Bluehost and Wix are two great hosting providers in the industry, they are packed with essential features gnat every website will need but they are far from similar, they have a lot of differences that make them stand out on their own separate ways.


The way Wix has been built to function, makes it hard for it to work with any external hosting providers, this means that Bluehost may not be able to work with Wix in the ways that you want, Wix provides all the essential services that a website creator and host should provide, so that immediately cancels out the need of any other hosting providers, the best you can get is a domain name transfer. However, if you really want your Wix site to work with WordPress, you will have to convert your Wix site to a WordPress site and then choose Bluehost as your hosting provider, which would make sure your site works seamlessly with Bluehost.

A wix site is Your Wix site is a standard HTML5 site, so this means that the site only functions on the wix servers since it has been built with wix technology. This might seem like a huge disadvantage, but it is also an advantage.

Wix stands out on its own since it has carved out its own niche, it has an upper hand  in the hosting industry because it does not need to rely on other hosting providers for features or hosting plans, everything you need for your Wix website is right on your Wix server.

In situations where you might find yourself using Wix, and their website design and layout appeals to your aesthetic senses, you may have to stick to using Wix. If you want to move your wix website to bluehost, that may not be possible.

Wix is known to allow domain name purchases and management with other hosting providers, so this might be the only loophole you’ll get with your Wix website, you might have the ability to migrate your domain name from wix to bluehost.

Bluehost is a great hosting provider, it may be a bit more technical than Wix, and that’s why most people would want to host their website on bluehost rather than on Wix, but the thing about this is, they are both two different kinds of hosting companies that merging them together might not be as possible as you think.

If you create a website on a Wix server, your best chances of your website working to the maximum level or to the best potential, would be for you to leave it on the wix server, they will have everything you need to make your website grow.

If you  really want your site to work properly, you will have to let it be hosted and operated on wix servers, any other alternative wouldn’t work as good as you want it to, and your wix site may just end up being useless.

Why Bluehost May Not Work With Wix

If you want to host your wix site on bluehost, maybe the same way you could host a wordpress site on bluehost, this might be close to impossible and if it’s possible, your site might not work well.

The first reason why this is so, is because, the wix site isn’t like wordpress.  WordPress on one hand has recommended bluehost to host its websites while wix on the other hand, has all its components in one, it doesn’t need any external hosting help.

Wix offers a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, which has many limitations that stop it from working with external hosting providers, so bluehost may not do much good when it comes to working with a wix site, because the software alone is different.

The thing about this SaaS technology is that it operates in a way that makes it compulsory for the site to run on the provider’s infrastructure in order for it to work properly. So Wix sites cannot work properly anywhere else but their own servers.

In essence, the reason why your bluehost hosting may not work with your wix website is because you can’t use another host for your Wix site since the SaaS architecture does not support external hosting, this is because it uses Wix’s proprietary technology and relies on Wix’s services to operate.

If by any chance you embed your site into an external location like bluehost, Wix would no longer be able to provide support to your site and Google analytics and even the Google search engines will not work well with the site, because it is embedded.

Differences Between Bluehost And Wix

The differences between these two hosting providers are probably a major reason why they may not be able to work so well together, if you want to make use of a bluehost site, you’re in luck because they are more flexible while Wix is more rigid and set in its ways.

One different that seems to stand out is the fact that bluehost doesn’t have a ホームページビルダー of its own, but Wix does, the wix website builder is the one thing that keeps all its websites in check, while bluehost makes use of Weebly as a website builder.

The one thing that is certain about building your website is that you will be vendor locked, you won’t be able to move your website to a ホスティング会社 like bluehost. So let’s say you build a website that is aesthetically pleasing, but you want the technicality that comes with bluehost and you want to move your website to bluehost, that will not be possible.

With Wix created websites, you are limited to only what you can get on your Wix servers, you cannot go out to other hosting providers because that might not be a good move for your website, with bluehost on the other hand, you have the absolute freedom to do whatever you want with your site.