Top 6 Do’s and Don’ts for a Money Making Blog

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Having a money making blog is the goal of so many individuals. Being a blogger is actually becoming trendy today. There are numerous reasons for this – the Internet fame, a desire to help and/or entertain others, and money. Just like with any type of written content, being a blogger can become a source of income!

However, this is a rather tricky business, and there are dos and don’ts, just like with any sort of activity that can have monetary benefits. That’s why I decided to make a brief list of things that you should and shouldn’t do if you want to know how to make money blogging.

Do’s of a Money Making Blog

1. Content

Let’s begin with the most simple and obvious, yet the most important DO of blogging for money – your content is everything. You might say something like “duh, of course,” but I stress that this is the most crucial aspect of a blog.

The reason is clear – people read blogs for their content, and they do this for some reasons. Whether the reasons are to find entertainment, advice, help, or tips, visitors expect some wholesome and relevant content. That is why you need to know how to write a blog.

2. Suggestions for content

In terms of content, you are limited only to your imagination. However, there are several best routes that can be monetized online. The easiest type of monetized blog is to write reviews for some products or services.

To be more specific, you can review food, cosmetics, or any other branded items. Additionally, you can work with services. For example, you can consider a plagiarism checker for free to see if there are some drawbacks in your writing. Students love free stuff, so providing them with a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, or a similar tool will give you a wide audience.

After doing some of that stuff for free, contact the company that you are writing about and show that you are providing them with an advertisement to a large audience, that’s how you get monetized.

3. Structure

Money Making Blog

Writing a blog is similar and yet different from writing an essay because both pieces of text have some distinguishing characteristics. For example, an essay consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It also requires pre-planning which is essential in a money making blog.

A blog post has similar requirements, but there are some additional things to be covered in order to know how to write a blog. To be more specific, a good blog post needs a catchy title, entertaining writing style, and an adequate length. While everything is clear with the first two points, the last one is kind of difficult because it depends on what are you writing about. So, after coming up with the topic, try to research how the length of similar blog posts looks like.

4. Frequency

The next in the list of do’s and don’ts is the frequency. You have to write both frequently and consistently. While you can easily write just a couple posts a month or post every day, just like PewDiePie does on Youtube, you should be consistent with your uploads. That’s why I advise you to come up with a schedule and keep up with it. When considering your upload schedule, I would stress the simple formula – if you write a lot, there is a higher chance to reach a wider audience.

Don’ts of a Money Making Blog

1. Plagiarism

Probably the worst thing that a blogger can do is to plagiarize, just like with an academic essay. Remember, if some person is passionate about a topic, he or she may look up whether you came up with the information that you present or just copied someone’s work. If evidence to support the suspicion is found, you can basically bury your blogger career.

That’s not the way to create a money making blog. Even more, you can get sued by some other author, so always run your text through a plagiarism checker. There’s a lot of this stuff online, so finding a plagiarism checker free won’t be a problem, but one check for plagiarism can save you money and nerves.

2. Publishing without links

Just as with the previous point, you have to make sure that everything about your blog post is perfect. If that’s a promotional post, provide a link. If that’s a review post, give your readers some useful links that lead to the product or service. It’s similar to running a text through a plagiarism checker. If you don’t provide a link, some companies may sue you or you won’t get a promotional deal with it.


As you can see, the list of do’s and don’ts of a money making blog is rather simple but very important. Following the list isn’t that hard, but it will earn you some money if you put time and effort into a blog posting. So, you need to know how to write a blog with compelling content, and how to make money blogging through the sponsorships from different companies. Good luck!

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