Personal Waiter No. 1 Online Food Delivery System in Abeokuta, Nigeria

Personal waiter is a startup company which is located in Abeokuta, Ogun  State,  Nigeria.  It is an online food delivery system  that  aims  to  connect  people  with  food  centers,  hawker  stalls  and restaurants  in  their  neighborhoods.

It is a concept of all-in-one food delivery service that coordinates for multiple restaurant  orders to be delivered to a singl  destination, either home, work or in schools. It gives fast,  affordable and convenient way of delivering food to customers who value their time and for  people who  ust want to have a quick meal.

Personal Waiter

Personal waiter will take all  he headache and hassle off consumers’ shoulders so they can  get all the food they love at a time. Personal waiter strives to make life easier for people by  delivering their food to them from their favorite restaurants where ever they are.

The Personal waiter website is By  logging  in  to  the  website,  customers  can  browse  menus,  and  enter special  information  when  needed.  Personal  waiter  remember  all  the  favorite  items  and  previous orders  every  time  the  customer  logs  on  and  can  even  save  the  billing  information.

The  website will not only provide  food delivery services but eventually create a database of  food vendors in Nigeria in one website which is not currently established.

We also provide food kits in order to enable customers who will prefer cooking their own meals with the right ingredients to do so at the comfort of their homes.

Vision Statement

Its vision is to become the largest online food delivery platform in Nigeria. Personal waiter aims not to be only a great food delivery platform, but also deliver efficient and superior services to customers.

Mission Statement

‘Personal Waiter’  – Think it, Tap it, Get it’ Its mission is to establish an online food deliver business that will connect restaurants, hawker stalls and food centers to a wide range of consumers within a  particular region at affordable prices.

The core values and philosophy of Personal waiter includes:

1)  Providing Customer satisfaction by offering high quality food delivery services.

2)  Building trust relationship with customers by promoting love and expertise.

3)  Personal waiter values a sense of urgency and emphasize an innovative,  entrepreneurial approach to business.

4)  We seeks continuous improvement in all that it does.

The purpose is to serve people of new era with a different and the most convenient style for online food ordering system by providing them with the most powerful dining experience at their doorstep.

The primary aim is to provide superb customer services. They target market includes the young, old, curious and open-minded people that will seek out a new experience and learn that nutritious food can be tasty,  fun,  convenient,  and inexpensive, and fast food lovers who want to get the most exclusive and the more innovative dining experience.

The unique service that Personal waiter offers is the online order and delivery of food from different food vendors to consumers.  The services includes:

1)  Takeout and delivery

2)  Personal Waiter food kit

3)  Digital marketing

4)  Restaurant promotions

5)  Unparalleled services

Personal Waiter Locations

Personal Waiter locations

Personal waiter is available at the following locations in Abeokuta.

  • Abeokuta(7 places)
  • Ogun State(7 places)
  • Ikeja(2 places)
  • Lagos State(2 places)
  • Obafemi Awolowo Way(2 places)
  • Panseke(2 places)
  • Abiola Way(1 places)
  • Gbokoniyi(1 places)
  • Oke Ilewo(1 places)
  • Olorunsogo(1 places)
  • Onikolobo(1 places)

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So what cuisines are available on Personal Waiter?

  1. Bakery
  2. Chicken
  3. Entrees
  4. Pizza
  5. Soups and Stews
  6. Swallows

Personal Waiter cuisine

Available Restaurants on Personal Waiter

What restaurants can I order from Personal Waiter?

Currently we have 3 restaurants:

  1. Halaga Food Canteen
  2. Big Treat
  3. Surulere Restaurant

Personal Waiter restaurantsPersonal Waiter launched on December 11, 2017 and they have a 10% discount.

personal waiter discount code

Order food and get 10% off from your first order using the code FOODY17.


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