4 Best Payoneer Exchangers in Nigeria (Best Rate in the Market)

Anyone who earns in foreign currencies will agree that it has never been this easy to exchange or convert funds into Nigerian naira. But now, even at the snap of your fingers, you can easily exchange any E-currency like the Payoneer once you have access to any of the legit and fast Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria.

Before now, it was always very risky. You can earn in foreign or E currencies with high hopes of converting it to Nigerian naira and meeting a huge wall of disappointment when you get jilted or worse get stressed out from the process.

That is why there has been a financial market loop for some of the Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria to thrive. Now, they are almost more than fifty currency exchange companies in Nigeria.

They are all exchangers, but they are not all legit, fast, and effective to say the least. Also, only a few of them offer E exchange opportunities for certain currencies in the new currency market. Most of them are only involved in the exchange of currencies that are intertwined with bitcoin.

Regardless of their major benefits, they all offer exchange rates and regular exchange processes for bitcoins like Ethereum, Dodge, etc. Hence, getting to choose the preferable Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria is always a tricky process.

That is why it is advised to check reviews, and carry out general webspace research of any company you wish to exchange your E currency with, or at least only resort to exchanging Payoneer currencies with companies that are referred by a trusted friend or blog like this. 

The major reason is that they would be some specific features and benefits that will be expressed directly or as points like in this blog.

Even with the many numbers of Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria, they are only a few of them that are fast and legitimate. But before listing them, certain features will help you determine if any Payoneer exchanger is legit.

Features possessed by all legitimate Payoneer exchangers?

For any business, legitimacy is the percentage possibility of its originality and its reaction towards fraud. Meanwhile, it is also a measure of the referral possibilities of the business, because it is only when a business has a hoard of real-time customers that can it sell itself.  

I know it’s hard to take in, but then that is the easy description of what any legitimate exchange company stands to gain for its originality.

Back to their features-There are many Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria, but only a few are legitimate and easy to work with any day and any time. 

In your quest and search for legit and fast Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria, you have to be able to critically check the company for one or more of these things.

  • A contact.
  • An office.
  • Online portfolio. 
  • Website pattern.
  • Exchange speed.
  • Testimonials.
  • Presence of other e-currencies
  • Trackable online review.

Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria

The Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria that will be mentioned are not only fast and legitimate but are also real-time websites that exist and can produce special one-time E currency exchange services to their customers. They might be other websites or companies but these few ones are very effective.


Online Naira.

Ijam Exchange.

1. Naira 4 Dollar:

The Naira4Dollar website is one of the most effective exchange websites in Nigeria. The website proposes an array of functions for the users that need exchange services. The website is one of the most successful Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria. 

Amongst all the Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria, the Naira4Dollar website is one of the few websites that offers both fast and legitimate exchange services. The company has a standard online review. It has been in use for many years and with a track record of valuable customers.

They have a very supportive customer care service, that will help make your exchange procedure very easy.

Lastly, the website is well augmented such that even on the home page, you get an easy look at the most important tabs which are the how-to tab, contact tab, and login tab.

Supported currencies

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • USDT
  • Monero
  • Litecoin
  • DASH


  • The website is available on the Apple Store, and Google plays store.
  • The company is legitimately registered on Google.
  • Their office is situated in Lagos Nigeria.  
  • They have great customer service.

3. Online Naira:

Exchanger overview

Unlike the general E currency websites and companies, the Online Naira website is a more sophisticated exchanger sphere. The website offers a little more than the regular Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria.

It offers more than just exchanging currencies. The Online Naira website is also known for its impressive outlook on betting opportunities and gaming for its users. If you decide to exchange your Payoneer funds on the website, you stand to gain a lot of benefits such as getting useful links and joining a huge forex trading population.

The best thing about the exchanger Online Naira website is that it is a very interactive website, and all your visits to the website will be very informative and very easy.

There are easy click tabs on the page that leads to payment processing, E currency exchange, online earnings, purchase transaction, betting, and lottery.  

Supported currencies

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Perfect Money
  • Advcash
  • Web Money


  • They have multiple security functional processes for all your information and data.
  • The website possesses a testimonial of more than 50,000 users.
  • It can be downloaded on the Google play store and Apple store.
  • The many provisions of payment gateways on the website make the process less than 5mins fast.

4. Ijam Exchange:

Exchanger overview

Most users and first-time visitors of the Ijam Exchange website are always sceptical about their decisions of wanting to exchange their currency. That is major because of the unprofessional view of the website. 

The website looks less perfect but is very functional. Although every company’s website shows the originality of the firm, the Ijam Exchanger is different. Their website is simple and very usable. They provide an easy exchange experience for their users by offering the Payoneer E currency for exchange consistently.

Unlike other websites that are one-way based, the Ijam exchange website also allows its users to earn reputable cash from using the website for exchange by joining the affiliate program and inviting other new users to the website. 

Lastly, the website is very strict and direct with its exchange values. All of the present exchange/ currency prices are deposited and displayed directly on the website. 

Supported currencies

·        Payoneer

  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money
  • Skrill
  • PayPal GnF
  • PayPal FnF
  • Ethereum
  • Neteller
  • Naira


  • The website is very simple and less complex to use.
  • There is an open referral and affiliate program for all website visitors to earn a little extra cash while exchanging currencies.
  • Their offices are situated in Lagos state, which makes it very easy for physical inquiries. 
  • They have a strong online review.
  • They have been in existence for more than 5 years.

Payoneer Exchangers in Nigeria-FAQS

Regardless of the type of Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria, you decide to exchange your currency with, there will always be questions that need to be answered. Either on the benefit or the effects of the features of the exchanger.

In line with this, here are a few FAQS about the Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria.

How many Payoneer exchangers exist in Nigeria?

There are many E-currency exchange companies in Nigeria. Some are legit and others are not. Some are still upcoming and others are very well established.

But as for the question, there is no exact number or listing that shows the total number of exchangers, let alone Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria.

How many exchanges does it take to be able to run in the affiliate programs of the websites?

This question is dependent on the company. The first thing to realize is that only a few exchange companies are even into the benefits of allowing their users to earn from the website. But for the companies that allow their exchangers with affiliate programs, the total number of exchanges to be able to join the affiliate program is different.

For some, it can be less than five and for others, you do not need to exchange with them as long as you can refer a new customer.  

How much can be earned from the affiliate programs?

Just like the initial question too. The amount you can earn from being on the affiliate program of the website is dependent on the policy of the website. But one thing is certain, all the websites offer a reasonable amount to customers wishing to join the affiliate program.

When is the right time to exchange Payoneer funds?

As much as the Payoneer fund is now very popular, but not generally exchanged. Most users are now very keen on knowing what the rate of the currency is on the market. Also, some of them are willing to know the right time to exchange their fund’s tab.


No one is an island of knowledge. Go out there and make more research before concluding on which of the Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria to use. If you have lesser time to do the research, then visit one of the listed websites and exchange your payoneer funds.