Neodebrid has earned an excellent reputation because of its quality features. It is among the top link generating services that hold all the functionalities that a user might demand from the link generating service.

However, you might think that what makes this link-generating product apart from its competitors and why should you choose it? Well, in this Neodebrid review, you will get all the reasons due to which most people invest in this product.  

What is Neodebrid?

neodebrid downloader

Neodebrid is a premium link generating service, which grants users to download files using different hosters. It gives you the option to download files from around 35 file hosting services.

You only need to create a single Neodebrid account, and through that, you can reach all the hosters at once. It is a speedy service for people who don’t want to waste time while downloading files.

The best thing is that it offers both free as well as paid plans, but the features of both the plans are quite different from each other. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it suitable for beginners as well. 

This service allows downloading as well as uploading any files using a cloud system. Besides this, the Neodebrid provides a premium-quality privacy guard, which makes your IP-address protected.

Even if after using it, you are still not satisfied with the privacy, then you can delete your account because this service allows you the option to remove the account anytime.

Neodebrid Free Plan

neo debrid free premium link generator hosts

This service also proposes a free plan but with limited features. It has a pretty good free package, and you will not notice any big issue while using it.

The only issue that you might face while operating the free plan is with the limit. Besides this, this package will give you a dedicated IP address, which will be private.

This IP address will not be shared with anyone without your permission, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy while using this link-generating service.

The maximum space that this service grants on the free edition is 1GB, which is a bit less for users who do frequent downloading. Also, each day it will permit you to download a maximum of five files.

Neodebrid VPN

neodebrid vpn

On buying the premium plan of the Neodebrid service, you can also enjoy the VPN. This VPN option makes it a two-in-one product.

Amsterdam, New York, and London are the three locations that you can access through their VPN. To get the VPN, you only need to install the app, which you can get through the official website link.

After that, you will have to create a VPN user and then run the NeoVPN app. It will demand you to put an email and password, which you will get with the premium package. After doing it, select the server and choose the connect option.

Neodebrid Premium Packages

neodebrid premium

This service provides some quality plans that you might want to know about. It has four plans, such as 30 Days, 90 Days, 180 Days, and 365 Days.

You can choose any of the plans because all of them have similar features. All the features provide unlimited traffic, which makes it suitable for people who want to share the downloading link to countless people.

Moreover, it holds unlimited speed so that you can get your file readily in a short time. It gives you the option to download files from around 30+ hosters.

However, the hosters are less in comparison to a few other links generating services, but still, it’s not a big deal. These 30 hosters will get your required work done.

Further, before investing in this product, you should know about all the hosters because you might be wishing to download a file from the hoster, which is not compatible with this service.

Additionally, you will get various download managers with the service that will serve you in improving the downloading speed. Some people usually complain about captcha that appear while using a link generating service.

However, in the case of this service, you will not face this problem because it does not hold any captcha test. Besides this, it gives freedom to generate multiple links.

Neodebrid Pricing

As compared to some other top link generating services, the Neodebrid demands high charges, but the pricing is reasonable.

If you want to get the first plan, which is of 30 days, you will have to pay €9.99, while for the 90 days pack, this price goes up to €26.99. Besides this, €44.99 is the total cost that you will have to invest if you desire to get the 180 days plan.

However, for 365 days, this product demands €84.99. The cost of all the plans is a bit higher, but it is justified because of the features that this product is providing.

In case you still don’t like putting that much money on this product, then you can go for its free edition, which also has some top-class features.

Neodebrid Support

Support is another factor that you might want to understand about in this link generating service. This service provides easy access to its users to the support team.

You can reach the team using the mail or live support option. This support team will help you fix all the concerns related to this service.

How to use Neodebrid?

Almost all the link generating services demand the same process when it comes to using it. If you have ever used a link generating service, then you will not face any issue with the process. But if you are new, then you can go through the steps provided below.

  • Firstly, copy the link of the desired file. Before doing it, ensure that the hoster is compatible with the service.
  • Now paste the copied link in the “Enter your link here” field.
  • After that, select the “Generate” button and wait for a few seconds.
  • Now you will get access to the file download link.


  • Multiple Link Generation
  • 24/7 customer service
  • It also supports VPN
  • Limitless Speeds
  • NO Captcha


  • Price is high

Bottom Line

Neodebrid is an excellent free premium link generator service with unlimited traffic and limitless speed. This service also supports the VPN option from multiple locations. The diverse variety of hosters in the Neodebrid is another vital reason to try this service.

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