Are you looking for a portable monitor that will stand the test of time and offer stellar image clarity and responsiveness?

If so, then the NexiGo NG17FGQ could be just what you need.

This 17-inch IPS touchscreen with a 300Hz refresh rate is ideal for gamers and professionals who require a powerful display to meet their workload demands.

This comprehensive review will examine this state-of-the-art monitor and discuss why it might be the best option in today’s market.

What Is NexiGo NG17FGQ?

NexiGo NG17FGQ is a high-quality portable gaming monitor designed to give you an immersive gaming experience.

Equipped with an impressive 300Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time, this monitor delivers super smooth and ultra-fast performance, ensuring you don’t miss a single detail.

It’s excellent color accuracy and stunning visuals make your games look lifelike, whether playing fast-paced video games or an intricate strategy game.

The monitor also features many connectivity options, including an HDMI port, DisplayPort, and a headphone jack.

With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the NexiGo NG17FGQ is a must-have for any serious gamer looking for an edge in their gameplay.

Who Created NexiGo NG17FGQ?

NexiGo NG17FGQ was released in 2021 by the famous electronics manufacturer, NexiGo.

The company is known for its innovative products that offer the perfect blend of performance and design.

Their range of gaming monitors is equipped with the latest technology to provide an immersive experience for gamers who demand nothing but the best.

The NexiGo NG17FGQ is their latest offering and has been designed to offer gamers an unrivaled experience with its incredible features, portability, and affordability.

Top Benefits of NexiGo NG17FGQ

NExigo NG17FGQ

The NexiGo NG17FGQ has impressive features, making it an excellent option for gamers and professionals. Here are some of its top benefits.

300Hz High Refresh Rate: The high refresh rate ensures a smooth and responsive gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy intense action without any lag or stutter.

It has a low input lag with reduced flickering. There is no framerate lag while gaming; you see everything with vivid detail.

The Nexigo NG17FGQ 17.3-inch portable gaming monitor delivers high-quality images while gaming.

You will also enjoy watching a tear-free video with the 17.3-inch portable monitor.

Excellent Color Accuracy: The monitor features a wide color gamut with 98% sRGB and 95% Adobe RGB, offering rich and vivid colors for an immersive gaming experience.

The portable monitor delivers the best possible viewing experience with its blur-free screen.

It has an FHD resolution, and the eye care screen won’t add any eye strain while using it. You will get exceptional detail in terms of image quality.

IPS Panel Technology: The IPS panel technology helps prevent image distortion and provides excellent viewing angles so you can enjoy your games from any angle.

It has an astounding picture with a stronger contrast because of the hdr technology supports.

The portable display is G Sync Compatible, which works seamlessly with any gaming laptop.

3ms Response Time: With a 1ms response time, this monitor offers fast performance for even the most demanding games.

The portable monitor boasts a low input lag and is responsive to touch through supported devices.

Dual Stereo Speakers: The monitor has in-built speakers for a more immersive soundscape.

You can enjoy your favorite games with crystal-clear audio. It also features a wired sound output, allowing you to plug in a headset and drown out any background noise.

Useful Remote: The Included Remote makes it easy to adjust the settings on the monitor.

The remote can be used to power the monitor on and off, adjust the volume level, and more. It also has dedicated buttons for brightness control and switching between different modes.

You can customize the settings from a distance with this feature-packed included remote.

Best Features Of Nexigo NG17FGQ

Large 17.3 Inch Portable Display

The large 17.3-inch display provides an immersive experience while gaming or watching movies.

It has a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution with excellent contrast and vivid colors that provide maximum detail on-screen.

The monitor can be connected to laptops and PCs, offering the same gaming or content creation performance.

Versatile Ports, Including USB C Ports & HDMI Cable Support

The monitor has versatile ports, including a USB type C port and HDMI cable support.

It allows you to connect multiple devices to the monitor for a better gaming experience. With this feature, you can play games or watch movies directly from your laptop or other devices.

There is also a USB A port and another USB C port for specifically charging the portable monitor.

The portable monitor delivers rich gaming experiences, and the USB C interface lets it connect to various devices.

Easy To Set Up & Adjustable Stand

The monitor is easy to set up, and you can adjust it with the included stand.

It has adjustable angles to find the perfect angle for gaming or watching movies.

The stand also helps stabilize the display on a flat surface. The NexiGo NG17FGQ monitor is an excellent choice for gamers and content creators.

It has a responsive 1ms response time, excellent color accuracy, and HDR technology support to provide the best performance possible.

It also features dual stereo speakers for an immersive audio experience. The included remote makes it easy to adjust the settings on the monitor from a distance.

The additional USB port provides versatile connection options.

Free Sync and G Sync Compatibility

The monitor is compatible with AMD Free Sync and Nvidia G Sync so that you can enjoy a smooth game performance without any stuttering or lagging.

It also has low input lag, making it a great choice for competitive gaming. With its excellent picture quality and adjustable stand, this portable display will give you the best gaming experience possible.

Foldable Smart Cover

The monitor has an exclusive foldable smart cover that can be used as a stand.

It helps protect the display against any damage while traveling and provides an excellent viewing experience while gaming or watching movies.

The smart cover also helps absorb sound to reduce echo and improve the audio quality of your games.

Dual Stereo Speakers

The monitor features dual stereo speakers for an excellent sound experience.

You can plug in a headset to get a more immersive feel or use the included remote to adjust the volume level without having to reach for it.

The Built-in speakers provide crystal-clear audio to make your gaming sessions more enjoyable.

The portable monitor also boasts a wired sound output near the HDMI port. Increasing its versatile option for ports.

Wide Compatibility

The monitor has broad compatibility with multiple devices and operating systems.

It can be connected to Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, and more.

This makes it easy for you to use the monitor regardless of your device or platform.

Moreover, the NexiGo NG17FGQ monitor has a one-year warranty, giving you peace of mind when purchasing.

Overall, the 300Hz portable monitor is an excellent choice for gamers and content creators who need a portable display for their work or gaming needs. With its large 17.3-inch display, versatile ports, adjustable stand

Nexigo NG17FGQ Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

The Nexigo NG17FGQ portable monitor has a price tag of $449.99, which is quite expensive for such a portable display.

It provides excellent value for money and has a one-year warranty to ensure quality performance.

The remote also makes it easy to adjust the settings on the monitor from a distance, which is a great feature to have in such a portable monitor.

The monitor has become increasingly popular with gamers for its excellent performance and features.

It features G Sync compatibility, which is fantastic for an immersive gaming experience.

All in all, the Nexigo NG17FGQ provides an immersive gaming experience at an affordable price point.

Nexigo NG17FGQ Pros and Cons

The Nexigo NG17FGQ is a gaming monitor making waves in the gaming industry.

This monitor has many great features that gamers should take note of. One of the key pros is that it has a fast response time of 3ms, meaning gamers can enjoy smoother visuals during intense gameplay.

Plus, the 300Hz refresh rate ensures no lag or motion blur. Another benefit of the Nexigo NG17FGQ is FreeSync technology, which syncs the monitor’s refresh rate with a compatible graphics card to eliminate screen tearing.

However, some cons of this monitor include that it doesn’t have built-in speakers and its viewing angles aren’t as comprehensive as others.

Nonetheless, the Nexigo NG17FGQ is still an excellent option for anyone looking to elevate their gaming experience.


  • 300Hz Refresh Rate
  • Low Input Lag
  • Good Contrast Ratio
  • Big Performance
  • Excellent Color Accuracy


  • Lacks a built-in battery
  • Expensive
  • Build Feels Flimsy

Nexigo NG17FGQ Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to the Nexigo NG17FGQ, please consider the following options.

The ASUS ZenScreen MB14AC is an excellent option for gamers wanting a portable monitor with a native resolution of 10080 and good Color accuracy.

Other Options Include:

  • Arzopa 15.6 inch 144Hz Portable Monitor
  • G-Story 15.6 165Hz Portable Monitor
  • ASUS Zenscreen Go
  • ViewSonic Portable Monitor
  • Bimawen 4K Monitor
  • Innoview Portable Monitor for Laptop

Nexigo NG17FGQ Case Study: Result Achieved with the Portable Laptop

The Nexigo NG17FGQ is a gaming monitor that delivers excellent performance and features.

It has excellent color accuracy, a fast response time of 3ms, and G Sync compatibility for an immersive gaming experience.

Moreover, the adjustable stand makes it easy to customize your viewing angle.

In addition to its impressive specs, the Nexigo NG17FGQ also has a long-lasting battery life, making it perfect for gamers who don’t want to be tethered to a power outlet.

The USB C port allows you to connect easily to other devices, such as tablets or smartphones. All of these features combine to create an unbeatable gaming experience.

My Experience using the Nexigo NG17FGQ

I recently purchased the Nexigo NG17FGQ and have been using it for my gaming needs.

The monitor has a large 17.3-inch display, which is excellent for immersing me in games.

I also love its 300Hz refresh rate, as it eliminates any lag or motion blur that would otherwise exist during intense gaming.

I wish it has an Internal battery to use it without a power supply; otherwise, everything is okay.


The Nexigo NG17FGQ is a great gaming monitor for those looking to upgrade their setup. It has impressive specs, such as its 300Hz refresh rate and G Sync compatibility.

Its USB C port allows you to connect to other devices with ease quickly. Overall, the 17.3-inch 300Hz portable monitor is an excellent choice for gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level.

It is a good value considering its features and performance. If you want a portable monitor with great specs, this model should be at your list.

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