make money while travelling

How To Make Money While Traveling The World (5 Realistic Ways)

Quitting a job to travel the world and see a new place almost every day of the year is something many people only dream of. They never pursue that dream, however, because it’s a scary step into the unknown and requires a lot of money.

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Well, it used to, at least. Nowadays, however, people have perfected the art of travelling abroad while earning money – they often call themselves digital nomads.

Whether a person’s planning on doing this for six months or years on end, it’s entirely possible to earn money while travelling. Find out how savvy adventurers are making bank to fund their travelling lifestyles.

Why Becoming a Digital Nomad is a Lucrative Opportunity

Money is the biggest thing holding people back from just packing their stuff up and taking to the road. But it doesn’t have to. Technology has developed to the point where it’s possible for career-oriented people to keep growing despite their jet-setting ways.

Most industries have some digital element now that allows for remote workers to get the job done from far away. Thanks to technology, entirely new jobs have been created as well, and most of those can be handled by a remote employee. Freelancers now make up 35% of the US workforce, and the demand for outsourced work is increasing too.

Digital tools have also allowed people to set up their own online businesses (like blogging) and perform traditional jobs entirely online (like teaching). No matter how they’re making money, digital nomads understand that financial gains are only part of the picture. The life experience and valuable perspectives they gain along the way are worth so much more than having a large bank account.

How to Make Money While Traveling

1. Freelance

Long gone are the days where people need to find a suitable company and apply for a full-time job to get remote work. Online freelancing sites like PeoplePerHour and Upwork have paved the way for new digital nomads to find their freelance footing. And many people evolve beyond those platforms to set up their own online freelance businesses as well.

Those who have the relevant skills can easily start building a freelance career in one of the many niches that this industry supports. It’s not just limited to programming and writing either – there’s also bookkeeping, legal work, interpreting, and so many more options.

Those that do remote work, however, should always use a virtual private network (VPN) when handling company data, especially when using public WiFi. What is a VPN, one may ask? It’s a service that encrypts internet traffic to protect it from third-party snoopers ( No one wants confidential files stolen by a cybercriminal or their hard-earned income taken by a hacker before they can cash out. And a VPN can often prevent it.

According to the internet speed test site, a VPN can also help to improve internet speeds by bypassing your ISP from throttling your traffic.

2. Become a Travel Photographer

Chances are, people will be snapping pics of their travels anyway – otherwise, how will friends and family back home know to be jealous? One doesn’t have to be a professional photographer to start a career in photography while travelling. Being creative is half the battle won, and online tools and tips make it easier than ever to learn on the go.

Many stock photo sites are now veering towards less stylized stock photos and will pay for personal travel photos. There’s a growing demand for more organic photos that depict life in a natural way. Sites like Shutterstock, Alamy, and Fotolia will pay photographers commission when someone buys their photos.

3. Teach Abroad

The world abounds with teaching opportunities, from in-class sessions to one-on-one tutoring. Some people opt to teach full-time while exploring the various attractions of one country, while others teach online between travelling. However people choose to do it, they will generally need to get certified in the subject they want to teach.

English teachers have the biggest demand worldwide, but there are also plenty of opportunities for sports teachers and musical tutors, for instance.

4. Start Blogging

There are travel blogs with every topic, theme, and style out there. But there’s always room for more unique travel perspectives and tips from someone who’s been there and done that. Creating a blog, however, is the easy part – building an audience and monetizing a blog isn’t as straightforward. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursuing.

Advertisers pay megabucks to have bloggers talk about or feature their products/services. It might start out as affiliate partnerships or freebies but can grow into a nice chunk of passive income through advertising programs.

5. Work on a Cruise Ship

It takes a lot of work to keep a cruise ship running, and that translates to a lot of people. Working on a cruise ship is a fantastic way to travel the world cheaply while earning money because accommodation and food are already included. The best part is that there are so many employment options that virtually anyone can do it. From waitressing or daycare to being a musician or a mechanic – there are dozens of options available.

Conclusion: Turning Travel Into Money

There’s no reason to stop dreaming about travelling the world. With today’s technology and career options, it’s entirely possible to see exotic countries and earn an income at the same time. It takes some courage, but joining the nomadic lifestyle can be a profoundly rewarding choice.