New AnonyTun + UC Mini Handler GLO 0.0K Unlimited Settings

This is the new AnonyTun + UC Mini Handler GLO 0.0K unlimited settings which makes the GLO tweak faster and more stable. The previous settings still works, get it here AnonyTun GLO 0.0K Unlimited Free Browsing Settings.

What are the new changes made?

  • Updated version of AnonyTun v1.5.
  • New GLO 0.0K settings with faster speed.
  • Using PDANET to share your AnonyTun VPN connection with your PC.
  • Using UC Mini Handler to download on mobile with super fast speed.

AnonyTun + UC Mini Handler GLO 0.0K unlimited settings

  • Download the latest AnonyTun on Playstore

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Change to 

  • New AnonyTun settings for GLO 0.0K below
    • Open AnonyTun.
    • Click on Stealth Settings.
    • Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
    • Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
    • Connection Port to 80.
    • Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
    • Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
    • URL/Host:
    • Request method: POST.
    • Injection method: Normal.
    • Tick User-Agent.
    • Leave other boxes un-ticked.

NEW glo 0.0k settings



After clicking on generate, without ticking any other thing, then edit the header to look like this then save.


How can i share AnonyTun VPN connection with my computer?

I get a lot of this question and i have solved it in my group, to join my whatsapp group, click on Join Nairatips WhatsApp Group to get Exclusive Contents.

  • Download fully activated PDAnet APK

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  • Download PDAnet windows app.

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  • Install PDANET.exe.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone.
  • Connect app to PC.
  • Open app.
  • Click on USB tethering
  • Click on already downloaded.
  • Open PDA on your PC. It should see your phone and connect automatically.
  • Connected!
  • That’s all.

i also heard you can other apps that requires root access like tither hotspot app.


How to use UC Mini Handler with AnonyTun for fast downloading

  • Download UC Mini Handler APK from the link below

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UC Mini Handler Settings

  • Open UC Mini Handler.
  • In the settings page.
  • Scroll down.

  • Proxy Type: No Proxy
  • Custom Header: X-Online-Host
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Type: Default
  • Real Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Port: 80
  • Leave the other settings as it is.

Leave comments below, giving your testimonies concerning this new GLO 0.0K settings.


Below are screenshots of when i started using this GLO 0.0K tweak only some few days back. These pictures are my real data usage count using AnonyTun with UC Mini Handler.




This shows that the GLO 0.0K tweak is still alive and working very well.

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  1. pls i need help ,my connection is very slow,is there any settings or any other thing i will do to make it fast pls i m new can some one help me out

    • Your slow connection is probably due to your area and time. GLO 0.0K is very fast around the early hours of the day(12-8am)

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