5+ Best League of Legends Keyboards for Wins in 2022

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League of legends is fun to play and it is one of the games where you need to pay maximum attention while playing. You can’t play the game with gadgets that are not responsive and fast and today we are going to be listing out the best league of legends keyboards. The keyboards we will talk about here today will give you great performance while enjoying the game. 

We also made sure to make our finding based on different price range. So, no matter the budget you are working with there is surely a keyboard for you here. The best league of legends keyboard is Corsair K70 and this is because of how the keyboard looks and performs. Using this keyboard, the moment you tap you will get a reaction and that is the reason why a lot of pro gamers use it. 

Playing league of legends with a slow keyboard is tiring and you will get your ass whopped. Playing the game with a normal keyboard will make you lose immensely and you need to consider a proper gaming keyboard so that you can enjoy the gameplay. League of legends has very high graphics and after spending money to build a PC getting a great keyboard to match shouldn’t be a problem. 

The gaming world has witnessed immense advancement in technology and there are a lot of modern gaming keyboards. No matter your budget there will be a gaming keyboard that will work well for you. we have some that are very responsive and while playing league of legends the last thing you want is to be slow. 

Gaming keyboards are tailored towards gamers and that is the single reason why pro gamers tend to prefer using them instead of regular keyboards. Gone are those days when the best gamers will use any kind of setup to win these days its more about speed and responsiveness.Nowadays when playing league of legends even beginners can surprise you and this is because they are using the right set of gears.

 A good gaming keyboard will quicken your response and make you have a better killshot or kite. The issue you might be facing right now is the decision to buy a good keyboard for playing league of legends. Well there are a lot of gaming keyboards out there but not all of them work well with League of Legends. We are here to help you decide on which keyboard you should buy to enjoy playing your favorite game even more. 

League of Legends Keyboards Comparison Table

Like we said earlier there are various keyboards that can be use to have a seamless experience while playing LOL. Some of the best keyboards to play league of legends are going to be listed out here and this is as a result of testing them and comparing them side by side. 

Make sure you check out all the keyboards listed below and pick the one that will best work for you. we also considered some of the keyboards that the top league of legends pros uses to play. Everybody deserves that pro level performance especially those that are ready to invest money into their gaming setup. 

5 League of Legends Keyboards in 2021

Here we are going to list out some amazing keyboards that are going to take you gaming to the next level. We paid attention to every detail before listing out all the products here and all the brands listed below have a reputation in the gaming industry. Let’s get started with the overall best. 

1. Corsair K70 RGB

The Corsair K70 is an outstanding versatile keyboard with superb gaming ability and features. It has a customizable RGB light, a USB pass through, and ability to set macros to any key. The keyboard has a great build quality and it is made of plastic and aluminum. It comes with a plastic wrist rest that has a rubber finish we have the ABS keycaps here and the keyboard supports a number of switches.

 They include the Cherry MX Brown, Silent Red, Blue, Red, and Speed. They are light to press and very responsive. It has a very thick cable and it weighs 1.215 kg. the keyboard will take up a lot of space in your setup because it’s a full-sized keyboard but you can remove the wrist rest if you want to.

Best Overall

Corsair K70 RGB

 You can’t remove the cable meaning it’s a wired keyboard and it doesn’t support wireless pairing. However, the wire is very long and there won’t be a problem if you connect it to your PC. It comes with two USB plugs for connection or USB pass through. The keyboard has complete RGB back lightning and you can customize the colors using a software.  

You can also increase or decrease brightness with the dedicated buttons on the keyboard. There is a USB port where you can connect your mouse directly on the keyboard other devices can also be connected. You can also program the keys using the iCue software which comes in handy. We also have dedicated media keys at the top right side of the keyboard. 

When it comes to typing you get a very low latency and input lag. You won’t feel any lag on your PC while gaming and that is why we recommend this keyboard for playing league of legends. Using the default Cherry MX Brown switches, it is mostly silent while pressing the keycaps but if you switch it might be noisy. 

The keyboard is mostly compatible with Windows while partially being compatible with Linux and macOS. The keyboards perform well for gaming and the RGB lights tries to light up your mood while you’re playing league of legends. With the way the keycaps respond when pressed it will make gaming be a dream come true. 

You should buy this keyboard if you want a very responsive gaming or mechanical keyboard. The downside might be the price for most people because it cost $160 to get the keyboard. With that out of the way it is simply the best league of legends keyboard.



2. Steel Series Apex 3

This is one of the cheapest league of legends keyboard priced at just $49.99 the SteelSeries Apex 3 has some amazing features. But lacks some features that I feel shouldn’t be a deal breaker especially when we are after fast response. Like we stated earlier we will list keyboards that cut across different price categories. 

SteelSeries as a brand bring out many devices and gadgets that are top notch and the Apex 3 is not an exception. The keyboard is a full-sized keyboard with a dedicated media button and knob. There is a strong hinge foot at the bottom that allows the keyboard slope nicely incase you want it that way. They keyboard is super lightweight when compared with other high-end mechanical keyboards. 

There is a magnetic palm rest that snaps to the front of the keyboard it has some rubber padding


Steel Series Apex 3

It doesn’t slide during game play and the palm rest can easily be detached from the keyboard. The keycaps feel tall but it doesn’t prevent it from responding very fast. When talking about the RGB lights SteelSeries did something amazing with this budget keyboard. RGB lights have become the new normal with gaming keyboards and the Apex 3 has a 10 zone RGB illumination that can be fully customized with the SteelSeries Engine 3 software.

When playing with the light you might forget just how much you paid for this keyboard. Another important thing to note is that the light is programable to in game actions. You can also edit macros and polling rate standard feature using the software. The cord used on this keyboard is of low quality and this is one of the compromises made. 

There is a three-way cable routing channel that helps you keep your workspace neat and tidy. the keyboard is a wired keyboard with no Bluetooth support. The keyboard is made entirely out of plastic but it is sturdy another thing is that it is really durable and that is one of the main selling points of the keyboard. 

Another important thing to note is that the keyboard has an IP37 water resistance rating and it will be able to withstand splashing completely submerging them into water might have a long-time adverse effect on the board. The keyboard is mostly silent during gaming and typing at times it feels slow when you’re used to high end mechanical keyboards. 

If you get used to this keyboard you will really get to enjoy it. If you are on a tight budget and love playing league of legends then this will be a great but for you. the downside however must be the lack of a pass-through USB cable, cheap cable and a membrane switch. Asides that this keyboard is a proof that you don’t really need to spend much to enjoy playing league of legends.



3. Razer Black widow Chroma V2

This is another fairly priced keyboard by one of the top players in the gaming industry. Razer is known for manufacturing a lot of high-quality gadgets that include keyboards. The Black widow V2 is a fully customizable keyboard with full RGB light and a companion software. When it comes to design and build quality the keyboard weighs 1.020 kg which is light and it is a ten keyless keyboard that is small. 

The keyboard has a plastic finish but it looks premium in all corners. It has a foot that locks in place when extended and it comes with ABS plastic keycaps although we should have gotten something better from razer. The keyboard has a very good ergonomics and the plushy wrist rest attached to keyboard makes it even more comfortable during gameplay.

Also Good

Razer Black widow Chroma V2

The wrist can be easily detached and it makes the keyboard even smaller. When playing league of legends with this keyboard the wrist rest make you feel less fatigue and it can keep you going for long gaming sessions. The keyboard is wired and the cable attached is not a high-end cable it feels flimsy. Black Widow Chroma V2 has a compact build quality but the keycaps and cable where the compromises the brand made just to keep the price fair.

The backlight is one of the most awesome you will see on a keyboard and as we all know its standard these days for gaming keyboards to have RGB backlight. We have white plates under the keys and that makes the colors pop. You can customize the color and brightness manually with the f11 and f12 keys or using the Razer synapse 3 software. 

It has some outstanding color effects and mixing and if you are a fan of RGB backlights on keyboards then this one will please you. it lacks Bluetooth connectivity so the keyboard can only be used wired it also has USB cable attached. The keyboard has a special game mode for a quicker response time and all the keys are macro programmable. 

When it comes to typing and gaming the keyboard has a very low travel distance and no need to apply force. Depending on the switches you decide to use it can be tactile and silent or noisy. The keyboard has a super low latency and it is one of the fastest keyboards on this list. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS and you get maximum speeds regardless of the platform you are using it on. 

If you are into speed and fast response then I advise you to buy this keyboard while playing league of legends with this keyboard you will get instant response upon clicking. The keyboard will level up your gameplay and some pro gamers normally use this keyboard because of the value it offers. Pricing haven’t been stable but right now it is selling at $89.99 but there are times when it comes down to as low as $65 make sure you check our links for the most recent price.



4.Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech is a renowned brand when it comes to gaming accessories and keyboard the Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard is made for pro gamers. It has an amazing tactile feedback and quick response time among many features one of the downsides is that it can be noisy. It uses the Logitech GX Blue Clicky switches and it requires a little force before the actuation point.

 The keyboard is not a full-sized keyboard but rather a Ten keyless design. The keycaps are made of ABS plastic but not the average type of plastic key caps on other keyboards. We have a plastic keyboard here and it is very sturdy this is one of the most compact and portable gaming keyboards you can find it weighs less than 1 kg. It can easily be moved from one place to another because of its size.

Budget Pick

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Another important thing to note is that the keyboard doesn’t have a wrist rest like most keyboards listed here. It has a foot that can be adjusted between 4 to 8 degrees it helps you set up the board in various positions and as far as ergonomics go that’s the only thing you are getting. The backlight on this keyboard is great and only the Razer black widow keyboard has a better RGB light on this list.

All the keycaps have their own individual back lit and it there is no light bleed on the side. They light is very bright and even outdoors the light will still pop nicely. Sometimes the light can be inconsistent on some keys but it is nothing you should be worried about. You can program the light to display various effects but color mixing is poor. 

The keyboard is wired but the cable can be detached which is a huge plus when it comes to portability. You can also choose to use to replace it with any micro USB cable of your choice. It is a wired only keyboard and it doesn’t support any Bluetooth connectivity. Although the keycaps require little force it won’t cause any strain even after using the keyboard for long hours. 

The latency on the Logitech G Pro is minimal and it is very responsive for playing league of legends. Once you map out the keys and get used to them you will be on top of your game. The loud noise however might affect people who are sitting around you. with the software Logitech G HUB, you can customize the keyboard and even change the key bindings or RGB lightning. 

You can also save the customization on the cloud service by Logitech and download them when using a new computer. you should buy this keyboard if you want something compact and portable and you can easily move about without any hassle. The keyboard cost $166 and I feel the price is a bit fair and it offers you amazing performance with little compromise.



5. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Mechanical keyboard

The name HyperX should sound familiar if you are into the world of gaming because they make some awesome headphones, microphones and keyboards. The keyboard is priced around $70 and it comes with minimal features. It weighs less than 1 kg and it is not a full-sized keyboard but rather a ten keyless keyboard making is small and minimal. 

You can get a full-sized variant however at a slightly higher price point. The keyboard has a plastic build but the frame is made of steel and it has a sturdy build. We have ABS plastic keycaps that are of high quality but PBT keycaps wouldn’t have been bad here.


HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Mechanical keyboard

There is no wrist rest here but you should be comfortable with the board even after long sessions of gaming. If you need a wrist rest then the Corsair K70 or the Razer Black widow will serve you well. The backlight is only red and each key has its own light. There is no software supports so you can’t tweak the lights and there are six lightning effects to choose from. The keyboard doesn’t have Bluetooth or any type of connection it is a fully wired keyboard.

There is a wired mini USB cable by the side of the keyboard and you get a high-quality cable attached to the keyboard. The customizations you can do here is really minimal you can control media and there is a special game mode. The typing and gaming quality here are amazing and you don’t need force to get a response from the keyboard the moment you tap it travels down the keyboard. 

All the keys are compact but the space bar is a little bit wobbly. The latency here is minimal and will be fine for playing league of legends. Buy this keyboard if you need something simple and straight to the point without too much customizations. the keyboard has great performance even though there are some compromises that HyperX made. 

It is compatible with windows, Linux and macOs. The overall build quality of this keyboard is another reason why you should consider buying it. The weight distribution across the keyboard is awesome and HyperX did well with this one. People who game in a dark room will even enjoy this keyboard even more because of the red back light. Finally, the overall price to performance ratio of this keyboard is great and if you decide to go with this keyboard then your league of legends performance will max up.



How to Choose the Right League of Legends Keyboard

While it might look easy to just go out there and pick any keyboard for playing league of legends. There are definitely some important characteristics you need to look out for before buying any keyboard for playing LOL. Although any gaming keyboard will serve you well while playing your favorite game we will point out some features below incase the keyboards we listed here doesn’t cover your requirement’s

The keyboard needs to be ergonomic, be responsive and react fast to presses. It should be compact and should not wobble around during gameplay we will give you more details below. It is very important that you read through because it will help with your overall decision and help you buy a good gaming keyboard.

Key Features to Consider Before you Purchase the Best League of Legends Keyboard

Wired or Wireless

When it comes to gaming a lot of pro gamers prefer to use wired keyboard because they have low latency. All the keyboards listed in this article are wired keyboards and that is simply because they are the best. With wireless keyboards you might experience high latency or they can even die while you are enjoying your game. 

When it comes to price a wired keyboard is much cheaper than a wireless keyboard and it gives you even better performance. Brands tend to advertise wireless keyboards as better alternatives and they give you faster response. Talking from experience I advise you to go with a wired keyboard for better performance.

Ghosting and Key Rollover

While enjoying playing league of legends the last thing you need is a keyboard that doesn’t respond. there are some keyboards that doesn’t even respond when you click them when the gaming becomes more intense and heated up. Some might even register un pressed keycaps which can cause interruption during gameplay. 

A keyboard with anti-ghosting and key roll over will prevent that and even when you click multiple at a time the problem wont surface. It is important to pay attention to this extra feature because most pro gamers consider it before making that purchase decision.


Its standard for all gaming keyboards to come with RGB lights and the best ones are very bright and have back lit for every individual key. There are a lot of customization you can do with the RGB lights because most keyboard brands have a software that an be used to program the lights. Some allow you to have special effects and you can even map out reactions if you pressing certain keys. 

There are some that come with full RGB colors and with options to customize effects as well.


When it comes to switches there are two types and they are mechanical switches and membrane switches. Mechanical switches are tactile but loud and they are more suitable for gaming. Membrane are silent but they are not suitable for gaming. Mechanical keyboards have custom built switches and the best are the Cherry MX and they come in red, Brown, Blue and Speed. 

They are the top of the line switches that are available for your mechanical keyboard. Although right now most brands have developed similar versions of switches in terms of durability and actuation.


Your keyboard should allow you re program every key and it should let you record a series of keystrokes to be stored as macros. This will let you have certain reactions or special skills with the tap of a button there by making gameplay easier. Some keyboards come with dedicated macro keys but they it’s kind of useless since you can remap everything on the keyboard.

League of Legends keyboard FAQs

What is the overall best league of legends keyboard

The Corsair K70 is the best league of legends keyboard and it has some premium features that makes it stay at the top. It is one of the best gaming keyboards available right now and you won’t go wrong if you decide to buy it for league of legends. It is a very fast keyboard with less than five milli seconds travel time. It has a full back light that is very bright and it uses the Cherry Mx Switches that are tactile and noisy.

How much do I need to buy the league of legends keyboard?

The average starting price of the keyboards listed in this article is between $50 up to $250 the more money you are willing to pay the better it gets. But keyboards like the Razer Black Widow Chroma that come in at $65 offer an insane value for money especially because of the features it come with. 

We covered various price points here and regardless if your budget you should be able to find one that will be suitable for you. we also have links where you can see the most recent price of the keyboards.

What is the cheapest league of legends keyboard?

The SteelSeries Apex 3 is the cheapest keyboard priced at $49.99 on this list but that doesn’t stop it from being a great performer. The brand made some compromises to keep the price fair enough. however, during gaming, the keyboard has a very fast response rate.

In Conclusion

This article should help guide you when you want to decide on buying a keyboard for playing league of legends. We listed some great keyboards that you can use to up your gaming performance to the next level. Make sure you read this extensively for better understanding and incase you want to contribute something feel free to write to us.

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