Make Your Instagram Account Private to Enjoy Benefits

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Instagram can help your business grow exponentially, as it can be an important part of your online marketing campaign. While there are other aspects of marketing, you can certainly use Instagram to be a more credible business. It certainly takes time to establish a presence and win new followers and likes, but you can try tricks to game the system.

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One interesting idea is to buy automatic Instagram likes through popular websites. Some good names can help you genuinely get likes. You need to ensure that you’re connecting with a credible company or else you will find yourself in trouble. Another interesting trick is to make your account private, as it helps you in some ways. Here is more about it.

Private Instagram Accounts

Some groups or individuals change the setting of their Instagram accounts from the public to private. For private Instagram accounts, you have to send the request for being allowed to follow. Additionally, you can`t share the memes or posts from these private accounts directly. If you share them in DM, they will be unavailable for viewing for non-followers.

Usually, the frequent Instagram users get pissed off with these private accounts for they have to request access for just viewing a single meme. At the beginning of this year, people even protest against the privatization of Instagram accounts on Twitter.

Reasons for Instagram Accounts Going Private

There are various reasons due to which people make their Instagram accounts private. Some of the reasons are:

1. Attracting More Followers

Private accounts often spark the curiosity among the Instagram users. People are interested in knowing what is special there in your account that it is private despite having a good number of followers.

This curiosity compels the Instagram users to request access to your account. They are eager to know the inside content and are bound to follow you. This is one of the most popular tactics of big Instagram accounts for increasing their number of followers.

Private Instagram accounts also attract friends of the followers. When your Instagram follower shares a meme from your account with a friend in DM, they are unable to view it. They have to follow you for viewing the content. In the case of a public account, these memes are easily available, and users often view and move on, but private accounts drive them to follow their profile.

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2. Retention Of Followers For Long-Term

Making your Instagram account private helps you in retaining your followers for a longer period. Instagram users often unfollow Instagram profiles which are posting quite often or when they find irrelevant content on these profiles for they always have the option of viewing their content without even following them and can opt for following back anytime.

While in private account they have to re-request you for following back and are unable to view the content while unfollowing your profile. Whenever users opt to stop following a private account, they are asked twice and are acknowledged that they will be no longer able to view the content. Often followers avoid pressing the unfollow button and prefer to stay.

3. Protection Of The Content

It is easier for your content to be copied away by other Instagram profiles when your account is public. Anybody can access your content, and it is impossible for the original poster to keep a track. Private Instagram accounts control the access of Instagram users to your content.

Only people added by you can view your stuff, and it is a bit easier to track if your content gets stolen by other profiles. Though private accounts are more secure as compared to the public ones still it is difficult to protect your content in large private accounts.

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The private account also facilitates you to block an Instagram user from accessing your content by any means. Public accounts also have the option of blocking users, but blocked users from the public account can use alternative ways to access the content.

4. Avoid Getting Reported

Some Instagram accounts prefer to be private for they are either breaching the Instagram terms of use or are posting offensive or unethical content. Reporting contents of private account are not easy while any Instagram user can easily and instantly report any abusive content on the public profile. Instagram is quite strict when it comes to banning profiles, and here the people get leverage by going private.

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1 thought on “Make Your Instagram Account Private to Enjoy Benefits”

  1. Private instagram accounts actually work. I used it to grow my music IG page to 1k+ followers in less than a month. I think it’s because humans are naturally curious beings.

    They get followed by an account, click through to see it’s private and curiousity gets the better of them. They’ve got to follow if they want to know what’s behind door number 10.

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