Put the Power of an Expired Domain Finder to Work For You

You may have heard the buzz about using an expired domain finder to shore up your search engine optimization (SEO) metrics.

These expired domain finders are powerful tools that give you access to great backlinks with high domain authority.

These programs also save you the considerable effort of scraping Google SEO algorithms for certain keywords that can improve your website ranking in searches.

About 200.000 abandoned or repossessed domains appear daily, and buying expired domains is a well-established practice.

Looking for the best expired domains to boost your SEO takes hours of grueling work that most people can’t afford. Why not find expired domains with a reliable expired domain finder that takes the work out of mining through mountains of data?

A Recap Of The Benefits of Expired Domains

The decision to buy expired domains remains a ‘best practice’ among those looking to turbocharge their backlink profile and counteract low metrics on platforms like Google AdSense.

You will find expired domains for a wide range of reasons, including many cases where the owner did not keep up with payments or missed their renewal date.

If they did not re-register their domain name in time, they might have lost it to an auction or public sale listing.

Brand-new domain names become available every day when owners forget about re-registration or want to trade it for other domain lists.

If you are already on the hunt to find an expired domain with PageRank, you might not be surprised to learn how valuable expired domains can be to your online visibility and SEO ranking.

If not, here is a reminder of what an expired powerful domain can do for you:

expired domain finder

Age Matters In Ranking Authority Links

Peering into the Wayback Machine archive reveals just how much SEO metrics now influence content creation and referring domains.

However, a search engine still recognizes the “domain age” as a positive parameter because age represents an element of trust.

Flow and optimization might improve the user experience on your site, but it will typically only rank higher if it is two years or older.

One point in favor of buying old domains is that they pass on this benefit to help you increase your own ranking faster. A powerful expired domain can add years to your website’s age on a search engine algorithm.

Coveted Backlinks Establish Authority

Establishing authority for your website depends heavily on the quality of your backlinks. Expired domains are an incredibly easy way to improve the reliability of your backlinks quickly.

It will you’re your domain some clout and simultaneously boost your SEO rankings.

Parlay Popularity – Pending

Delete a bad backlink profile, replace it with popular expired domain names, and watch smugly as the process redirects traffic to your website. When you buy domain names with a strong page following, you will automatically absorb some of those clicks.

It is an excellent strategy to target a specific audience within your demographic and take advantage of the organic growth that follows.

Flipping Domains Is Not All Fun And Games

Most people are looking for the best domains to improve their SEO, but others take advantage of the deleted domains to resell for profit. Flipping domains is not an easy business, but it can be very lucrative with the right expired domain finder.

The Best Expired Domain Finder Makes It Simple to Buy Expired Domains

Finding and buying expired domains is a labor-intensive process with a lot of data mining and risk. Expired domains are all about improving SEO, but the market is saturated, and SEO has become more complex.

There were about seventeen million websites in the year 2000; of the one billion websites today, only 200 million are fully active.

There is a lot of competition out there, and powerful expired domains can help even the playing field. However, you should be wary of equating a high auction price on an expired domain with value.

If you want to buy an expired domain that will bring the benefits of authority and optimization, it is wiser to use a reliable expired domain finder to reduce the risk of going into an auction blindly.

Instead of wasting money on expensive expired domains without backup information, an expired domain finder will let you join the bidding wars with confidence. The beauty of using a finder is that you can have relevant results in seconds for decisions based on real-time data.

The expired domain finder also consolidates the process and might even provide you with the opportunity to buy what you need before it goes to auction.

Pitfalls of Expired Domain Names

It is not always a win-win situation when it comes to purchasing expired domains—it is a balancing act.

Not all expired domains will generate the same results for you, and not every expired domain finder can find the details you need to make informed decisions.

The risks of buying domains past their expiry dates are numerous, including picking up:

  • Banned domains. Google will ban a domain for a host of reasons, and it never appears in another Google search (ever).
  • Bad backlinks or anchor text phrases. “Bad backlinks” are low-quality backlinks that are not only useless but may hurt your website’s reputation with the association.
  • Spam sites. Nothing good comes from a spam website, especially if you marry it to your business.

How to Choose the Right Expired Domain Finder

A trusted finder will be more effective in its job of trawling data for reliable tidbits of information that can shape your domain-purchasing decisions. Here are a few tips to consider when you are making your choice:

  • Ease of Use. The right finder will be easy to use. You want all the metrics there, but learning how to navigate the software or complex systems is not worth the time.
  • Resource Scarcity. When you choose a domain finder, you want to be sure that you do not dry up your resources—not all finders are a standalone suite.
  • The Right Metrics. A well-designed tool will use the right metrics (like Moz metrics) to determine which of the hundreds of thousands of domains match your site best.

Remember, the goal of a great expired domain finder is to save time and return accurate information.

It should give you a shortlist of trusted domains with high-quality backlinks, no bans, and positive influences on your SEO results.

SpamZilla Expired Domains is An Industry Leader

SpamZilla has a suite of services that many users are finding deliver exceptional results. SpamZilla does not sell domains—they mine domains. You can buy the domains from the lists via a SpamZilla auction or direct domain registration.

Many users have found success with SpamZilla because of the platform’s deep dive policy into the expired domains they put onto their domains list.

It starts by evaluating the domain to ensure it is still searchable and free of Google bans. The expired domain finder then determines the domain’s quality through a range of third-party best metrics resources, including Moz domain authority, SEMRush, Social Networks, Majestic, Domain Scope, Similar Web, and Ahrefs.

SpamZilla circumvents the need for you to pay separately for each of these services, including the Moz API keys. Using the finder and its linked tools saves you both time and money, and SpamZilla stays abreast of expiring domains to give you a “first shot” at soon-to-be-dropped domains.

They offer three capability types for searching – common, simple, and advanced. You choose how you want SpamZilla to find domains based on your criteria.

Each parameter delivers unique domain lists, and there is no limit to the number of files you can export daily (each file contains 1000 records).

Why Use An Expired Domain Crawler?

The right crawler can find niche sites and general sites concurrently, which saves you from searching registers manually. It significantly reduces the time you spend reviewing data and making buying decisions based on the expired domain finder results.

A web crawler does not find domains by looking specifically for expired domains. Instead of searching for an expired domain name, the domain crawler searches for broken backlinks (high-quality ones).

 It takes those links as an indicator to check whether the domain is available; it gives a far more effective way to match buyers with the right backlink profile.

If your goal is to build your domain’s authority using backlinks, the best approach is to find expired domain names with excellent backlinks and work your way toward the right purchase.

Who Should Be Using An Expired Domain Checker And Finder?

When you find powerful expired domains, it can be a game-changer for your site.

Fresh new domains may take time to pick up momentum where expired once-powerful domains can bring the link juice your page needs for rank improvement on search engine results.

Are you working with a specific niche, starting a new blog, or unveiling a new website?

If you want to rank higher right out of the gate, finding expired domains to purchase is an excellent first step. Search engines respond well to sites that have backlinks pointing to authority sites.

Anyone using an expired domain finder should consider these aspects of the process:

  • Quality Over Quantity. Choosing domains for a specific niche necessitates finding high-quality domains rather than average-performance domains. Low-quality backlinks will only hurt your progress and visibility online.
  • The Past Matters. The perfect domain may not be all it appears; the domain’s history matters. Finders like SpamZilla use those important metrics because it is not unusual for an owner to abandon a domain after Google blacklists it.
  • Page Authority (PA) or Domain Authority (DA). Both PA and DA use a scale of 1 to 100. PA ranks the page’s ranking potential, whereas DA ranks the whole website. The higher the rank, the more valuable the domain could be to your site.
  • Beware of bot traffic. High traffic figures are not always a reason to celebrate. Sometimes, all that traffic is coming from bots, and your metrics will need to figure it out.

Anyone who plans to monetize their website should consider the value that an expired domain finder can bring to the table. Purchasing expired domains is the quickest way to gain ranking for your websites.