PS4 Jailbreak / How to Play PlayStation 4 Games FREE

PS4 Jailbreak has been out since February and the developers or team that brought out this PS4 jailbreak have been at it for years but finally after 4 years of no PS4 hack, we finally got one that works and it allows you play downloaded pirated PlayStation 4 games for free without buying game discs or digital version of the game.

Let’s get straight to the point. What can you do with your hacked PS4? which are the benefits and what can you not do with your hacked PS4? These two questions are very important because we all need to understand the good and bad side of PS4 Jailbreak.

PlayStation 4 Games free

Only PS4 console running 4.05/4.55 firmware can be hacked. I would personally advise you get a PS4 console running 4.05 because the jailbreak runs smoothly on that firmware. I also know that most PS4 users like myself are on the latest firmware so how do we get back to firmware 4.05? You can’t downgrade your PS4.

You would have to get another PS4 running 4.05. You can buy from eBay or Amazon or your local electronic stories around you, please make sure it’s running on 4.05 firmware.

What can you do with a Hacked PS4 (BENEFITS)

  • Play pirated PlayStation 4 Games for free, all you have to do is download the games, send to your hacked PS4 HDD and play without any limit.
  • You can download and use custom PS4 themes now.
  • You can use Linux on PS4
  • You can play PS2 games to bring back the good memories.
  • You can turn your PS4 as an FTP server
  • You can now edit your Registry, debug settings and many more customizations are now available on the PS4.

PS4 Jailbreak (BEWARE)

  • I would advise you get a PS4 running 4.05 or 4.55 firmware because that’s the version the hack works for. Version 4.05 has been said to be more stable than 4.55.
  • After buying a pS4 running 4.05 firmware, you run the PS4 jailbreak
  • Disable internet on that PS4 forever after successfully jailbreaking the PS4.

How to run PS4 Jailbreak (EASY METHOD)

You are going to learn how to run the PS4 Jailbreak the easy and simple way. I must admit, the process seemed confusing at first but after sitting down, figuring it out and simplifying it I am here to present a guide that’s much easier to understand and implement.

Our task would be to load the exploit and feed it a payload (which is the unsigned code we want your PS4 to run) and it all begins with your PS4’s debug settings. So we need to enable “Debug settings” first on your PS4 console. But before we push the throttle, a little disclaimer wouldn’t hurt but it would put you in the right perspective of things.


Exploiting the kernel of your PS4 will open your PS4 up to fun stuff like playing free downloaded games, using custom themes and also potential risk and harm if you download payloads from untrusted sites. Always check the MD5 Checksum to confirm that the payload you downloaded hasn’t been altered in any way. You can check using this link.

Let’s continue.

There are two reasons this tutorial is known as the easy method.

  1. It’s simple and easy to understand and run
  2. We would be using the Al-Azif’s Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool

Remember our task from earlier? We said we wanted to run unsigned code on our PS4 which would give us access to our PS4’s debug settings and to do this, there are 2 steps to follow.

  1. Load the exploit through a webpage
  2. Send the payload to the exploited PS4

Benefits of using the Al-Azif’s Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool

Using the Al-Azif’s Easy PS4 exploit hosting tool, we are open to so many benefits which make ps4 jailbreak easy for everyone to do. The benefit includes;

  1. Wide compatibility range, this tool supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  2. Blocks unwanted Sony connections
  3. Hosting of exploit on a server
  4. Semi-automatic sending of payloads
  5. Serves as a proxy for your PS4
  6. Open source
  7. Written in python

PS4 Jailbreak Requirements

We have talked about the good and bad side of PS4 jailbreak, also went through the PS4 Jailbreak disclaimer, we also know the benefits of using the Al-Azif’s Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool and now it’s time we get to know what is required for a PS4 Jailbreak to be successful.

  1. Sony PlayStation 4 running 4.05 firmware
  2. Internet connection
  3. Python 3.65 – DOWNLOAD LINK
  4. The Al-Azif’s Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool – DOWNLOAD LINK
  5. SpecterDev’s Debug Settings Payload – DOWNLOAD LINK

debug settings

al azif easy tool

How to Jailbreak your PS4 running 4.05 firmware

Big part coming right up, this is the main part of this guide and this is where you will learn how to run the PS4 Jailbreak on your PS4 device.

Part 1: Load the exploit through a webpage

  • Install Python 3 on your computer.  If you are installing Python 3 on a windows computer, make sure you check “add python to path” during the installation process.

ps4 jailbreak python

  • Extract the Easy PS4 exploit hosting file to a folder, any folder of your choice would work.
  • Open the easy PS4 exploit hosting tool folder, locate “Payloads” and copy debug-settings.bin payload.
  • Double click on “” file to start running the tool.
  • The cmd command window would open asking you what exploit to run, select IDC.
  • You should see something like “Your DNS IP is” which shows that your tool is running fine.

ps4 jailbreak exploit host

  • Turn on your PS4 console.
  • Go to your internet settings i.e. head to Settings – Network – Setup Network.
  • Select Manual and set as primary DNS and Secondary DNS. Don’t change the IP address and subnet mask.

ps4 4.05 jailbreak exploit

  • Your PS4 and Computer should be connected to the same Local Network which means the same internet router.
  • Test your PS4’s internet connection. Obtain IP Address & Internet Connection should be successful which means your PS4 has found the proxy server running on your computer, while the rest of the check can fail, it doesn’t matter but more importantly, “PlayStation  Network Sign in” should fail.

ps4 jailbreak test internet

Part 2: Running the Exploit & Sending the Payload

Your PS4 is ready and properly configured to access the internet through your computer’s easy PS4 exploit tool.

  • In your PS4, head over to User Guides (Settings – User Guides). A webpage will open loading the exploit page and on your computer, the python script will show “sending exploit”.

ps4 4.05 exploit guide

  • It’s time to send the payloads from your computer to your PS4. This payload file is what we copied and downloaded at the beginning of this guide.
  • Choose which payload to send to your PS4.

hack ps4 jailbreak payload

  • Payload sent! To verify that it was successful, check your settings page, scroll down till you see “debug settings”. If you see debug settings it means you have succeeded in running the PS4 4.05 jailbreak.


13 thoughts on “PS4 Jailbreak / How to Play PlayStation 4 Games FREE”

  1. Hello
    why we should disable the internet connection ?!!! because i saw professional guys in youtube show how to jailbreak the PS4 and they connected thier consols to Internet as an important part of jailbreaking !! did you mean disable the updates ??
    please explain cuz i’m new in these stuff and i have a PS4 Pro running with FW below 4.55 and i want to jailbreak it
    Thanks and hope you reply

    • You need internet to jailbreak it but after jailbreaking, you don’t need internet for anything and to be totally safe , it’s important you disable internet connection on your PS4 totally after running the jailbreak successfully.

  2. That’s a lot of effort just to be able to play pirated games. You could just switch to a budget gaming PC or buy used games for your PS4.

    • This is minimal effort, buying a budget gaming pc would be counterproductive because in a few months you won’t be able to play the latest games at max settings which sucks.
      Buying used games on PS4 isn’t cheap and you still spending money.
      Nothing beats downloading free games and being able to play them without paying a dime.

      • And you can play the latest games at max settings with the PS4? Last I checked it was competing with the GTX 750 ti which is a budget card. That’s why I proposed a budget computer.

        True that, though. Used games still cost money. Just not nearly as much as new ones.

        Anyway, I was just making a proposal which seemed helpful from my point of view. If you’re comfortable with your PS4 then I won’t judge.

  3. waiting for payload dont show, what do i do? it show page with fw version and permit only update, but no load payloads, i dont understand

  4. hallo paularo i have ps4 Jailbreak 5.05
    i want to play spider man >>>red dead redemption 2
    what i need to do?
    i can update my ps4??????
    thank you

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