designed and it has a lot of features it I one of the best links generators available. 

The servers here have high capacity and they offer you good download speeds. When it comes to file hosting there are a lot of them supporting this site. They optimized the site in such a way that if you visit with a mobile phone or tablet you will have the best experience.




Downloads from this website are encrypted and your files will be protected. They offer free premium links a well as some paid services. The platform is very unique and it separates it self from other rapidgator leecher.



Super beautiful website with lovely color combinations and fonts originally it was an upload platform. Right now, they have some file hosting platforms that provides them with support. Uploads and downloads speeds on this site is really fast. They offer you up to 64TB of storage space and you can download up to 1GB of premium links uploaded. 

They have 84 mirrors on this website and you can utilize different mirrors for your uploads. Using the platform is free and to generate your link you click on the categories tab on the homepage. Then you choose the host you wish to use and generate your link. It is not as easy as the others on this list.




One of the most important reason why you should consider using this platform is the speed while downloading. This is one of the oldest platforms used for generating rapidgator links.



This platform offers one of the highest download speeds any rapidgator platform has to offer. If your internet connection is okay you can get up to 300MB per second which I great. To have access to this site you have to register first and it is absolutely free. 

They have over 80 premium file hosting platforms that support them and keep the download speeds high. There are no adverts on this platform and you also get unlimited number of downloads.




You can also use the platform with any internet download manager and you can pause or resume your download.



This is another amazing online tool that is used to generate rapidgator premium links. The platform has support from 52 file hosting server and the download speed is unlimited. Once you register on the platform you will get 2GB credit for free. 

There ss a search bar at the top left corner of the website where you can insert the URL of the webpage you wish to download. The site looks good and they also claim to have over 90,000 customers.


multishare rapidgator premium link generatoe


You will enjoy all the benefits of a premium account for free although you can pay a monthly subscription fee if you want the platform to work even better for you



This platform gives you free access to change your download links to premium links you can use any download manager to download from this site. They also have a VPN app that can be used from any location in the world. 

The download speed here is very fast and they have a super clean user interface. Navigation is easy. To enjoy the service, they offer better you need to sign up and you will get 1GB straight away. You can also decide to use the website as a guest but it won’t be as effective as becoming a member. 

Try Them



They have over 30 file hosts platforms that supports them and their customer support is always available no matter the time. Finally, no matter the amount of traffic sent to this platform download speed won’t be affected.



This platform is available for everyone regardless of your location and it is one of the best Premium link generators online. Using this platform, you can generate premium links for free the platform is free and no any charges. 

The website is clean and very easy to relate with once you open the site you will find where to paste your link first. There is no need for signing up which makes this more special.

Also Good



It is actually one of my favorite platforms in case I want to download large files or share them with people. They are also supported by a number of file hosting platforms.



This is another useful rapidgator links generator with this you can download up to 6GB files easily. The speed is fast and you can share them with people. The website is quite simple to use and generating links are easy. You just paste the link in the tab at the homepage of the website you can do it as a guest or if you sign up. The platform is also supported by a number of file hosting platforms.


uploaded premmiumlink


It supports multiple links and you can download from the site using you default browser. This platform will also provide you with a lot of information about your file.



This is a minimal website used to generate rapidgator links online. It is completely free and to get the link all you need to do is to paste the link in the box on the homepage of the website. It is very simple to use and it doesn’t even require you to sign up before you can start generating links. There are over 10 file hosting platforms that provide support for the website. 

Download speeds are really fast here although it can be a lot better. If you are looking for a platform that will give you links without much stress then you can consider using this website.




If you are looking for a platform that will give you links without much stress then you can consider using this website.



This platform shares a lot of similarity with premium leech their main goal is to provide you with high quality free premium download links. There is a section for some latest news on the platform and if you want to generate links you paste the link of the webpage on the tab on the homepage. It is user friendly and there are not quirky ads using it is easy and it also maintains high download speeds. 


hungryleech premium link generator


You can use it on any browser of your choice and multiple downloads are also allowed. Make sure you check out this platform it is one of the best.



To use dasan first you have to sign up or you use it one time to generate your premium links and leave. They are supported by a lot of file hosting services providers and the download speed is okay. The site is very easy to use and you won’t find a single advert on the website. 

You can also upload files on this platform easily. The site is quite unique and well-designed it separates itself from the regular looks of a free premium link generator website.




Make sure you check out this platform it will provide you with high quality links that can be accessed using any browser of your choice.



This is another free to use platform and it is also secure you will get the very good download speeds. The platform is fast and easy to load you can also get unlimited downloads on any browser. Generating rapidgator links is quite easy using this platform. 

All you need to do is paste the page link of the webpage and then you will get a link. The user interface is friendly and there are no ads on the website. It loads fast and there are three file hosting platforms that supports this platform. There is a section for news on the website as well.


leech ninja premium link generator


If you want link generators without much stress then this platform is available for you.



This platform is another easy to use free platform that can be used to generate free rapidgator links. You can have access to premium features using this too. This is a very interesting tool because it supports Chrome and Firefox extension

With that you don’t have to log into the website all the time you want to download. There is also an android app available that can be used to download files on your mobile phone. There support team is also available all the time the download speed of the site is reasonably okay. To better enjoy more features on the website you might have to sign up. They have a section for torrents on the website.




There services are unique and sometimes even when a host doesn’t allow you to download they have various methods of making it work. This is among the best in terms of rapidgator premium links.



World leech is a free rapidgator link generator but it has some limitations to it the links you generate gets deleted after 48hrs. they offer you premium links and downloads per day maxes out at 2GB and you can’t use the same IP address to download more than twice in a day. You can solve this problem with a VPN and have access to download a lot of files per day. 

The download speed you get on this platform is blazing and for that reason it might be worth considering. Navigating the website is easy and you won’t have any problems with adverts.




To get your link all you need to do Is to paste the link of the webpage you wish to change. They have support from over 20 file hosting platforms and this makes their services top notch



This is another awesome platform where you can get your gator links for free. The online tool has a very friendly interface and it can be used to download large file and also share among people. The download speed is fast enough and you can get to download up to 3GB files at a time. You can download 5 different files that are 3GB large per day which makes this platform useful for people who download very large files.


fileleech.net link generator


The platform also displays the file size you have downloaded per day making it easy for you to know your limits.



This platform is easy to use and it has a very clean user interface without any ads or distractions that will stop you from enjoying the site. The layout of the site makes it simplistic and all you need to do is to paste the link of the webpage you need to download on the tab at the homepage. 

After that your link will be generated free of charge only two host supports this site. Download limit at a time is 800MB which is small and a lot of people use other leech platforms ahead of this. Download speed is relatively fast and you will get up to 30MB per second.


10 download premium link generator


If you want to generate links for small files and download them quickly then its best if you use this platform



This is one of the oldest platforms where you can get premium rapidgator links what this website does better than others are the way it saves your downloaded files. The platform ha a lot of users that rely on the platform to share and download large files. The interface is good and there are no adverts here. 

It is safe to use and reliable it also gives you that unlimited download ability. The download speed here is really fast but sometimes some bug might make the platform perform a little bit slow. If the website is at its bet then only few websites listed above can match the download speed you will get here.




I highly recommend you check this platform and use their premium services that is available for free. Jut paste the link of the webpage you want to download from and it gets much easier after that.



Another amazing rapigator link generating tool with support from over 6 file hosting platform. The site is free to use and you don’t need to sign up. This platform offers better protection than most of the sites listed here because it asks for passcode before you can download sometimes. 

Using it is easy and I must say that this is the simplest website you can use to generate rapidgator links. The download speed here is fast and you can download 5GB worth of files at a time.


vzn leech


We have a user-friendly interface here and you won’t have any problem trying to know how the website works. Make sure you give this rapidgator link generating online tool.


21. GRAB8

You can either choose to register on this platform or just generate your premium link and download one time. There are a lot of amazing features on this platform and you can have access to premium features for free. the interface is a bit different from other rapidgator platforms because you will see some ads that you might not like. Don’t under estimate the platform you will get amazing download and upload speeds.




It is not a minimal platform but it gets the job done with ease.


In Conclusion

Rapidgator Is very popular among people that share large files on the internet and we have listed some of the best platforms for generating premium links. You can upload and download various types of files using these links. 

The best Rapidgator premium link generator is Deepbrid and they are free to use and you will enjoy all the benefits that paid account get. In case we didn’t add you a favorite online tool for generating premium link feel free to add them using the comment section below.