When it comes to keeping your child healthy and fit, there are so many options these days that can help. But when searching for the best play kits in the market, you may be overwhelmed with choices.

However, LoveVery has established itself as a leader in this growing industry of children’s play gyms and toys for promoting physical activity–expertly crafted products designed to captivate young minds with activities that keep kids innovated and motivated for hours!

In this blog post, we will look in-depth at what sets the play gym store apart from its competitors by reviewing its various offerings in 2023 – providing parents with insight into which products will make great gifts while ensuring children’s physical health.

What is LoveVery?

LoveVery is a family-owned play gym toy store founded in 2015. Since then, they have established themselves as one of the top go-to spots for parents searching for unique and engaging stage-based play gym toys and subscription boxes for all baby’s ages.

Their online store offers a wide variety of products – from traditional play mats to customizable wooden blocks – all designed to make learning fun and encourage physical activity.

For starters, the online play kit store focuses on creating a safe environment for children while ensuring that its products are both high-quality and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, they provide helpful features such as the ability to customize play gyms according to your child’s age, the type of activity they would like to do, and even their learning style.

Moreover, this toy store also provides educational elements with each product. As a result, babies can learn while still having fun as they explore different aspects of physical development and social skills.

Who Created LoveVery?

Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris, the co-founders of LoveVery

The company was founded in 2015 by Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris. Jessica, a mother of two and former preschool teacher, birthed ideas to create easy-to-use, safe, and stimulating toys for all children.

She then joined forces with Roderick, an engineer specializing in developing interactive toys, in bringing her vision to life. Since then, their company has grown into one of the most beloved online play stores in the industry today.

Top Benefits of LoveVery

1. High-Quality Toys: LoveVery play kits offered by LoveVery are made from durable materials that can withstand all types of wear and tear from even the most active kids.

2. Educational Elements: Each product has an educational element that encourages children to engage in various learning activities as they explore their surroundings.

3. Variety of Options: It offers various play gyms, allowing parents to find the perfect toy for their child.

4. Affordable Prices: The store is also known for offering reasonable prices – so you can get quality products without breaking the bank.

5. Promotes Learning: The products are designed to promote learning, physical development, and social skills, allowing children to explore the world around them while having fun.

Best Features of LoveVery

Give your baby the best possible gift with LoveVery’s parent’s choice award-winning play gym toy. The LoveVery’s play gym is designed to grow with your baby from newborn to toddler; this play mat provides stage-based activities that engage your children throughout their first year and beyond.

The play gym also features removable toys, soft fabrics, and a comfy padded mat for your baby to explore. It even has an interactive mobile that plays 8 classical melodies and lights up when activated.

Your child never has to be bored again! Here are some of the key features of LoveVery to explore in 2023:

The Play Guide

The Play Guide is LoveVery’s unique feature, providing parents with simple, easy-to-follow play activities. It offers various creative play ideas tailored to your baby’s age and development level.

This helps ensure that your infant gets the most out of their toys while having fun at the same time.

The Play Guide also gives parents expert advice from trusted professionals such as pediatricians and child psychologists.

Baby-Safe Materials

LoveVery does not sell only toys but also prioritizes safety – its products are designed with baby-safe plastics/materials. This means that the play gyms, toys, and other products sold by LoveVery are free of toxins, BPA, and phthalates.

These items also meet or exceed safety standards set by ASTM International to ensure they are safe and of the highest quality. The materials made from sustainably harvested wood and organic cotton with nontoxic paint ensure your baby can explore its environment without any worries.

By offering natural materials, LoveVery gives parents peace of mind that their little ones are in good hands.

Free Shipping for $75 Orders

LoveVery offers free shipping for orders over $75. This makes buying the best products for your little one even easier without worrying about hefty shipping fees.

Furthermore, customers can enjoy next-day delivery in select states, which helps them get the items they need as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Overall, the LoveVery brand provides exceptional products at an affordable price.

Carbon-Neutral Shipping

LoveVery is committed to reducing its environmental impact, which is why they are now carbon-neutral in shipping. This means the company offsets any emissions its shipments create by investing in renewable energy projects.

This helps reduce their carbon footprint while still providing customers fast and reliable delivery services.

By offering unique features such as the Play Guide, baby-safe materials, and carbon-neutral shipping options, the store continues to establish itself as a leader in the play gym industry.

Their commitment to quality, safety, and affordability makes them an ideal choice for parents looking for the best products for their little ones.

LoveVery Pricing: How Much Does the LoveVery Subscription Cost?

Do you want to purchase the LoveVery play kits but don’t know how much you’ll spend?

Well, you’re in luck because you’ll always get value for your money! The platform offers a subscription plan for its play kits, which allows you to pay one low monthly fee.

The pricing depends on the play kit type, subscription box, and delivery frequency. However, the price for the Play Gym Toy is $140.

This means you can get multiple monthly play kits without breaking the bank.

LoveVery Pros and Cons

When buying baby’s play gym toys, you always want to ensure you get the right toys at the right price.

It’s important to research different brands and their features, pricing, and customer reviews.

Knowing all the pros and cons of the store can help parents make an informed decision when shopping for play gyms and other products for their baby.

They can also compare prices with other brands and ensure they get the best value.

Knowing these details will help parents feel confident they are making the right decision for their family and baby.


  • Offers baby-safe materials
  • Has ASTM and FSC safety standards
  • Affordable and competitive prices
  • Free shipping for orders over $75
  • Play Guide with expert advice from trusted professionals


  • Only offers subscription plans, not one-time purchases
  • Limited delivery options outside of select states
  • Some products are not suitable for babies under 12 months old
  • No international shipping is available

Starts at $140

LoveVery Alternatives

While LoveVery is a reputable brand, other options are available for parents looking for quality products for their little ones.

Some popular brands include:

  • Lamaze Play and Learn
  • Tiny Love Super Deluxe Gymini Activity Gym
  • Fisher-Price Kick & Flip Delux Gym
  • Monti Kids
  • KiwiCo
  • Panda Crate
  • The Charmer
  • The Looker

These alternatives offer different features, such as interactive toys, textures, colors, and sound effects that can help stimulate your baby.

These brands also provide different pricing options and several shipping services to make getting the product you need easy.

Ultimately, each of these brands offers a variety of products that parents can trust when it comes to providing their babies with the best playing time.

LoveVery Case Studies: Results Achieved with LoveVery Play Kits

LoveVery Play Kits have been shown to provide numerous benefits for babies and their parents. A few examples demonstrate the results achieved with LoveVery products:

• Improved sleep quality – Parents reported their babies sleeping longer and more peacefully, mainly when they used the sleep play kit from LoveVery.

• Improved cognitive development – The play kits provided cognitive stimulation that improved babies’ problem-solving skills and helped them learn to recognize shapes, colors, and numbers.

• Improved motor skills – Toddlers enjoyed the physical activities included in the play kits, including the tummy time wobbler, practicing their coordination, and helping to develop their gross motor skills.

• Strengthened parent-child bond – Good parenting requires the connection between a parent and a child. The play kit helped parents and their babies to spend quality time together doing activities recommended by this store.

• Increased enthusiasm for playtime – Babies and toddlers showed more interest in playing, with parents reporting that the Montessori method kept them engaged longer than other toys.

Overall, the Play Kits have proven to be an effective educational tool for infants and toddlers, helping them learn and grow while providing parents with the peace of mind that their babies are engaged in safe playtime activities.

My Experience Using LoveVery Play Kit

I recently purchased the LoveVery Play Kit for my baby daughter and was delighted with the results.

The kit came in a beautiful package with clear instructions, which made it easy to assemble. The materials’ quality is excellent – soft and safe for babies.

My daughter loves playing with it and has been more focused during playtime, which I believe is due to the stimulating activities and designs in the play kit. Additionally, she has been sleeping more soundly at night.

I am very happy with my purchase from this store and would recommend their products to other parents.

Conclusion: Is LoveVery Worth It?

In conclusion, LoveVery is an excellent option for parents, grandparents, and caregivers who want to purchase age-appropriate, research-backed play gym toys.

Their wide selection of toy items will provide hours of learning, fun, and physical activity for your little ones. Each product has been thoughtfully designed with children’s safety as the highest priority, and they guarantee satisfaction with each purchase.

Investing in these toys will also help children learn problem-solving skills, strengthen physical coordination and bolster their understanding of basic concepts like colors and numbers.

Ultimately, these play gyms make it easier for parents to keep those energetic little minds engaged without constantly searching for new activities.

So make sure you check out the incredible range of products from LoveVery today!

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