NYSC Posting Relocation Service Working 100%

The NYSC Posting relocation service is back up and running with 100% high success rate. Get posted or relocated to the state of your choice. Guaranteed to work because I have experienced it personally.

NYSC Posting Relocation

This works irregardless of where you are posted to, even if you are posted to the North, South, West, East don’t panic. You would be spend your 1 year service year where you want – safe, progressive environment that would improve you as a person and you develop the communities around you.

I am well aware of the new Nysc deployment procedures, well the three desired states to be chosen doesn’t work, I know of several corps members serving now who picked three desired states to be posted to, when their call up letter came out they were posted to an entirely different state. So why is Nysc giving prospective corps members hope they would be posted to at least one of the three states chosen?  Only a few were eventually given one desired state out of the three states they choose.

Benefits Of NYSC Posting Relocation Service

  • Peace of mind, safe environment and fun filled service year experience.
  • You don’t have need to be a Ghost corps member wasting money on running ghost corper process.
  • Guarantee placement of your choice with just spending a token.

The true essence is NYSC has been lost, now all we have are wasted years, unfulfilled youths and overcrowded labor market because the time an NYSC Corper spends in an un-progressive environment drains his time, resources and intelligence and after a year he or she would look back with sadness not been able to count what has been learnt and what impact has been made.

NYSC Posting Relocation Service

So, how did i connect to this 100% working NYSC posting relocation service, Call 07037388310 for more information. Presently working with the latest 2017 Batch Stream 2 corp members.

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