Get MacX DVD Ripper Pro to Copy DVD on Mac with Lossless Quality (Time-limited Giveaway)

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I remember back in early 2010 when DVDs came out, it was the go-to solution for data transfer and backup back then so many people bought DVDs to transfer large files and some bought DVDs to back up important documents because in a single DVD you can get at least 4GB of storage space.

Tons of people used DVD to store precious moments of their life, I was one of them but I didn’t store images or videos, I stored software and it worked for a while until some DVDs started failing then eventually Hard disk drives (HDD) came out which was a better solution to DVDs.

The use of DVDs drastically reduces over the years and now some laptops don’t have CD/DVD drives in them anymore but there are still people with DVDs, maybe personal DVDs with important documents or precious memories stored in them or maybe just plain old movies, TV series or music videos.

I will advise you to copy the content in your DVD to your computer which creates more backup solutions for you but to copy to files from your DVD, you need a DVD Ripper software.

I recommend MacX DVD Ripper Pro because you can try it out for free.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro black friday sale

Introducing MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is one of the best DVD backup solutions for Mac and Windows. It uses the most advanced level 3 hardware acceleration technology and High-Quality engine which means you can copy, convert or backup an entire DVD within 5 minutes and still preserve the video and audio quality. Other DVD Ripper Pro software can take up to a 1 hour but MacX DVD Ripper Pro does it in 5 minutes.

Why MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the best DVD Ripper?

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the best DVD Ripper in the market today because it has 5 outstanding features that set it apart and gives it an edge over the rest DVD rippers.

1. Level 3 Hardware Acceleration 

MacX DVD Ripper Pro uses Level 3 Hardware Acceleration technology which means if you have graphics card on your computer, the DVD ripping process would be so much faster because instead of using only your CPU’s power to copy your DVD, MacX DVD Ripper Pro uses your Graphics card processing power to tremendously speed up that process.

You can copy a 2 hour DVD movie or video in 5 minutes on a MacBook Pro and after DVD conversion, the entire process is done just under 10 minutes at a rate of 320 fps (frames per second).

DVD Conversion is done with lossless quality which means you don’t lose any DVD video or audio quality.

2. High-Quality Engine

MacX DVD Ripper Pro also uses the High-Quality engine which ensures the highest quality possible for every DVD you rip and convert and this feature is built into the core of MacX DVD Ripper Pro and how does this work?

  • DVD Backup Mode: In the DVD backup mode, High-Quality Engine automatically activates its demuxing/remuxing kernel to copy DVD content, including video/audio tracks, different subtitles, out of the physical discs without re-encoding, and save them onto your computer hard drive swiftly, with video/audio quality untouched.
  • DVD conversion mode: In the DVD conversion mode, High-Quality Engine calls upon Interframe and intraframe coding algorithms, along with advanced cabac/cavlc entropy encoding to reconstruct the DVD content and get rid of temporal and spatial redundancies, in such a way to achieve a more efficient encoding, without losing any information from the original DVD content. As a result, the output video is almost 98% the quality of the original DVD source.

3. WorldWide DVD Support

You can rest assured knowing that MacX DVD Ripper Pro has worldwide DVD support which means it will work on all DVDs including newly released format DVDs, knotty DVDs, 99 titles DVDs, Movie DVDs, Workout DVDs, Training/Seminar DVDs, TV series DVDs and even those damaged or unplayable DVDs.

4. Auto Select Correct Title

MacX DVD Ripper Pro will automatically read and select the right title for those newly released DVD with 99 titles, unlike handbrake which can’t read them.

5. Best Compatibility Options

MacX DVD Ripper Pro has the best compatibility options because it supports a wide range of popular file formats for you to convert your DVD. File formats like MP4, H.264, MOV, M4V, MPEG, AVI, FLV, MP3, and even the new H.265/HEVC codec formats which means you can play your DVD videos on iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, Tablets, PSP, Kindle, Mac and Windows computer.

How to Copy DVD to Mac Without Quality Loss

You are going to learn how to copy DVD to Mac without quality loss using MacX DVD Ripper Pro in these 5 easy steps below.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro high quality engine

Pro Tip: Before you start DVD backup or conversion, make sure to tick the “Use High Quality Engine” box. This will guarantee the highest DVD quality possible.

Step 1: Download MacX DVD Ripper Pro (51.89MB). Install and open MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Tip: Because of the holiday season, the developer is offering licensed copies of MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free. You can visit the official MacX DVD Ripper Pro giveaway page to get one copy instead of paying $67.95.

Step 2: Insert DVD you want to copy to Mac

Step 3: Choose DVD Output Format

MacX DVD Ripper Pro dvd ripper

DVD output formats like formats like MP4, H.264, MOV, M4V, MPEG, AVI, FLV, MP3, and even the new H.265/HEVC codec formats.

Step 4: Select Output Folder on your Mac

Click “Browse” button to choose where you want your converted DVD file to be saved.

Step 5: Start DVD Ripping & Conversion Process

MacX DVD Ripper Pro dvd ripper

Click on the “RUN” to start the process and with level 3 hardware acceleration technology, you would only need to wait for less than 10 minutes.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Other Useful Features

Let’s just briefly mention the other features you might use in MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

  • Add subtitles in your language
  • Trim video clips and segments
  • Merge separate movie titles into one
  • Adjust video parameters

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Black Friday Holiday Giveaway

MacX DVD Ripper Pro giveaway

I encourage you to go to BlackFriday giveaway page to get a free license of MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

Words from MacX DVD Ripper Pro:

We are hosting a worldwide giveaway where people can go to the above link to get a free license key of MacX DVD Ripper Pro till December 10. (The giveaway version does not include free update service).


MacX DVD Ripper Pro remains one of the best DVD rippers and with this Black Friday offer, you can get a free license for your computer. There are 500 free licenses available per day so tell your friends. Offer valid till December 10.

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